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Spending some time testing a new Android phone today. I can't say anything specific yet -- details soon -- but man, this is one nice device.

With this and the other launches on the horizon, the high-end Android lineup is about to get absurdly impressive. Gonna be a lot of compelling choices out there.
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Omg... I got a feeling that you are talking about the Galaxy S3!!!!
Can you atleast give us a hint if it is indeed the elusive Galaxy S3? xD
AT&T HTC One X? :D that or the S3 will be my next phone - exciting!
Declan Skews, Its true but it makes it heavier... and I dont know if I really want my S2 to be heavy xD
The battery life thing is definitely true. I have the HTC Amaze, and it does amaze people. Nearly 0 Force Closes, lightning fast processing, and the HDMI output has massive wow-value. But 3 hour battery life under heavy load is too short. Idle battery life is fine ... I can get 2 days if i am diligent about keeping the screen off and all the radios & sensors turned off. But that's no fun! I realize that this is at least partly due to battery technology not being where it needs to be to power this device much better, and also that this device was not designed for battery efficiency at all (I knew that before buying it) - its made to Amaze people haha. But still ... Id like to be able to play 3D action games, watch videos on a larger screen, take photos and upload them to G+, all without worrying that i might run out of juice. Perhaps there are hightech batteries coming down the pipe to resolve these issues ....
+Thomas George That's a good philosophy. Overall performance and user experience (relative to what you want) definitely mean a lot more than specs alone.
+Thomas George: Not at all. I own a Galaxy Nexus myself and am very happy with it. Having lots of attractive options just means you can find what's right for you -- it's all about personal preference.
I am often surorised by the slightly low build quality of the Samsung phones, though. It's partly why I went with the HTC phone, it seemed more solidly built. I hope the new devices will be good and robust.
What network is it on?
Tim KH
Oh we all know its a GS3 I know you and your Samsung phones, plus what other phone could it be lol?
Tim KH
+Reed Wilborn yea just paid a friend $200 and traded my EVO 4G for a white one. I my self am split against the Galaxy Nexus, EVO 4G LTE and the GS3.. Most likely the GS3, lucky for you and me we got our phones unlocked.
Motorola razr maxx 2 days of battery on 4g lte verizon is the cats meow
+Thomas George I've also suspected for many years that the build on Canadian edition of some of these things is better than the US versions. I have no concrete proof ... Perhaps there is an article somewhere to lend insight. But to get back to your comment, i agree that it is probably model specific, which is understandable. I had an early HTC hero that was fantastic, still working after catastrophic drops on several occasions. And i have plenty of friends who swear by their Samsung phones. They might just feel cheaper than they are.
I can imagine which device you are talking about, very exciting stuff...
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