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Wish the Chromebook Pixel could boot into Linux? It can:
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good to know! Although I personally wouldn't do that :) 
Would be great provided that it had more storage.
very nice. and good to know it's Google engineers putting out this info.
Finally, an excuse to pay $1200 for the Pixal 
+Patrick Flavin still not an excuse to pay $1200/$1400 for a miniscule ecosystem just because it's not based on a browser now. 
ya but if you can put a full fledged OS on it, then its similar to buying a Windows device, excluding the difficulty of getting Ubuntu on the system 
+Patrick Flavin Stoll not an excuse when you could pay half that with the same amount of features besides the screen and still dual boot it with Windows 8 on it. 
True, but better than it being more locked down, like Samsung's Chromebook
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