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Nexus 4 vs. Galaxy Nexus: Gentlemen, start your engines...

Wondering just how much faster the Nexus 4 is compared to the Galaxy Nexus? Check out this side-by-side comparison of the two devices' boot-up times:

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Ни о чем, у мя Gnex тоже быстро загружался, когда был новым, сейчас долго, а дело все в количестве установленного софта, как в старом добром win
vroom vroom fighter starter!
Is it a worthwhile upgrade over my Galaxy Nexus? I've still got a year of contract left with Verizon (shudder) I'll have to pay to get rid of, and I aim to flash 4.2 just as soon as it shows up on XDA.
+Randy Nelson The widget? It's HD Widgets -- actually two 4x1 widgets stacked on top of each other.
Amazing the difference a year can make, eh? 
+Joe Rochinski I'd say so -- we're talking a pretty substantial upgrade in terms of hardware. That said, it's not like the GN is a bad phone all of a sudden and you desperately need an upgrade or anything. It's all relative.
I wonder how much of that time difference  is the OS (4.2 vs 4.1.2)  and not  just newer hardware?
+Mathieu Méa As an indicator of system speed and performance, I'd say a lot of people do.
+Derek Belrose +Gary Calpo Hard to say for sure. Considering the major differences in hardware and the relatively minor changes (from what we know) in software, I'd tend to attribute it more to the device. But to some degree, it could certainly be a combination.
+JR Raphael flash drives should be compatible with nexus devices if you have the proper cables right? My galaxy tab 10.1 running cm10 accepts SD cards and flash drives with the adaptors.
+Rob Aymett We were actually just discussing that (look a few comments up in the thread). I'd bet more heavily on the hardware, but it could very well be some combination of the two.
I want some jelly bean jelly bean
+JR Raphael That's strange... I refreshed right before I posted and there were no comments... +Google+ is acting strange lately...
+Rob Aymett, I'm inclined to agree with JR. From personal experience I've noticed that my Nexus 7 boots up over twice as quickly as my Galaxy Nexus. 
+Rob Aymett I was also right in the midst of responding to you on the comment thread on your post when your comment popped up over here. The Google goblins are out in full force tonight (a day late, it would seem).
+JR Raphael did you load on all the apps or just a few for testing? I've noticed a huge difference in boot times depending on quantity of apps... (not sure why i am discussing this, i couldn't care less about boot time lol I want all the other info!)
Now if it had LTE, I might be tempted. For now, I will gladly keep my Gnex
+Rob Aymett I haven't loaded up my complete arsenal of regular apps yet, but I've put on quite a few of 'em. I usually leave a device in its pristine factory state for the first day or two of my testing, then try to make it as much like my regular phone as possible from there on out in order to get a feel for its real-world, real-user performance.
N4 (can we start using this abbreviation already?) seems like a solid performer.  However, the lack or replaceable battery is a deal breaker for me.  I can live with non-expandable memory, but replacing a drained battery with a fully charged one is an absolute must in my phones.
On my Nexus One I long press the search button (magnifying glass) down to start voice search.  How do you do this post Gingerbread?  Do you have to have a shortcut on the home screen?
+JR Raphael Careful, don't drop that nice new N4! All of these reviews are getting me pumped. I can't wait to upgrade my GNex for this phone!
+Robert Le Blah Stock Android 4.x has a permanent search bar at the top of every home screen panel; there's a microphone icon at its far right that launches Voice Search.

(You could put a regular shortcut for it anywhere you want in addition, of course.)
+JR Raphael I wonder, how's the heat of the device working out. I really can't imagine that S4 Pro being incredibly cool with all that muscle being used. Have you tried playing any intensive games like Shadowgun to test it out?
+Dmitriy Briskin From what I heard, the battery life is a bit better than we're used to with other android phones. I used to survive with the iPhone's internal battery (as much as I am loathe to admit) so I would hope this would work for me as well.  As it stands right now, I have 2 standard batteries for my GNex and I've only ever swapped them out twice. 
WOW!!! I've though my Galaxy Nexus was fast, but the Nexus 4 boots almost 30 secs faster... And the price tags is also unbelievable for a no contract high end phone (300$-350$)...

On a side note: Does anyone know when the Galaxy Nexus will receive Android 4.2???
Only fair if the gnex is running 4.2 also
Still in love with my 32 gb Gnex. LTE speeds are amazing. Good for the Nexus 4 but I have no need/desire to get one. 
+Jeremy McGill I'm always paranoid about dropping review units. Luckily, it hasn't happened ye....::CRASH::
That was ridiculous, haha.  You probably could have booted the Nexus 4, shut it down, and booted again before the Galaxy Nexus finished booting once, heh.  I'd like to see the attempt =P
+Domenico Casillo My, my -- a tad impatient, eh? ;-)

Chrome's performed quite well on the phone in my experience. As to whether the latest update made any significant difference in its speed, I really couldn't say. Nothing that jumped out at me in regular usage, but I certainly didn't do any type of detailed before-and-after analysis.
Raphael could you let us know about the battery life? many reviews say that it's horrible, but they probably haven't updated their software
My Galaxy Nexus on Verizon doesn't take that long to start up. Then again, I'm running a custom ROM. 
I have LG optimus black
This is kind of iPhone 4s-iPhone5 esque minor differences but I'd like the new nexus 4 anyways haha. And by no way am I comparing apple to Google I'm a die hard android user
+Imp Wang I'm still evaluating that at this point but will definitely cover it in my full review (which will be up next week).
Cool it'll be helpful to all of us that wants to purchase the Nexus 4 :)
What I found most jarring in the video is just how much brighter the AMOLED screen seems when displaying the Google logo in the beginning. Is the difference really that big or is that just the video recording? 
What is the clock/weather widget on your homescreen?
Do people still care about boot times? I think they are low enough to be irrelevant now just like camera speeds , app loading times (some videos still compare these lol..) and page loading speeds.
People should be more concerned about battery size, storage size and connect-ability /?
+JR Raphael Your articles are the best on the Internet. I'm looking forward to your full review of the Nexus 10.
So you just turned on the phones but everything else is the same......? So what? I'll wait 30 secs the galaxy nexus is an awesome phone! 
+Daniel C Sure, but overall system performance is a very valid concern -- and boot time could certainly be seen as one indicator of that.
+Michael Iovine Damn! You've figured it out. Google released the same exact phone as last year's except for a faster boot time. Shh...don't tell anyone.
+andy mogilewski I don't think anything's being dropped with it. There's a new phone this year, as you'd expect, but the GNex should still continue to receive upgrades and support as normal.
Is commenting turned off or something? How is this on the hot list and no comments? 
My nexus takes 15 secs to start up...don't know why stock nexus on ICS you have against a nexus 4 jellybean with a quad...
The real question is how did u get one of these phones before me?
That's not the word on the net, I hope, one quick thing about the load time in your video, is the gnex loaded with your stuff or stock empty
I just now realized the battery cannot be removed?!? Not sure if I like that. I bought an external battery to improve its battery life which lasts me 24-32 hours with out issues. What's the battery mAh? This could be a huge deal breaker for me which sucks. Noticing more manufacturers doing this now like HTC.. any idea why they do this?
Okay its nice but just a fraction of difference little bit faster . Okay !!!! But guess what I'll be getting that 4.2 update so I'll be fine and battery okay 2100 mah guess what I'll get that bat size at sprint for $49.00 and the back of the phone looks the same as the original back on the phone peep this san

So I'll be good till they come with something a little better next year sans like 5.0 " screen and 3100 battery to go with the device giving at least 28hrs of bat life . 
nice you made the video at 4:20 lol 

but wow did the galaxy get smoked by the nexus 4!...only draw back for me is the glittery glass backing...what the hell..damn you LG why you like shiny things so much?! i have alot of iphone friends this glittery glass backing is going to cause some tension...
Yes sir tell them to design some battery life and I extend all my phone's batteries, 3 hrs if your lucky on stock battery, that's bullshit
How many times a day does someone start their phone though?  Why is this test even relevant?
Lack of LTE makes this test irrelevant. How hard is it to stick a LTE chip in there. Seriously.
+Mike Thompson As said up higher in the comments, it's relevant as a general indicator of system speed/performance.
No lte is a deal breaker for me. I'll wait a little longer for start up if it means the internet is faster.
Honestly I am happy there is no LTE. I work for a mobility company in Canada as tech support and LTE is still in its infancy with many issues and bugs which causes no service. And the fact that it is DC-HSPA the speeds will be quite similar. LTE get between 15-30Mbps here.. dc-hspa gets 10-25mbps... so speeds are still fast and not ridden with issues
last time i booted up my phone was probably also the first time i booted it up.
I'm using the Samsung Galaxy nexus, I can't wait for the LG version to hit the UK, always loved the LG ;-) looking forward to seeing what it does , thanks :) 
It would be a slam dunk purchase if it had a removable battery. I don't buy disposable phones. Sorry, LG, maybe next time. 
Great phone I have been using custom ROMs on my vzn GNEX. Boot has not been an issue here, but with a new phone comes new hardware. No lte for now just a reminder.
lTE is a beautiful fast and powerful beast.
I get this phone; my daughter gets my gnex...
my nexus boots ~15 seconds faster than his and 10s slower than the N4
Of course it boots up faster genius, it's quad core! Who cares how fast their phone boots up? I'm running AOKP on my gnex and it boots up plenty fast for me. Why anyone would ever buy this phone is beyond me. It's not LTE!!!! 
Who is your carrier for your galaxy nexus?
My galaxy nexus was about 4 seconds faster than his.
Are you going to compare the nexus 4 to the galaxy note 2
Why I can't watch this video in YouTube?
I have the GNex, and although the Nexus 4 is a great and beautiful device, this makes me want the NEXT nexus device even more. My two year plan seems to be working out quite nicely :D knock on wood
awesome but i am partial to the GS3
Well with the Nexus4, you don't need a 2 year plan as its pricing is for no-contract. :)  Nexus4 = fastest mobile device on the market, Gnex = mediocre device even upon release (the Galaxy S2 had been out for months prior and was far faster)
Hopefully the battery life has been addressed by LG and Google this time around, it was my only complain with the Galaxy Nexus
Galaxy Nexus rooted with Franco Kernel does a lot better.  Google should integrate some of those mods to the base product
+JR Raphael the screen on the gnex looks a little brighter during boot. How good does the 4's screen look? 
My S2 boots as fast as the Nexus 4, im not joking
nice phone .how good are they compared to new samsung galxy 3.

+Mathieu Méa agreed. I almost never turn my gnex off and when I do I think I can handle a few seconds for it to boot
I didn't even realised dat u were using the Nexus 10 to film dis. The audio and the details are amazing
+Oliver Hamilton It's fantastic -- easily one of the best displays (and maybe the best display) out there right now. 
Is this video available in YouTube by any chance? Video playback in Google+ mobile app is just awful. 
Good to know...since I spend most of my phone usage time turning it off and on repeatedly.
waiting... waiting... waiting... still waiting lol
Video play back might be after the new phones are out of even after that, can I get a thumbs down button, or -1 on this g+
I may not have a galaxy nexus but my boots up in 27 seconds to be precise . . . And its never been laggy . .I have a galaxy s2
tested it with my iphone 4s and it took maybe 1 seconds longer than the nexus 4
Well the Nexus boots at 420, sold...I'll take it as a sign :-) 
How fast does a phone have to be anyway? 
Are u a salesman for these? Please don't get me started on phone boot up timing. We have been experiencing boot up races with somewhat satisfying results. Who is going to invent the snap of your fingers bootup which we all deserve?

Like the phone very tempted to get was thinking of get the Samsung galaxy s3 not so sure now

The screen on the GNex seems more vivid than the Nex4.
Wat a coinsidence the nexus 4 booted up at 4:20. Lol 
From previous experience, I'll stick with my Samsung gnex, to anything made from LG 
Very tempted to get one was gonna Samsung galaxy s3 pebble blue not so sure now lg nexus 4 has got me convinced
So glad I got my Gnex just before they stopped selling them via the Play store, trust Samsung way more than LG, plus the whole sparkling cellphone isn't for me :P

Quad core does seem nice though...
Not really that impressive .. I just booted my samsung s3 with 4.1.1 Stock Rom at the same time he turned the the two being turned on and it took 15 secs. Much faster than the LG Google phone and the older Samsung Google phone. So nothing to be excited about...  
I wish it was on verizon. If it was I would have thrown away my galaxy nexus and picked up a nexus 4 in a flash...guess its my trusty gnex for another year.
omg i reALLY WANTED THAT PHONE (but of corse i ad to get an i phone five and it really sucks i mean reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyyyy sucks
Have 6 months left on contract with my Nexus S 4G, been a great phone and still better than most phones out there, but I believe the Nexus 4 will be my next. Just to hard to not stay with Nexus devices after you've owned one.
I Can't wait for Samsung Galaxy 4.
My GN is much faster than yours, haha!
Is the nexus 4 louder then the galaxy nexus?
Jun Yi
I am waiting for it.
4G LTE is horrible on the battery of ANY phone with LTE radio. The speed is good but at the cost of the battery, It feels like the days before cordless phones because everyone with LTE stays tied to a cord.
No LTE is a major disappointment, but I blame the carriers, (yes you Verizon) for this, but for $349 unlocked, and unsubsidized, it's not bad. Also, Google is dropping other Nexus devices, so maybe the next one released will be a flagship device with LTE.
Not sure why your GN is taking so long to boot (Laden with apps maybe?).
I booted mine at the same time you did on this video and my GNexus got to the lock screen approximately 18 seconds before yours did (However the N4 still kicked my GN's butt). 
A better comparison would probably be if both the phones were completely stock, IE: a few boots after a factory data reset, no extra apps installed and no accounts syncing in the background. 
I love it! And I'll especially love it since I'll be upgrading from a Nexus S
If the comparison doesn't involve dropping them onto stone pavement, I'm not watching it.
 Who cares? A phone is a phone! it's nothing more than status. Got to have the latest! BLAH BLAH BLAH!
Android does it again! I love you Google!
+Viju Kantah I know Sony is releasing a Nexus device, i'm sure with Google buying Moto, they'll probably be a "Nexus Droid" for Verizon
Nice start up time 4:20 man! Smoke up
New Nexus is beautiful but there is something about the Galaxy Nexus that is still a very attractive phone
LTE speed tests? Oh wait...
The awesome thing is that the nexus 4 is only $299 +Joe Rochinski on googles website without a contract, you can easily sell you GN for that amount.
Boot time is impressive but coming from a Blackberry Storm 2 everything is impressive. 
I think the nexus4 is better then the galaxy nexus
I own a galaxy nexus.i will not upgrade to nexus 4 is nothing different with the OS and the nexus 4 is by LG. in Asia galaxy nexus OTA is by Samsung not google,so it take samsung 3 months to release the OTA 4.1 And now nexus 4 is by LG. how fast will LG release a new OTA in asia.( remember the LG2X) will wait nexus 5 and big Change of OS.
I'll just wait for it to show up on craigslist for 200 in a year.. But then again.... It's a LG.... I never had a good experience with them
Please try this again when the Galaxy Nexus is running 4.2 and running the same apps. No doubt the Nexus 4 will be faster, but maybe not obscenely faster. :-)
Will the unlocked Nexus 4 work on Smart, Globe or Sun Cellular in the Philippines?
+JR Raphael Here are some more benchmarks from Anandtech. Someone with contacts with both LG and Google needs to ask for a response and clear up why the same phone as Nexus 4, the LG Optimum G, is twice as fast, and why the Galaxy S3, with a QCOM S4 instead of a S4 pro is also faster. Either anandtech was using different hardware and software than release or something else is going on.
You should have made this video after GNex gets the 4.2 upgrade :)
Is jelly bean 4.1.2 available for Galaxy Nexus?
I have learnt my lesson, no more oem from now on. My next phone will be this nexus4
I appreciate the detail in your writing I hate that they announce It then we dont get it till later I sometimes wish I did what u do maybe a journalist then I would have first access 
I have a question for tou that is if you have time for a question
May I know, how fast is the camera ready to snap on the Nexus 4? Current Galaxy Nexus really takes a while when most of the newer phones out there are instantly ready.
Nexus screen is too good then LG set. and Samsung will always best compare with LG.
Haven't seen enough differences to make my give up my trusty Galaxy Nexus (Sprint) plus, I'm a bit weary of LG phones.  Love their fridges and washers though.
+Wilfrid Wong thanks! Although I'm more interested with the apps performance test when both are 4.2 :)
+Cw Tham My Galaxy Nexus takes less than 3 seconds to launch the camera from screen off, and less than 2 seconds from the home screen and it has zero shutter lag.  Can't get much better than that for a phone.  Want faster boot-to-click times? Buy a Canon.
I'm canceling with my Wireless provider for the Nexus 4 for sure!
I'm sure I will consider buying a Nexus 4 once there are enough custom ROMs available for the device. :)
+JR Raphael how would yo compare the screens? which do you think looka/is better, IPS or Samoled HD?
it's not nyce and not fone it's phone and nice
Alright, I am sold on the Nexus 4.
LOL during the boot up screen, the Nexus 4 fell asleep waiting for the Gnexus to finish XD
That's sick! Can't wait to purchase mine on the 13th! Did anyone notice that it's 4:20?
i have saw a dream that i brought nexus! it is very good 
Just go to your Network Provider's store and ask for a sim card for the new Device and get then to activate your new Sim on your account. It's free and easy.
I think I'll pick the one on the left.
mine booted only 10 secs slow than N4.

And I'm on 4.1.2. I wonder if nexus 4 has 4.2 and that will improve boot time on GN when 4.2 is released to it as well mid Nov? 

I have sophos anti malware/virus installed, wonder if that slowed down my boot. Other thing is, when do all services finish loading in memory and the phone becomes efficient to use cpu from?
Well, with any service provider that uses GSM like tmobile and AT&T.   If you don't already have service, then just tell them you already have a phone and just want a sim card and to sign up for new service...actually if you go with AT&T its smarter to just let them give you a free phone and then after you are set up you can just move the sim card over to the Nexus and sell your free phone or give it away...
Nice Video bro ! :)
+Mathieu Méa I think boot times are very important, after all if you need to make an emergency call it could be life & death, so there's nothing worst than a slow boot. 
My Galaxy Nexus boots in 33secs. I think that something is wrong with yours. 
i wanna by the new nexus it is so much faster
Is it worth upgrading from my galaxy s3 ?
Well, can somebody explain to me what nexus is ?
Is it just me who finds the Nexus 4's LCD extremely bland in comparison to the the Galaxy Nexus?
They say android os doesn't slow down, with time and use , like windows os , how much of it is true ?....
I really want to see it so I've checked your posts on the website and it's not there. I've searched YouTube for nexus 4 vs galaxy nexus, pcworld nexus 4, computerworld nexus 4 and NOTHING its driven me crazy! 
Stop comparing your wife with this Swedish hot blond. :-/
Nexus is very new to me,hence,I need a detailed info of what its all about
Samsung makes better phones then lg, any day.
I've only had my Nexus for a couple of months at this point so feel a bit silly. Was expecting this to be twice as expensive you see - its an insanely low price point! Oh well, still enjoying my nexus and if I wait another year I shall get to try out the nexus... whatever they're going to call the next one! 
I wish we could have that in our country. :(
nice phone....................................
very nice phone.............
It's not fair to compare nexus 4 (4.2) with g nexus (4.1.2). You should wait for the galaxy nexus to be updated.
LG is nice one but still recommend for Samsung. becuse Samsung electronics have some compatiblities over other electronics products...
Faster speed in general is good but I couldnt care less about boot up time. I boot my phone one time when I buy it then it stays on :-)
I think I'll go for the nexus 4 
I have noticed that my galaxy nexus boots up a lot slower now that I have a lot of apps installed. After a factory reset mine boots super quick like the nexus 4.
This might be a silly question, but what are the differences due to the different manufactures (Samsung vs LG)? For example, does the screen lag when swiping?
Heh, initial price of the N4 is lower than that of the Gnex?!
Nexus 4 NO LTE, surpising tho... especialy for those using it in the USA!
Nice video
What's was hugely disappointing was it wasn't 4G LTE and memory expansion 
Did you guys hear that the verge got a Nexus 4 review unit and the glass on the back is already cracked and Andy Rubin at Google had the back of the glass on his Nexus 4 cracked as well. I'm probably going to still get the device but will definitely put a nice case on it
Got the Galaxy Note, but I will pick up a Nexus 4 if it costs this 349€ here in Gemany 
+Kevin Woo yeah, probably because the phone gets old, and you have to give it meds.... -.-
+Alaa Hallaq Whatever your end decision might be, its a little distracting that you base your choices on things that are completely egocentric.  

Why do you need a better camera? Better than what?  The Galaxy Nexus?  A Nikon D4? Are you that ignorant to say you've never seen a good photo taken from a Galaxy Nexus?  Really?

 if you're that good a photographer, you wouldn't be relying on your phone to take amazing pictures.  If you're taking all your pictures with a camera phone, then quality was never part of your visual storyboard.  Plus, there are enough filters that people use to "enhance" their pictures, with shitty camera phones.  So who cares how good the camera "in your phone is"....its your phone.

When you say the speed...the speed of what?  the OS?  Moving from home screen to home screen?  How fast you get your email?  You need stuff to move faster than Jelly Bean 4.1.2?  The speed of the OS is just not quite up to snuff for you?

The fact that you might be comparing the speediness of a quad core chip to that of a dual core is laughable.  Hey, my top of the line corvette is faster than the top of the line corvette last

Looks are totally personal dude, so we'll leave it at that...Sounds like you're just trolling man...

But its late for me too, and I have some extra food...

p.s. I own a Nexus, and will happily wait for 4.2.  What's that?  I can still put in a higher capacity battery in my phone, and the headphone jack is in the right place?

/drops mike
Its a hardware bump but I don't know if its significant enough to go out and buy it since I already have a Galaxy Nexus. Could just flash 4.2 if I want it and custom ROMs have been giving us quick settings in the status bar forever. I know some changes have been made to the camera app as well but that's about it. Plus 16 GB is kind of a bummer because we know it will come with only 11-12 available out of the box and the 8 GB model is a joke. Not downing the phone before someone wants to tie me up and drag me behind an Android. Lol. Just don't know if its enough to upgrade if you already own a Galaxy Nexus. :-/ Just my opinion .....
My Galaxy Nexus boots in 12 seconds...running XenonHD 
Seems very promising for new android user. To me I will stick to my S3, but wouldn't mind to get one as standby phone.
The one feature the seals the deal.....LTE. Only available on the Galaxy Nexus. Getting CRAZY fast speeds to share with my Nexus 7. 
Does anyone know when to expect an OTA on the international unlocked Galaxy Nexus for 4.2?
If only nexus4 had super amoled screen instead of true ips lcd wud have been much nicer 
Which is the better nexus 4 or galaxy nexus? 
+Joe Rochinski just slap some codename android on it. Overclock the heck out of it both CPU and GPU and never look back. (<- my setup, its awesome)
Why no 4g?? I just don't get it
+Scott Bowen Because Google wanted to make just one version for the whole world, but the U.S. uses non-standard frequencies (and possibly other issues) and it would have been difficult to do. So they didn't add LTE.
Lody S
Mr. Raphael..what about the PPI density is it more than galaxy nexus? Do you have link for full specifications of nexus 4?
I am running AOSP 4.1.2 updated 10.26.2012 on my version galaxy nexus I have 98 apps installed and my phone boots up in 10 seconds but that's not the case I can still browse the web or open apps faster them iPhone 5 
And I'm getting the nexus 7 for Xmas can wait if Google reflesh the nexus 4 to LTE I'll do anything to buy it even prepay phone are coming with LTE support now so come on Google they are better them that 
I have the Galaxy s3 and I have yet to have good instructions on how to make the pictures delete once they are in my folder.
Wow! Nexus 4 is much faster! But the design of the Galaxy nexus is much better...also neuxsception: recording a film about nexus phones on a nexus tablet! :)
Anyone know what widget is at the bottom of his home screen @1:52 looks like an agenda view
That's how quad-core kicks the dual-core's ass.
both look good but one on the right takes ages to load up i would give the one on the left 6/10 and the one on the right 3/10 based on what i just saw
I wil definitely buy the nexus 4. 
@Michael Westendorf - I was wondering the same thing about thdget at the bottom of his home screen. Anyone know the answer?
Everyone need a fast update for their Samsung galaxy note 2 as android 4.2 starts to roll. 
I think either Engadget or the verge did a video review. The device looks nice but the guy said that he accidentally dropped of his table and that the back glass cracked. Ouch!
Exciting to see these needed improvements.
this isnt even the best chip on the market.  it is for a smartphone, but the chromebook has a better processor, Exynos 5 Series, which will be making its way to phones very soon.  this chip is also only dual core (currently) instead of quad.
Steve D
You can't compare boot up time since they aren't even running the same Android version. Gnex will likely receive many optimizations with 4.2. Regardless I'm sticking with GNex since this is not a revolutionary upgrade.
Does the nexus 4 have a notification light? Does the light flow app work on it to get different colors? 
Steve D
+Brendan Bradford it has a notification light like gnex in the same location on the phone. Lightflow probably will not work right now but CM and Lightflow will eventually support it. 
+Kalani Pettaway Nah -- just a random piece of fluff or something that happened to be on the screen right then. Good timing, eh?
+JR Raphael can you post the URL to the YouTube video so I can share it on Facebook please? Thanks! :)
So it starts faster... 30 seconds... Meh. No 4LTE, means a no go for me. GNEX wins 
I bought a samsung galaxy s3. Is galaxy nexus better than that??
T Ma
I love my gnex but I will be upgrading and I hope LG doesn't let me down
Curious, did both phones have same OS and feature set, as in same apps loaded on both?
Can't wait for this phone
I've got an s3 but so wish I had a nexus 4. Google are going to take over the world
The back reminds my if old school metal flake paint job
Migs B
I will buy this to replace my nexus s which has served me well, my upgrade is in Feb when I will upgrade to note 2,so nexus 4 and note 2 will be my fones
good lord u have loads of phones....
Nice phone ! Can I just say you in parts you sound like Stephen Hawkins lol cool video
I guess its time to upgrade my ns4g when its out for sprint...I will miss the curve body design tho...
Alex A.
Nice video comparison. I'm definitely considering the Nexus 4.
Why is boot up time important enough to do a video about it? If people were doing that multiple times a day, then okay, but a battery should last all day......
Loving my Galaxy Nexus. Nexus 4 doesn't seem to be the that much better faster yes but if my phone had 4.2 I'd be just fine.
Who cares? Really, slow down, smell the flowers!
I don't have a nexus device but I have always wanted to try pure Android. Do you think this worth getting?

I've been drooling over the note 2, but the nexus 4 is pretty sexy too :-)
+JR Raphael did you ever drop this phone???if yes ,then did it get any cracks on its back??as it is made of glass ,it must be really vulnerable to cracks, rite ? 
I wonder how the Nexus fairs against the S3?
Did I just watched a video of the most boring process of using an android device! 
Breakfast casserole with tater tots

My AU i9300 unit (Galaxy S3) was about exactly the same as the new Nexus in boot.  My S3 has quad core CPU and 1GB RAM.  Also, I much prefer being able to add a 64G microsd card whenver I want -- and I believe this limitation is only due to to current available sizes; I've heard that it may be possible to go beyond the 64GB limit.
will you compare the sizes of both phones? (nexus 4 & galaxy nexus) And please show the lockscreen camera and widget thing too... thx
thank you for that, amazing to see how fast it really is
I would like to see this test again once GNex is on 4.2 and with both phones factory reset.
Love that nexus 4 can til it comes out Nov. 13
I still want the Galaxy Nexus cuz I'm not rich and the Galaxy Nexus can still get updates
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