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Hands-on impressions coming soon.

UPDATE: My full story is now live:
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Thanks.... I had it in my cart then deleted it.  I just can't decide if I should get it.  
I hope it lives up to how cool it looks
"Nexus 4 Wireless Charger is not available in your country." But don't let that stop you from letting me see it on the UK store though eh Google? You massive teasers.
Mine's in the mail! Cannot wait! Hope I'm not disappointed :)
Gahh UPS doesn't come until later in the day here. =( How does one -1 a post?
Is it me or does the packaging look cheap ? Somehow the Nexus 7 dock packaging looks better. 
Packing looks sufficient to me. Also this photo is a little washed out. I would hold out until you see a higher quality photo or get yours in person.
+Michael Panzer lol actually The packaging I thought was kinda unique compared to previous packages. The innards were a little weird and it looked like it was just shoved into the outside box. Maybe they didn't want people to wait so long.
Little sad that this is being hailed as the Nexus 4's wireless charger. Voicing a similar desire to JR's hope that this thing will be compatible for future Nexus devices to avoid having to buy new charging accessories every time a phone gets upgraded.

This doesn't mean that they can't simply remove the "4" from the box when more devices are released that can use this charging technology. 
+Ian Thomas I thinkg the pic of the nexus 4 in the corner just looks out of plce. Just the orb would have made it cleaner looking :-)
+Jesse Dietderich as Qi is now the 'standard' I am holding out hope that means it will work for at least a years or longer. I'll give them the benefit of the doubt for now but I am with others that I am going to be pretty ticked if the next Nexus drops and I find out I wasted $70.
I've been underwhelmed by Nexus brand accessories thus far. From the first over priced rubber flap they call a cover and the damn near useless dock they made for the Nexus 7 to this Mini Q looking thing. 

Obviously the money is to be made in the accessories, just like video game consoles but the quality and industrial design of Nexus accessories is shockingly inadequate.
+Pete Yagmin I will disagree on the Nexus 4 bumper case but you have a strong argument on everything else. I really want the Nexus 7 dock but I can not use ADB via the dock so what is the point. Are these developer devices or consumer devices? I thought I was buying developer devices.
interested to hear them, not available in the UK yet
I agree +Pete Yagmin. They definitely take the time to make amazing devices, and then seem to half-ass the accessories. While I much prefer this charger over a mat charger, they definitely could have given it a little more pizzaz.
+Ian Thomas That is what anoyes me as well! But I got it for free so I don't really care. But for standing on the table, this thing is great. I just put a cable in for development. 
+Ian Thomas I believe I paid $39.99 for it when it initially came out. I think the current price point better reflects the quality, but for what I paid, it should have had a magnetic lid.
+Pete Yagmin Ah I thought you where talking about the Nexus 4 bumper case not the Nexus 7 case. I have not be convinced enough to buy any of the Nexus 7 accessories so far.
+Jesse Dietderich it's $60. That's replaceable. No big deal if it doesn't work for future models. People drop this much on cases that only fit one phone.
Any word on weather or not they will have a Nexus 7 version of that?
+Harry Lang Isn't this Qi compatible? If so, doesn't that mean it will work with any Qi compatible device, future or otherwise?
In theory. Yet there were qi charging devices that were having issue with the nexus 4. I think Engadget with the fancy new Nokia charger.
+Michael Panzer could not tell you. I can tell you that it works well and it also appears to work fine with the bumper case still on my phone.

Also the charger is rubbery on the bottom and the phone side so on most surfaces it should stay in place fairly well and work well with any future device as far as I can tell.
+Andrew Meyer it is Qi so yes, any phone that has this should work with it just like the other qi chargers on the market like Energizer. Which, btw, cost about the same.
OMG, I hope the packaging isn't inferior! :rolleyes:
Got mine today! Works. Nuff said.
I must say, I'm not a fan of the angle the phone sits at.  It would be fine for use at a desk, but I like my dock on the nightstand by my bed.  This would look silly there, pointed at the ceiling.  I wish there was a more upright dock.  What I'd reeeeally like to see is a car mount with wireless charging built in.  
Just got mine, works with the bumper case installed on the phone. The magnets seem pretty strong. Charging is slower than directly plugged. Probably around 50% slower. But I like it nevertheless.
JR that was another really good review.  My orb should be waiting for me when I get home today.  It's just a cool example of a different approach to a daily task the phone requires.  
+Terry Kilpatrick I haven't had a chance to try the Tylt Vu, but at a glance, it seems to be largely a difference in style and design -- more of a matter of personal preference than anything. (The Tylt Vu is also a bit more expensive, I believe -- and not shipping anytime soon.)
Is this coming to UK and for the nexus 10?
+Robert Le Blah has a good point: they should make one that works as a car dock that does the same thing.

+JR Raphael do you think the magnetic grip is enough to hold onto the phone when it's in a car?
+Christopher Bajor I wouldn't count on it. This doesn't seem designed for that kind of hold -- one big bump in the road would be all it'd take to send the phone flying.
Love it, but very overpriced. Should be around $24.99
It should be more like $9.99. Because I don't have money and want things to be priced within my range.
Why do they bother showing it in the Canada Play Store when it's not available here? Frustrating.
Oh happy day!  Got my orb and an update to Jelly Bean 4.2.2 both today.
+John Yonkunas , can help to use juiceplotter to gather more details? The energizer qi charger gave me same performance as wall mount as in 3 hours charge up time.
Charges my Nexus 4 very well with my third party case on the phone!
Got mine yesterday - very nice, works great!
I bought a Poetic bumper since Google isn't stocked. Great product. But the nexus won't fit on the charger with it. I understand the original does but I'm not going to worry about it
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