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Interesting -- I didn't realize that Voice Search could automatically detect music like that.

(It also works with the microphone icon in Google Now.)
What’s that song? Let Google help you find out! In December, we made the Sound Search widget for Google Play available in the Play store ( And here's a cool tip for music fans who are using the latest version of the Google Search app for Android:

You can now tap the microphone button in the search box on your homescreen. Within moments you'll see a music button appear telling you that Google hears the music too. Just tap the button to launch a music search and discover the name of the song and artist, and instantly buy the track on Google Play. 

Sound Search is currently available to users in the United States with the latest version of the Google Search app, for devices running Android 4.1, Jelly Bean, and above. 
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That's nice to know. I didn't like that you had to say (or type out) "what song is this" before. 
That's a neat feature*.

*Assuming said feature is available your country. 
Neat feature rather than having to scream out "What is this song" while listening to music.
I stumbled upon this feature last week... love this neat feature...
awesome, made no sense to have a separate app just for that reason
Cool...there's a lock screen widget in 4.2 that does that too.
Must have come on the last update... I noticed this the other day as well... Thought it was pretty cool that I could just press the button instead of talking the command... Cool find for sure!
It's cool, and I like how Google "hears" a song too and the music button pops up. But sometimes it takes a second. It might be better if the music button were there from the get-go, to push right away. Kind of cooler the way it already is though :)
I have loved the what's playing widget for so many things. 
Sure it did, +Jorge Rasillo I don't have this feature on my Evo 3D, so the stand alone app makes it nice. 
+Randy Walker Sr. i find it quite accurate actually... i listen to a lot of electronic music and there are tons of mixes out there... somehow it manages to get them nearly every single time... i love how the more it gets used, the more accurate it gets too!
I tried it a while back, but it wasn't working. Still doesn't work for me, just asks me to try again. Oh, US only...

I had Google Ears on my Nexus S for a while and that actually worked in Canada.
Any excuse to rid myself of sound hound is good enough for me...
On a slightly unrelated note, am I the only one that isn't totally impressed with Google voice search? I thought the pre-JB version was so much more useful than the current because it gave you a list of options to choose from before it executed a command. This new version just takes the best guess and runs with it, making it more frustrating if it was the wrong choice and having to go through the entire process again. Just my two cents. Hopefully they will address this in future updates...
If be happy to use it once somebody upgrades my RAZR Maxx to Jellybean. (I'm looking at you Motorola) 
Why is Ellie Goulding ALWAYS the one used for marketing pics for music apps....
Still US only, good knows why. 
is the notification feature new in the sense that you can expand email and text by holding them in notification and dragging down, or am i late on finding this out...
+Ross Byrne im running paranoid pa and i think in one of there updates to there rom they tossed in 4.2.2 cause i haven't received the offical ota but when Google  updates their   apps i find all sort of neat tweaks ,example this search featured that is mentioned  
Tim KH
Wow sweet
+Curtis Bond if your language setting is right in voice settings, it works pretty accurately.. Even in India :) 
Works just fine on my N4...nice going google. Now can it identify people's voices.....famous actors per chance!
If this works reliably for ambient music or old analog recordings, this is truly impressive. Next harsh test for the app: can it recognize a live performance of a song?
Mr Raphael,
Wondering if you could help with something.
What this concerns is Johny Evans and his repeated articles saying that the Web metric statistics prove that iPhone users access the Internet more and thus use and enjoy their phones more than android users. I have left some comments after the articles and not getting any response sent a letter to his Google+ account explaining why he might be mistaken and asking if he could research my points or at least post a blog on ComputerWorld as to why my exceptions to his conclusions might be wrong.
My usage of android phones began several years ago with the release of the Motorola DROID on the Verizon network. It was a life changing experience because we live off grid using solar and wind power so were unable to get internet service at home at anything approaching what would have been a reasonable cost for us. But being located between cell towers have always had excellent service and been using cell phones as home service since moving here almost eight years ago.
Having used and played with computers for over thirty years and being familiar with the Linux OS you might imagine how quickly I was able to adjust to my new toy and start experimenting. One of the first limitations noticed was the installed browser and difficulties accessing some websites. Wall Street Journal, New York Times and at times even Computer World and MacWorld would give problems. So began trying alternatives such as Opera, Dolphin, and eventually Chrome and others as they became available. And as you have stated yourself at times they can work much better so started investigate as to why. What seems to me to make the difference is the user agent that they identify as which can be IOS, Mac, and desktop computers. This seems to be true with a variety of the alternative browsers and also the Easytether app which we make extensive use of for our home computers. Fortunately our phones are grandfathered in on the unlimited data because due to the boys home schooling and etc we often exceed twenty Gb in a month and have topped fifty. And my point being that only a small percentage of that usage is showing as coming from android devices. This is not just true of my family but a majority of our friends. The android users use and consider their phones as the small portable computers that they are and the few iPhone users that haven't converted consider them to be fancy phones that are not worth finding expanded uses for due to the cost of the apps, the hassle of jailbreaking and fear of messing up such an expensive device.
Now I admit that my exposure is limited and that is coming from the middle and lower middle class users, but from the surveys it would seem that we are the main adopters of android and the ones that need a cheap easy access to the Internet. And while Apple does make some beautiful tech they have intentionally limited their market to the wealthier smaller percentage of the world which while Mr Evans is more familiar with does not constitute the majority of portable computing device users no matter how he interprets the 'metrics'.
So do you think it might be possible to bring this up with him? If he could give some explanation as to how the android devices that identify as IOS are being excluded from his measurements I would be interested in hearing about it. But it seems unfair for him to ignore this possibility and continue to brag on how much more use and happiness iPhone users get from their devices without considering all of the possibilities. 
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