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Google+ tip: Watch Ripples around the Web

Ever wonder how many people have shared a particular story or video on Google+? You can build yourself a simple one-click button that'll make it easy to get that info for any page you're viewing in your browser.

In Chrome, just right-click on your bookmarks bar (if you don't see your bookmarks bar, press CTRL-SHIFT-B to make it appear) and select "Add page." Change the page's name to "Ripples," and paste the following code in for the URL:


Now, just click your new "Ripples" button from anywhere on the Web, and you'll see a detailed list of all the public G+ shares for that page.

Pretty handy, eh?

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Im on my phone but ill try later.
Nice find! Thanks for sharing.
+JR Raphael Yes this is handy! Another great piece of useless (but certainly interesting lol) information at our finger tips! I do love it and it works!
could somebody please add this to g+ as a right-click menu item, preferably before facebook does? what percentage of people (not g+ users) would have the foggiest idea how to follow these instructions? i understand them, but am alas too lazy. does anybody think that Ctrl-Shift-B is a good thing?
rite this is so dumb ass of me but how the bloody he;ll do ya add a device to your account?
ive followed 6 links to stories that people have shared publicly on G+ and the ripples page just says ...... This post was not reshared publicly: Ripples only displays public reshares.
+Darren Moore The key word there is reshared. It won't show any of the first shares, but when the shared post gets shared again it has been reshared and will start to show up.
You know what would be events function.
great, except I am not able to see any public reshares for pages I tried
hmmm... doesn't work on G+ pages. You'll get "This post was not reshared publicly: Ripples only displays public reshares." a) Weird because THIS post is public b) NBD because I can always do ripples from a G+ post
+Paul Spoerry Yeah -- that is weird. Seems like internal G+ pages use a different URL syntax for some reason.
+JR Raphael Ya, weird right!?!? Is it the URL or that it's behind SSL? I've noticed I can't "pin" things to Pinterest from here and assumed it was because of SSL.
Also fun as a "Send To" option in Google Reader.
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