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Random sarcastic reactions to today's iPhone 5 event

A 5th row of static icons? Slightly more screen space for applications?! Revolutionary.

"To marry mobile with console graphics, it's never been done before."
Except on numerous other devices released over the past year

"Panorama mode in a phone camera is pretty amazing." -The rest of the world in 2011

Browser tab syncing? Turn-by-turn navigation? Autoresponse messages for rejected calls? Call the patent office, Siri - we've got some serious innovation going on here! 


All in all, the bar has clearly been raised yet again. I can only hope a bunch of analysts will flood my inbox with offers of insight into this game-changing event.

#Apple #iPhone5 #yawn
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Daniel Cook
Most of the major items were already announced or leaked.
It all comes together with the big picture.  I will still buy it because only the the iPhone has iTunes Match which i use every single day. No other phone has iTunes Match.
Remember though, it's not when or what they come up with, it's how much better they are at doing it. Your phone may have 5 rows, but this one does 5 rows better.  Your turn by turn? It's good. Iphone turn by turn, gonna be better.  [picks up S2 running CM10 JB and chuckles shaking head]
android doesn't have iTunes match or iCloud, Useless to me. 
It seems to be a common theme with the conference... they have stopped competing with android and just want to focus on making a product better then the last one they released, who cares if it is considerably less impressive then the competition?  people will still hand us money.
+Gerardo Gutierrez I feel bad that you have to use itunes for anything. I had an ipod and an iphone for a few years, itunes was big part of why I left Apple. In terms of icloud, what does it offer that other cloud services dont?
+Gerardo Gutierrez we're not forced to use anyone's music player or cloud , but we have Google Music, its Google music cloud and Google Drive as a in house option.
Turn by turn directions is not the same turn by turn navigation. And the cinematic camera is great for everyone but the driver who would be stupid to watch it while actually navigating the vehicle.

Google Maps with Navigation > Apple Maps with Directions
Any truth to the rumor that Apple iDirections will provide all instructions based on the nearest Apple device? In 0.4 miles, turn right past the girl using her Macbook Air.
Nope. I happily use iTunes everyday, never had a problem. Also next month a new version of itunes is coming out
Woooooooooooooooooooooow I'm so jealous
A new version of itunes was out everytime I tried moving music to my device.  Took forever to do anything since apple refuses to use incremental updates and forces a full download of the application for every update.
i'm pre ordering iphone 5 too for me and my wive, including the retina iPad for my dad.
that not inconvenient for me. ITunes Match works wonders for me. Then feature FOR ME ever!
Paul Vye
If that's the best that Apple can offer, then it's just a matter of time now.
Matthew Lucas
Apple needs to sue Google for stealing the Panoramic feature they just announced today in ICS last year. They should also sue Samsung for stealing Photostream last year.
+Gerardo Gutierrez As others have said, Android phones and Windows Phones aren't forced to use one particular brand's cloud storage.

I have an Android phone. I use Google Music (online music storage & streaming) or Audiogalaxy (streams from my larger music collection at home) or WinAmp (good music player for music on my microSD card).

When I'm at home I use Zune software to listen to music, as I like its UI.
Same old boring walled garden lol
If you're not questioning Apple's "innovation" now, you're just another iSheep.
Well i dont want to change. Itunes works for me, Itunes match works for me, why in the world would i want to spend time in google music?
This thread makes me sick, well really just +Gerardo Gutierrez 's responses and the kool aid pouring out of him. You're really that caught up in them? What a shame.
Well, that took the iPhone 5 years to grow half an inch.

Of diagonal screen size of course. :P
Scott H.
Don't forget "it will change the GDP"!!!!!   :-D :-D :-D
iTunes blows, and anything that is forced upon you is even worse :P
2011?  My old LG non-smartphone had panoramic mode on 2007!
whatever, last comment, u use what ever u like, i will pre order mine. just because I like iTunes, the iPad, and Bose doesn't mean I only buy those 2 brands. 
Hey everyone, keep an eye out for CNETs video from the Apple Byte about how wonderful and innovative the new iPhone 5 is and how all the haters will hate. I'm sure it will be out soon enough cause Brian is the gran daddy of all the iSheep.
Getting very nauseated by all these Apple posts...
Ron F
No wonder apple has to sue, they're running out of ideas. BTW the cloud wasn't invented by Apple, it has been around for a while until apple thought it would be a good idea to put an "i" in front of cloud and market it as their own! Lame
Compared to the solution of Google Music in my browser as well as the Play store, iTunes as a standalone program is so bloated it's not even funny.  

Go download the 64bit binary from Apple's site and prepare to be blown away at the size of the executable.  Completely unnecessary for what features it provides.  

Makes you think what other garbage services are running the background not doing things you would approve of on your machine.
The "cloud" has been around for decades. It's called the Internet.
Now the launch is over...I can say for myself that "it was a let down".

Every important bit was leaked beforehand...nothing up their sleeve...except...the performance of Foofighters at the launch.

This was a waste of my I'm just curious about the new Nexus phone and the Microsoft Surface.
+Gerardo Gutierrez hi the only vaguely decent thing about iTunes is that it's scriptable so you can fix many of the things which it fails to vaguely cope with doing.

It's actually worse than windows media player and that's really bad
Don't forget they added a 5 to the name!
Yep a bit disappointed. They are loosing their edge.
And you can share pics to f*ckbook straight from the gallery!!!
very disappointing.. but, i pretty much already sold my soul to apple so i have to get it :( 
WoooW iPhone 5 .. Haaa Haaa after all this apple out of ideas !! Really bad 
Not a single feature that isn't in a much older Android phone - EPIC FAIL - this is the iphone they have been boasting about since the death of Steve Jobs? - PMSL - I would have kept quiet, it's embarrassing
WOW!!!! Browser tab syncing? Turn-by-turn navigation? Autoresponse messages for rejected calls? Heading to camp out at the nearest Apple Store Now!!! So Magical!!!
Rob McCoy
I use an iPhone 4 and an Android Tablet.  The announcement today was pretty underwhelming.  I'm excited to see what HTC has coming up this month.
The omission of NFC was pretty striking to me seeing how they typically claim they are "innovators" and "pushing the envelope" all the time.

I hope all of the iPhone drones will realize that they could have solved a LOT of problems with the new connector and the required adapters by including NFC.
But this phone will get all 4 gees.
Andy Sui
Its amazing if they didn't have the galaxy s3 existance. Galaxy Nexus is as good as the iPhone 5. Now I can't wait to see what google is up to next
I see another Android of some sort in my future.
+Gerardo Gutierrez : you seem to be a diehard apple fan.....get a life man......what apple is offering now has already been in market for quite a long time now.....and 1 more thing ......seems they still lack #NFC
The Galaxy Nexus with the Jelly Bean update pretty much matches and almost exceeds the functionality of the iPhone 5.  Google is already working on the next iteration of the Nexus which will be out way before the next iPhone.

Looks like the iPhone devs are the ones who are going to always be one step behind now, even though they claim they are "far ahead" of their competition.
lphone 5 popularity 27-29 samsung galaxy 96 nokia lua 920 popularity 94 best phone is galaxy model
+Nick Veinot i wonder how did u measure ios6 does better? and what do u mean by the 5th row is better on iphone than other phones. a bit curious. lol...
Holy Crap! a 5th row of static icons OMG!!! OMG!!! I thought 4 was already pushing the boundaries of Fantasia.
The more I read of it the more it sounds like the phone that should have been released last year (instead of the iphone 4s)
+Christian Zmasek : seems apple wont be launching iphone 5 in chinese market......they may get the taste of their own medicine there...a lawsuit by goophone ...;-)
Drop the apple crap. Android is way way better. I've used both and must say Android trumps all.
The new iPhone's not equal to the SG2, let alone the SG3...
Just do not start with iTune then switch to iCloud for the music will not sync together that where I made my mistake 
I think samsung is way better^^
+Christian Zmasek pardon me if im mistaken, i believe the latest Gooapple has a higher res screen than the iphone5. Got me thinkin which one's the KiRF now? Lol
Hell yes Apple made an over priced galaxy nexus. I actually think this will be a good thing for apple fans.
Same old rubbish from Apple nothing new. The lemmings are going to spend all night queuing and paying through the nose for a over hyped device.
One theme I noticed throughout the event was the focus on accessibility to BUYING STUFF.  

Android and Google of course have the Play store but when you see articles and features of phones, they always mention functionality and new technology to compliment their other features.

The Apple event that I followed via a livestream blog today was basically a 90 minute patch notes session on adding more ways to buy things from their existing feature list.
+Cody Murphy itunes is horrible. For simple things like burning a disc you have to create a playlist first. I have a Razr now and recently tried to close my itunes account (thats another story).
she looks like she just smelled a nasty fart.
y do people every year rush to buy these when at most it  will be slightly beter thean the 4s
The saddest part of this story is that iPhone 5 was supposed to be the next step in iPhone evolution on which (as we were told) Steve Jobs was working until his death and was really excited about what's coming. He could not make it, hence iPhone 4S. 

I cannot believe he was excited about this.
I guess this will be what's going to happen in the tech world in the future. Other pioneers (biggest example of which is Android of course) will invent, but it will be Apple that will immensely popularise these inventions... Panorama was on Android way long before, but now brace yourselves for the loads of panorama images taken with the iOS6. 

If only Android could get ahead of the fragmentation problem... A vast majority of android users still use Gingerbread. With Apple, iPhone 3GS will be discontinued, and all its phones (actually even the discontinued 3GS) will support the latest Operating System. 

So there.
LOL just here to crack me up with the fanboy~hater comments come and go. Just by peeking here anybody would say Android/Blackberry/Windows Phone users never spend a dime on their products!
Nothing new with iPhone 5, the same iPhone with just upgraded hardware. Boring.
It's on the inside that counts, and that's why Apple's hardware will always surpass the competition.
My first reaction was it looks just like a Samsung galaxy s3 ?
I wanted to hear what they had to say. I'll now be picking up my Galaxy S3 this weekend!
Samsung S III got Ice cream but later it going to add Jellybean
@ +Josh Jinkens  - it's about the little apple logo on the back cover. Lemmings unite!
Of course we spend money on our devices. We just spend it wisely...
I was impress with something actually..the price!. I think it might really be competitive now...just saying..
Apple has the same kinds of hardware under the hood as everything else. They just have the apple logo plastered on everything so it makes it suddenly worth 3x as much. If the people that have money coming out of their ears want to keep throwing it all away on something so stupid, over priced, and over rated, I guess they can keep doing so. Meanwhile, smart people will continue to get a better product for half the price.
I would like to congratulation team apple on a wonderful job of catching up... with last years technology.
4 inch screen, taller and thinner, it's the ishit5, already outdated and so yesteryear, no wonder crapple resorted to suing king Sammy.
Wow... this is what I was missing.... NOT !!
This website is so biased
Lalo A
Android for life Fuck iPhone
Truth is not Bias.  Nothing new here.
And the galaxy s3 with its nfc s-beam will dance infront of the iPhone 5 in gangnam style....woop..woop..woop oppa gangnam style.. Lol!
As someone who has used an iPod Touch for years (never had an iPhone), I can confidently say that I'm finishing ridding myself of the Apply Overlords.  The new iOS features are long overdue... and big whoop.  It's ok, I'm going to happily use my S3.
Why is it all I see on the Internet these days are Android sheep (yeah I said it) I hear isheep far too much when it seems that it's Android fans that have become the sheep.

Apple design wise I would of expected different so I was quite surprised but the current design is very good and they are correct about 4" good size for the hand. What Apple need to do is release a second handset that is of a bigger size rather than keeping with one size and one phone each year.

The way the feature set of iPhones are put together is to make it so it just works and they get that right but I'm no fanboy I wish they'd get things out faster and I own the 4S and a Galaxy S3.
I'll head down to the Apple store before work gloating about how I'm synced with chrome and have a faster processor which is running my widgets :)
dont forget to be amazed by the graphics on the ipod touch!! clumbsy ninja had such high graphics !!! and i quote... Tim Stevens 2:25 PM
This is like Nintendogs -- for ninjas. Genius? yes taking other peoples ideas and changing the main character with shotty animated graphics is always genius in my book... 
what's new in the new i phone ????
Those quotes seem to have come out from last fall's ICS debut.  LOL

Over hyped, over rated & over priced.
Supposedly an American company outsourcing American jobs to China and exploiting families with cheap labor, no safety & health standard of work environment ( slavery ) and selling thier products in the states then taking advatage citizens convincing them its okay to pay thier price cause jobs was the messiah and crapple is the kingdom of heaven, a wool pulled over thier eyes. Sound familiar ( the matrix ).

Crapple copies/steal all tech out there, patent it then turn around and sue everyone for using thier own technology. 

" Better to litigate than innovate "

Shameless, great artist steal, SMH. 


I don't like the way people are insulting the isheep, if Apple says panorama is better on iPhone 5, then it's better, you ve to agree with me or else isue will be right on your door step, and again 5 row is the best innovation of 2012(I could get 5 rows from a custom firmware on Android in 2010).I see why Apple most sue Samsung.
Is that row of icons at the bottom like the icons in Ice Cream Sandwich? I mean... like EXACTLY???
The screen looks awkwardly tall and all their "innovative" features like Facebook integration, maps, panorama shot, and reply with message for phone calls have ALL been seen before on phones like the galaxy s3. The only thing I like is the new metal back, that's it
ITunes: where Apple will always own the music you paid for.
One plus, It still has the asshole logo on the back
What a joke that apple says its their best ever iphone. And all of the USA dumbers agree. Apple what a joke.
New Ipod and iphone5 are of the same price LOL
I'd like to see you guys make an iPhone or make as much money as they have...
As other mfg have innovated and developed subtle differences in their software and hardware. With so many choices from so many mfg. its easy to find a phone that suits you personally. Apple has one phone they don't dare stray too far from the cookie cutter and risk a fail with a change that deviates to much. They have painted themselves into a corner by defining their product so strictly that they can not deviate. The Aplle can not fall far from the tree.  
Steve Jobs must be turning in his grave... time to dump your Apple stock.
Nice try Apple. I'll stick with my Samsung iPhone. I like it better (trololololol)
LOL poor losers.

"But perhaps the most amazing new feature in the iPhone 5 is called panorama."
I guessed they concentrate more on infringement cases rather on innovations, huh.
Apple put itself expertly and singehandedly in third place as most interesting smartphone platform, behind Android and WIndows. Quite an accomplishment.
My life became so much easier after my "all things Apple" purge. Think different and DON'T go Apple.
+Jeff Smith ok ok mate, am gonna be careful now tho my girl bought apple fruits for me today but am still waiting for my lawyer to come out of a conference and approve me eating it.I don't wanna be isued.
So they just added a bunch of new unimpressive things that android has been doing for a while now? again..
My old phone died this week, so I was forced to look at new phones.  I purposely didn't get an iphone because I didn't want to fund their suing campaign.  I didn't think I could support a company that sues claiming they were the first to have screen gesture unlock, only to have seen this device  that already existed prior to the iphone with screen gestures.  Their patents are bogus. Paying so much for an iphone isn't funding innovation, it's funding law-suits.
No surprises - nothing that wasn't leaked weeks ago - YAWN 💤
Reminds me of a certain religion. Which one was it again? You know, the one that owes its roots to an Apple?
Nokia Lumia 920 will be the best phone of the year!
I said several times before the iPhone 5 was released that it better be a game changer in order to stay in the game and compete. I don't think it hit the mark. It's still the same old iPhone. I don't see anything extraordinarily innovative about it... Meanwhile, Google has become the new innovator on the block. Cheers!
If the phone gets any bigger, we will be able to put a picture of our house on it, open the door, and, go in.
They will NOT compete with Google maps and navigation, Google rules on that.
The really remarkable  thing though is that these features - larger screen size, panorama mode, LTE, turn-by-turn directions -  do appear to be  amazing  to many loyal iPhone users, as they have never used or even considered using another phone before. Ignorance is indeed bliss in this case..
So basically the Iphone 5 is the first HTC Evo. Revofuckinglutionary!
A 5TH ROW OF ICONS?!?! That's as revolutionary as adding another slice of bread to a loaf.
LOL....that settles...Google i am your bitch!
Now Apple can sue the other manufactures for stealing Apple's ideas a year before they "invented" them.
almost all high end android phones have panorama and all "NEW" innovation iphone5 has, except ONE: stupidity
Apple... stop lying.
Already tired of iPhone news all over tech sites.. I can always count on G+ for some negative apple stuff!
NEW iphone came out thinner... look better..
Wow what a joke... Im using the htc evo lte and i have a tons of features i even have 6 by 5 icons screen, and really turn by turn, g1 use to have that feature long time ago... Oohh panorama pic... Well its an application called panoramic... Wow apple so innovator... I wonder if they gonna sue android for all those features... Mmm so many things that i can do with my phone that can not even remember..... Seriously apple what a joke.... Im feel so bad for those apple followers....
Alison G
iphone is on its way out......everyone I know is bored of them. I am getting a Samsung your faces monopolizers
+Esmond Missen Apple's overuse of hyperbole and misleading comparisons in its marketing might have something to do with it. When you label every move you make as "amazing," "magical," and "revolutionary," you're pretty much asking to be mocked and taken down a notch.
Kinda how I felt about Motorola announcing 3 new phones that combine 2 brand names that need to be abandoned that all use PenTile displays and come with ICS. It's one thing if the M comes out in a month and it's already being produced to ship, but if you have no release date on the other 2 RAZRs, you've got time to put JB on them.
gosh people stop using the gym star in all ur hate postz!!!! 
I got to admit. Its a nice phone but I'm not that impressed. Looks like apple no longer has the edge it once had.
Jajajajajajajajajajajajaja... Apple Sucks
If you buy the iphone5 with the specs it has, then you are crazy, because SIII is the better phone and with all the hype from Apple SIII will still be the superior phone over Apple in the future. 
Take anything put an "i" in front of it and the sheep will herd themselves into frenzy! Go sheep go!
One more thing people dont forget that this means that there will be a lot more people on the lte network just prepare to be on 3g for a while with the growing pains.
When a company focuses less on making a quality, top-of-the-line product and more on ad campaigns designed just to give the illusion of such, regression is inevitable. 

But hey, the iPhone had a good run.
I agree +John Slattery  Panorama mode, Seen it on the Galaxy Nexus. Browser Tab = Android has it with Google Chrome sync. Turn-by-Turn Nav = Google Navigation with Google Maps, autoresponse messages for rejected calls = Have it on the Motorola Photon 4G, always fun to create customized auto-response and having it sent to the person who called you.
its a good phone on apple, they are not android when it comes to being the latest
Google,Samsung,Nokia,etc...must have all been laughing their ass off at Apple today. Way to play catch up to the competition Apple. Now we know why you out to sue the competition. They are embarassaing you with phones and features you cant compete with.
So, no NFC??? Ha ha. Will it make a call from SMS like the s3? Doesn't look so clever so far.....
Ford didn't invent cars just the means of mass producing them, but at least they actually make changes every few years.
Hey look we are finally showing up to the party with things that phones have been doing for years, but with apple it is Innovation.  I am sure Apple will be off to sue this young lady as her face surely is to similar to an emoticon which they of course have a patent on....
+Gerardo Gutierrez Google Music service is 1000x better, and free. And you can import your content right from iTunes. And Google doing cloud stuff way before iCloud was announced. There's that tricky marketing again...

Just log into your Google Account and everything synced. 
+Gerardo Gutierrez You shot yourself in the foot by saying you're a fan of Apple and Bose. Two companies that basically use the same principle. Charge sky high prices for products worth a third the asking price, hire a brilliant marketing team, and initially develop a huge following. Bose is a joke among anyone who knows anything about audio and electronics. Hmmm...
Absolutely everything in this post went through my mind during the event. Good work! #Android is leaps and bounds ahead of #Apple, and now it's guaranteed for another year!
They are putting something that has been needed for a LONG time.
crApple and BOSE. lol no highs, no lows must be BOSE.
I hate that the iPod touches look IMMENSELY more cool than the other ones. I want a new one now -.-
The sheep will buy it - because they have no choice, unless they buy a Chinese knockoff.
Galaxy S3.......Don't worry mate, ip5 doesn't even come close... Lol
Looks like its going to be a lumia 920 for me. Just an over size iPhone ⁴ IMO
Was at Verizon today switching to the new Droid.  Had enough of the IPhone4.  Even though the news this morning said the phone would be available soon, they were swamped with calls asking if they had the iphone5 in today.  If people pay this little attention to what they are watching then I expect they will pay little attention to the differences in the phones and buy the iPhone5 just because!

Are we all just lemmings anymore?  or can people actually think for themselves?
Thanx Apple for helping me decide to get a Samsung S3
There is not much more you want or we need from a phone. One thing apple has going for them is the build quality. I love my 4s compared to my gf's galaxy s2 because it feels like a quality device. Samsungs have all the tech and I actually like the s3 but they do feel cheap to hold.
Who said Android doesn't have icloud earlier? Apple copied it from Google you divot.....lmao. As for the music-matching thing, it's possible to still use that service without an iPhone......thankfully.

Personally, I'm glad I'm not tied to iTunes. Shockingly bad software.
The iPhone 5. Starting at $100 for the 1GB version and $800 for the 8GB version with a 10 yr. contract. LOL
If iPhone5 still becomes a hit then people have more money stashed than the governments think and there are way too many stupid people in this world.
T-mobile and orange and EE the only company's to unveil the new iphone 5 due to the announcement of 4g. T-mobile announced today customers can pre-order the handset this Friday the 14th for general release in the 21st. You heard it hear first.
Love the reversible cable idea but seriously I own 20 different connectors already. Loving my Galaxy S3
i can't stand iTunes.  However, I think Apple was smart to make it the way it did.  It traps Apple consumers in a continual must buy Apple type of mentality, otherwise [i] lose my library of music i purchased on iTunes.  Pathetic.
Think this phone should of been the Iphone 4s but it wasnt ready in time. ie maps/battery/perhaps the turn by turn navigation couldnt run on iOS5 due to lag. what are the diferences between this and Iphone 4?
Oh and no NFC? But smart tags can be so handy....let alone contactless payments etc.
Cost way way to much for old outdated technology that apple stolen from others running on a free OS
and think that the Facebook integration (and the previous Twitter one) was copied from Windows Phone 7
Old and tired... same old experience as before. As always Apple runs out of steam and will fall like the mighty Rome.
Whoever thinks Apple is about innovation has lost the plot,even if they are the damn CEO , to me , Apple has always been about refinement and quality,never innovation. Also ,most of the time when they do talk about invention or innovation,its the things you dont see that they are talking about , not features.Like better chip manufacturing ,inside space optimisation and the technology that drives the product , not the product itself.
"Static Icons"??? Sounds exactly like Android's virtual buttons at the bottom of Android phones.... huh i smell lawsuit
The new apple is already a lemon ;)
I watched the ABC news live blog of the unveiling. It was a yawner. Every "new" feature they unveiled made the sheep squeal like little piggies. Every "new" feature has been available on Android for at least 6 months. Its hard to believe there are people dumb enough to think apple invented these things... <insert 'i don't want to live on this planet anymore meme>    
Own a macbook pro, ipad, and and recently got my Samsung galaxy 3. Havnt touched my ipad ever since, I can do a lot more with my new android then what I can do with my ipad. Apple's ios interface is becoming a little stale.
Apple and the Iphone just denied the one thing they had going for, similar form factor and dock connector. Now every iSh!t owner has to either upgrade and lose all their other functionality (that just works) or remain with their old hardware.
Guess they learnt there lesson that glass is actually FRAGILE! But aluminium I don't know‚ maybe next iPhone will be made from wood
Please dont let the apple fans change to other phone.. Cuz it's where we can grab easy money from them by buying those expensive apps stored in itunes..
Apple = Palm..... it's happening. They're heading in the same direction they were in before Jobs rescued them. Iphone 5 is a joke. "Typing from my GS3"
Yeah not impressed. As they mentioned most of the features were leaked before the event. Yet I'm still getting it because the upgrade will be free :)
I still buy CDs. That way I can put my music on ANY DEVICE I WANT. And they are mine, not "borrowed."
Autoresponse messages for rejected calls, like I have already had on my Galaxy Note for eight months (how long since I dumped my iPhone). I think it is time for +Google to go after Apple. Same for Panorama if it works like Android's version.
Wow there's lots of apple sheep here isn't there?
It's thinner AND lighter?! Thank goodness! My arm was getting so tired holding up the previous iPhone!
I'm just disappointed at the lack of innovation from apple. I feel so proud to be a driod.
Well, at least the 5th generation iPod looks nice.
good job boring the hell out of us, Crapple
You miss the point, apple is not about innovation and development, its about stopping competition and innovation by abusing ridiculous US patent laws. IPhone is just a way of financing the legal department.
Not impressed with iPhone 5. Honestly I was expecting more, and if you look around I believe there are devices worth checking out that can be an better alternative. As much as it was revolutionary, the UI is still a legacy of the original iPhone, and static icons are a paradigm that has been overcome even in desktop computers, from where it came originally from. Yet, Apple is actually making the desktop computers more similar to that, instead of innovating. They keep making the same product over and over, always with better specs but nothing really disruptive. Been there, used that. If you keep working on the same product without, and someone else will eventually eat your lunch. You can ask RIM if you need to!
What a big.... yawn. Glad you made it to the year 2011 Apple. My Samsung Droid Charge had those features when I got it a year ago.
anyone know about the copyright accusations?
So this counts as original? LAME I have never had an iphone, and don't care for the damn thing. Android, baby!
I like iPhone GUI. I like android home screen but as soon as you go in to setting on android it's all over the place. I'm forced to use an Android at work but I would switch to iPhone.
There is persistent theme among a minority to hate $aapl. Why?

They are the largest company in the world, and the most profitable.

Despite a smaller share of smartphones, they dominate the use with 62% of the mobile surfing. In orther words, people love using the iPhone; and swamp out the clone use despite larger share among Android devices.

With iPad, they dominate share, use, and threaten the legacy laptop business.

By persisting with hateful statements, are you losing personal credibility?
The most amazing thing about the new iPhone is the number 5.. I just love it.. Got all emotional.. When I saw that number 5.. Please note as there was nothing new about it.. Writing it from my sgs3.. Face palm apple..
Well, there goes Christmas for #apple  users.

It's going to be a long, cold, lonely, depressing winter.  But, hey, at least you still have Siri, right?
Wow all of these new ideas. I bet they're going to sue everyone who's had these features before the I-crap had it. sounds like this piece of shit is loaded with rounded corner design innovation.
+DJ Chang It's not "hateful" so much as it is "reality-checking."

As I said to +Esmond Missen earlier in this thread, Apple's overuse of hyperbole and misleading comparisons in its marketing sets it up for this sort of reaction. When you label every move you make as "amazing," "magical," and "revolutionary," you're pretty much asking to be mocked and taken down a notch.

(See also:
Dammit I just made a meme about that... I'm to late :( NOOOOO
Apple keeps coming out with these phones that have a couple of new features in them but I'm not sure if they realized that Android phones have been having it for a while. Not sure whats so revolutionary about that? Give us something that no one else has out there. Like Holographic keyboard that floats in mid air and the ability to type while it's in mid air ... *NOW* that will be Revolutionary!
After listening to the new iphone specs I find nothing new after all. All what was mentioned already exit and of all old news. I must say that I am very disappointed. This is not any close to being a revolutionary phone.
I am due my upgrade and have visited car phone ware house twice and still can't decide if I should stick with HTC, or get a Samsung which look impressive or start heading down the I phone road, and if I do will I end up changing everything to I technology any advice greatfully received :-) Net
Now that they invented LTE .it time for apple to sue Samsung. the self proclaimed the greatest phone maker .
Why would anyone buy a phone from a company who can't even do basic math skills...? OG, 3G, 3GS, 4, 4S, 5...? Hrm.
Agree'd with Louis Okuoghae, It seems like a new iPhone comes out every year and makes the current one people own played out.... I don't like this if you will make a new iPhone it should have a new design and features.
hahaaha...I love this chicks look! says so much and can be applied to most new expensive phones that arent that cool.
Goes to show , Steve Jobs was a sales man and he knew how to make his pitch , now that he is gone it is like all the smoke and mirrors have been taken away and all you have is just another phone which is doing what other phones (read Android phones) have been doing for the last couple of years.
The iPhone5 is better and faster. That's good. They didn't make it into the size if a cookie sheet like a lot of the 'Droids are, but it still has a larger, higher rez screen. That's good, too. Numerous small improvements like battery life, weight, memory, etc. Nice. Nice. Nice.

Not exactly revolutionary, no, but if you're looking for a revolution every four years, then in the immortal words of Inigo Montoya, "I don't think that word means what you think it means."
how ironic would it be if mckayla actually went off and bought one...
When you buy the upgrade of something the week after you bought the other new upgrade just to find out they have the same problems as the originals... you start to get annoyed..
The iPhone 'improvements' are only improvements relative to the old iPhones. In the whole smartphone market they are catch-ups.
Looks like Apple is going to have to sue the developers of the iphone 5 for blatantly stealing their iphone 4.
these ppl must love smartphones...anyway See a preview of the new Nokia Lumia 900 4G LTE on my profile. Its coming out in April of 2013
Yawn yawn yawn, iPhone bought by people who wouldn't know their arse from their elbow. Style over substance.
The next phone will be the Iphone 17.83
+Gerardo Gutierrez I have Android, but I understand your point. If it works for you, keep using it, if you want to pay more for Itunes Match, do it too. The real best phone or device is the one that fulfills your needs.
Hmm iTunes where you pay for music that you never actually own. Have you not seen that Bruce Willis might sue iTunes as he is not allowed to leave his music collection to anyone if he dies.
+Gerardo Gutierrez you have to be one of two types of people. 1) A sheep that buys anything Apple tells you. 2) Know nothing about what is out there because Apple has the cloud and used it to cloud your mind.

Apple is nothing but over priced junk that sheep buy.
+Brent Rodriguez No, no, no, you have it all wrong. They are Apple ideas that just were not released yet. Anyone else that had them on their phones before now obviously stole the ideas from Apple.
Now see how simple that was to explain. ;-)
+Gerardo Gutierrez Except for the fact that there is Google Music which is better than iTunes Match and free. And then Google Drive. Maybe you should research before writing off products..
Innovation is being changed to the floor by the weight and stupidity of the patent system.  No company would survive pushing out mildly revised crap if we had more companies pushing out new ideas and product.  Oh and while we are at it the Telecom sugar daddy needs to have a hard look put on it.  
No NFC, no FM radio, no Wireless Charging, no barometer, no Street View... truly revolutionary
I still can't wait to see it and test it out.
I won't be trading in my iPhone 4 just yet.
Doug M.
Apple should start to tread lightly because at this rate they're going to have a Samsung by the time the iPhone 9 is released. Then we'll see who gets sued by who.
Apple should make toilet paper, it would be the first useful product they make.
+Gerardo Gutierrez you do understand that there are now synch programs which convert even the itunes format to .wmv or .mp3 right...itunes is a thing of the past
Ah yes, another post filled with android fanboys who take such offense that anyone disagrees with them they have to berate them repeatedly to build their ePeen. A ton of pots and kettles in here and not a spit worth of difference between them.

In my opinion Steve Jobs was the heart and soul of apple. With him gone they have lost focus are now just trying to maintain rather than innovate. So now they are resorting to lawsuits and rehashing the same products to try and stay in the game. If they don't get it together soon they may end up going the way of rim and nokia. The smartphone market is merciless and if apple loses the 'hipster' image they could lose market share very quickly as the isheep move to the new cool phone.

I'm no apple fan but without them as a viable presence in the marketplace Google and Microsoft lose a major force pushing them to innovate.
Won't buy anything Apple. Their business tactics will eventually cost them their marketshare.

As for phones, I personally don't need or want all the bells and whistles. Besides, why call it a "phone" anyway? Apple surely doesn't expect people to actually communicate by voice do they??? I use a Lenovo tablet, running Android 2.3 and the biggest power usage is cell standby even thoigh I cannot make calls. This is understandable since Android 2.3 was designed for cellphones.

MP3 players, I'll stick with my Zune, thank you very much. I can download media from any source I want: Zune Marketplace, CDs (I can even burn CDs using the Zune software) and with the right software, I can download videos from Youtube and strip the audio. I can also (and this might blow your mind) get a USB turntable and get songs from vinyl and put them on my Zune. iPods are the only players that are so restrictive as far as source. Yeah, you can jailbreak them but run the substantial risk of major problems resulting from it.
Gah. I hate how apple pretends to have invented everything. And I'm sorry, every day I'm less impressed with iOS. I am, however, interested to see how Windows 8 is received. I think people will like it.
I think they copied the Galaxy S2 .
Panoramic photos , 8+hr battery life , slightly smaller screen ,,,
one thing they did miss though is NFC even my S2 has that , and its over a year old

Where is the innovation #Apple keep boasting about ?
IPhone 5 you know I'm the macdaddy dead or alive so don't ask why just buy just buy lmao #steve jobs resurrection crapple
Only thing I can see is that apple is now catching up to features other smartphones have had for a while. Should other companies, like Samsung Sue? From the picture it looks like the new iPhone has a "distinctly similar" shape to the Galaxy series of phones. As to iTunes, icloud and whatnot... use what works for you. Zune, iTunes, Google Music, 8-track, whatever :P If you have a good setup that works for YOU then that's all that matters.Just remember: with the right apps, every smartphone is the same as every other smartphone ;)
I found it really mind blowing that they called some of their features revolutionary and stated that this was the greatest phone yet...

I honestly wanted this to be a great release so it would pressure android phone makers to keep innovating but this is just... underwhelming.
+DJ Chang DJ there's a difference between the largest company the most profitable company and the most cash rich.

As you can't tell the difference I think it's best to ignore anything else you may say
Don't you people know that innovation starts with an "i"?  Everything else is just NOvation.

It'll be interesting to see the sales of these things after about a month or so. 
Am i the only person born in the early 80's that has never owned anything Apple?
People, friends and families are divided by mobile devices and huge companies.... shouldn't you just be happy with your mobile device or get one that you think is better.
The iPhone is the supreme phone. The phone is already way more advanced than any other phone. It doesn't need to pull out all the stop it will take a while for the other phones to catch up.
the launch may be underwhelming to the most, but this is a good plan of action for the iphone. Not innovating this time around, look at what works in the market and find a way to do it better than your competition. A welcome free market approach from comrade apple, after winning against samsung for the same thing.
Iphone is a good phone... but the price is way way too high JS
At this point the rumors appear to be more exciting than real innovations.
Apple sheople don't know any better product because they all flock together.
... Nothing New. I called it.
Try google music. It will upload what you wasted money on itunes as long as you saved it on you hard drive and you can access all of your music from any device that connects to the net. You don't have to be a crapple slave.
That's why its better to just stick to samsung
Can you imagine if Apple made cars? New innovations for 2012, see through glass windshields, leather seats, cruise control, and high beam headlights.
My HTC one S does all of that plus some. O and I get my unlimited service for free from Solavei. Ask me how.
Let me be the first to welcome apple to 2007
Woow...impresive! LOL ... and you can get it for ONLY $699!!! ... GO and start doing line TODAY!!!!
So far Samsung and Android in general have raised the bar way passed what Apple can keep up with. Finally Apple isn't the one creating stuff that is first and has to copy what others think of.
I wonder how many people who work for apple have a galaxy s3? Oh the irony.....
It's so bad, nokia executives are laughing...
I had an aluminum back, Face time over 3G, wireless sync, even Siri on my iPhone 4 and so much more. It is amazing how much Apple even copied from the Cydia Jailbreak app store of apps they would not approve for their app store. One thing I can thank Apple for is my unlimited data that I now wield with my Galaxy Note!
Nice iphone (same like 4S).... Galaxy S3 still beating
It has 5 rows of apps! FIVE FUCKING ROWS! That is innovation! (Apple has now patented the number 5, the word rows, and the concept of innovation.) someone else said before..... I'm an android user..... I expected more from Apple....
S3 is the way to go..iphone is over rated..i got a s3 my girl got an i phone..i have way more features and the clarity is just unbeatable..
You people need to stop bashing apple. The company is one of the world's foremost innov... Ahh fuck it. I can't even troll... 
cant wait for samsung and htc to sue the shit out of apple.
They made it entirely with glass and aluminum. Lol bs
I hear Apple are losing Google maps :-) galaxy s3 still the phone to beat Apple must try again & again but there not bothered as long as they keep screwing there customers.
double twist on Android syncs all itunes Crap so whatever iphone has android made it better
@Josh Noel it seems Apple has taken the win against Samsung to mean they are the only company allowed to legally steal ideas and call them their own, even if it means doing so retroactively. Yeah, these other smartphones had these features six months to a year or more ago but I guess since Apple has used them on their newest release, legally they are Apple's. <insert major eyeroll here> Like I said earlier, it's their business tactics that will cost them marketshare.
Like my iPhone 4. Most of my network stuff is over wireless so speed is no big deal. May go over to Android in future but will keep the iPhone as an iPod. Apple has jumped the shark.
Oh man, please don't insult the EVO OG like that? Ha ha!
ok shut up apple will always b the better company its faster and smarter and more innovative so samsung phone is more durable BUY A FRICKIN case if protection is so important
Wholly smokes it adds an extra row of curved square icons... please someone show them how widgets work and how true multitasking apps should work.
"ok shut up apple will always b the better company its faster and smarter and more innovative"  --iSheep +Jack Carpini 

Case in point:
Panorama pictures
Four inch screen

It truly is amazing.
I like my iPhone go get your'll be a new one out in about 10 mins!
Yawn. It was more interesting anticipating what they were going to feature. SO anticlimatic
Video call? I've used it looong way back without WiFi on Nokia's..
Can't wait for the day when certain people stop looking at new Apple products as a status symbol and just buy the best product out there
Lol iPhones are a fashion thing if u want speed & quality stick with galaxy s3
Someone should sing all of you soft kitty
Well if you don't have an just don't have iPhone!
You forget the new revolutionary charging cable. At least the conecctor is original
This would have been an impressive device 18 months ago.
+Carl Hamilton , there's a difference between sheep and enthusiasts. iSheep buy devices just because they are released, usually without any research into what might be more advanced or better suited for them. Android enthusiasts understand there are choices available and choose which device works for them. Of which there are many. Don't like the HTC One X, try the Samsung Galaxy S3..., want a bit smaller screen, go with a Motorola Droid Razr. Need a bigger screen, get a Galaxy Note or LG Optimus Vu... We don't flock blindly
ansel k
Sotiris... i was about to flame... well done sir.

I think its funny they removed Gmail from IOS.  haha
4 inch display 2012? My HTC Desire HD is 2 years old with 4.3 inch display. HTC should be sued because display larger than 4 inch is patented for Apple in 2012 LOL
Why am I happy? Because I get to pay a hundred dollars less for the 4S!
+JR Raphael why haven't I read from any tech blogger (including you) about the new proprietary dock connector? Apple drove the accessory industry towards its 30-pin connector for 11 years,which amounts to probably billions of docks/chargers/jiggamajimbas and now they just changed their direction towards another proprietary connector, and all that while NOT including the 30$ adapter in the box..? That's a dick move, if I ever saw one!
the "5" looks like an "S", looking forward to see iphone S III.
I was expecting to see something new or innovated in the new iPhone. It looks like the old iPhone without the black back cover. All the features it have and much more I have then on my phone for more than a year. I know the iPhone is considered the smartphone for dummies, but really nothing new. That sucks!
Louis B
Still better quality and service than Samsung
A moment of silence for our friend the Braun..... Errr I meant the iPhone. 
Hey folks take a deep breath... And realize... They are only freakin phones.... For freakin hells sakes... The energy you folks have spent dissing each other and the different companies is amazing... Just saying... Btw i use apple, google, windows, sony, etc etc etc 
Leo T
I'm with McKayla on this one...
iFools are soon parted with their money!
Apple a better company? Better than....... the 3rd Reich?? Started by a tyrant by stealing innovations from others. That's right.
And what idiots are running a company with a one-product strategy? No wonder Android is now out-selling iphone 5 times and Samsung has a 44% global market share. Imagine what the future will look like when The Rotten A is coming crashing down.....
iPhone 4 1/2, it's truly unfortunate expected more from Apple.
16:9 looks weird, Jobs was right, the company has lost its touch...
Apple is starting to remind me of Microsoft. 
Iphone is great for kids, old folks and people who need to fit in with the crowd.
Silas Ray
The burnout with iPhone happened even faster than with PPC Macs in the 90s. Macs were faster and had arguably superior interfaces in the early 90s, but their insistence on doing everything in house and closed meant their architecture wasn't supported by a competitive marketplace, so by the end of the 90s, Wintel overtook them in price and performance. Mac OS/PPC eventually got so uncompetetive that Apple scrapped the whole ecosystem and went x86/64 with warmed over Unix just to keep up.

The same process is happening with Android and WinMo now, only faster. Apple is trying to fight this one in court this time, but ultimately, they will succumb to the superior products from companies that are able to iterate and innovate collaboratively. Give it 5 or 10 years, and Apple will be declaring how innovative and original their phone running off the shelf 6 month old hardware and a warmed over 2 year old build of Android is.
I'm willing to predict now there will be a flood of law suits do to Apples new mapping system because Apple People will not question the phone when Siri tells the to drive off a cliff. That and Apple will sue Google because the Google mapping system has an unfair advantage due to better integration.
Fashionably Late to the 4GLTE party.
Lee Smith
I prefer Android, because Google kept innovate innovate. However Android is open source and better integration. 
Overpriced phones with tiny screens are for iSheep. 
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