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The Motorola Droid Ultra has pretty close to a stock Android interface, but it has a handful of arbitrary UI changes that -- interestingly enough -- aren't present in the Moto X.

Note, for instance, the Phone and People app icons, the Settings and Clear All icons in the notification pulldown, the main top-left icon in the system settings, and the added subtitles in the system settings.

Nothing too extreme, but it raises an interesting question: Did Verizon specifically ask for those UI tweaks? If not, why did Moto opt to make them on this phone and not on its own company flagship, which it presumably controlled to a greater degree (and for which it made a public point about avoiding these very sorts of arbitrary UI alterations)?

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Even I think that I sound stupid saying this, but old Motorola vs. new Motorola? The x phone is the first device built from the ground up with Google influence. If the new droids weren't, maybe they fall in with the HDs and the M which are close to stock, but different in a few ways.
Changes made simply to be different rarely ever bode well (doing something for newness' sake is a different story).
+Beau Champion It feels kind of like an odd mix of the two. Scattered random UI tweaks aside, the phone has most of the same software features and elements that the Moto X does.
I think it's Verizon's vision of what the "DROID" brand should be, so they had their say in terms of hardware, and apparently software too.  
As if any other cases of changes in UI made sense... 
+JR Raphael I know it's silly to most of us here, but a lot of people don't like change. They won't know that all Android phones have the same underlying structure. It is the icons they are familiar with. And familiarity alone could keep them coming back to Verizon.

My dad still pays for AOL because he is familiar with the AOL browser (and never stops complaining about it - but won't even try anything else). He has had cable internet for 5 years and still pays AOL $25/mo.

I once thought I was being helpful and simply aligned the scattered desktop icons on my dad's PC. He went bat shit crazy in a way I didn't even know he was capable of. I can't convey how pissed he was because now he "doesn't know where anything is". Same icons. Same labels. Just lined up.

These, unfortunately, are true stories.
Are these screenshots all of the Ultra? I think that's what you're indicating...
My impression is that the X is closer to stock as much as possible, besides its personal distinguished features (e.g active listening, shake-on camera).
The clear-all icon, etc. are in keeping with previous Droid design (based on my friend's Razr Maxx); makes sense that they'd have distinction between the model families--I'm surprised there isn't a bit more.
I'm not sure how I feel about the subtitles...I like subtitles fine but "tap to setup/connect" seem particularly redundant... But it could well be that I'm taking for granted my familiarity with these things. I would guess we can opt to hide the subtitles...maybe? Doesn't matter much either way, but a practical small setting choice to offer...
+Alicson K These are from the Ultra, yes. No option to hide the subtitles (which I agree are rather redundant and create unnecessary clutter).
I haven't been following what Motorola has been doing... but just looking at those screen shots... the icons look identical to my old Huawei Ascend P1... And in general... it's like I'm looking at my current phone.. the Huawei Ascend Mate.... My icons are different.. though I wish I had them.. reminiscent of my P1 and how good of a phone it was.. 
What's a Motorola????
Looks pretty close to exactly how my old Moto Bionic did after it got the JB update....with my S4 now about 3 weeks and oh merciful Odin do I miss the simplistic notifications. It's really Touchwiz's biggest abomination. 
+Robert Le Blah YOU, my man, Totally nailed it. I have been in that situation many times with our seniors. 
+JR Raphael it's not particularly sad. Color, size, shape and placement are all aspects of spatial awareness. Humans tend to be very spatial when it comes to interacting with computers. It's one of the big reasons that change is always met with wailing and gnashing of teeth. 
+Robert Le Blah I know better, but that story about your dad almost made me wonder if we didn't have the same father.  That's so friggin spot on to my father it's creepy.
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