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BREAKING NEWS! Apple -- err, sorry, "sources briefed on the matter" -- decided to leak info about upcoming iOS products during CES.

Isn't it funny how predictable the tech news cycle has become?
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And it is going to be called iPhone 4S :-D 
I wonder how warm and fuzzy those dollars feel in WSJ's pants.
So, Apple is in a panic because their philosophy of building expensive products because people are willing to pay Apple Tax isn't working so well any more?
Oh. Will it do nfc now and have iBeam?
be arrival date: "as soon as late 2013"
as soon as LATE 2013...lmao

that's really soon lol
Isn't that what they do every year with the older versions of their phone?  It'll just be a repackaged iPhone 4 or 4S.  But people will still buy it.
Erik Kershaw
I'm sorry Apple, but every other smartphone manufacturer out there, already has a patent on less expensive devices ... its called Patent#0000001 - A Process and Method for Not Ripping Off Your Customer Base
Apple already has a less expensive iPhone, it's called last year's iPhone. 
I'm loving the expression "less-expensive". 
+Russell Holly Yes, but this new innovation will officially patent the price-dropping process.
Personally I don't think it's 'funny' so much as it 'nauseating'. 
+Roberto Moledo +JR Raphael You are just, as many others, including me, astonished because A can convince so many, that so little can cost so much  (and they are buying, as hell). Admit it ;-)
Just what whiny apple customers need... a lower spec ifon to whinge about. Referring to normal people here, not fanboys. Fan boys will buy only the top of the line model anyway.

People like my mother-in-law will buy it expecting a premium experience, and will be disappointed. And my tongue will blead from biting it so hard, so often. #toldYouSo  
Apple just makes me sick. What kind of crap are they going to sell, and really, what does "cheap" really mean for Apple? $599.99?
BTW, my sister-in-law never shut up about how much she hated her 4S. Then upgraded to the 5. And the complaining has already started... for me this is a brief look into the mentality of the iSheep. 
Or...... Is this just a tactic to throw the scent of for the competition? Look at the new TV's this year.... It's almost like all the competitors wanted to beat Apple to the punch yet I don't expect any new TV from Apple. 
I see Apple rumors nearly every week. I think it's a way to keep the sheeple from straying.
Maybe they don't mean less expensive to the consumer. Maybe they mean this one will cost less to produce just like the iPhone 5 cost less than the 4s to make. Gotta keep those investors happy, after all
I think this news is bad news in many ways.

Apple should never start making cheaper products. Has B&O started making budget stereo systems? Secondly it will ease the pressure on the other manufacturers which will lead us to the state we were in when dumb phone ruled the roost.

I'm in no hurry to return to those days 
It would appear that one of Apple's preferred channels for planting such 'breaking rumours' and also maligning the competition is WSJ.
After Jobs, Apple does not have any sense in naming, like New iPad, iPad with Retina Screen, the lower priced iphone may be called "Affordable iPhone".
Yay (said in a sarcastic bored tone)
Its all about catching up with the competition. $120 billion does not last as long as most might think. Ask RIM or Nokia or even MS.

That aside, WSJ (read Apple) tried hard to rain on CES but this isn't exactly the kind of news that would snatch much attention. So let's all just move on.
...and a television. They're also working on a TV. And a flying car'
Wall Street Journal sure got the scoop on this one. /s
Breaking: Apple announced something at CES and no one heard it over all the actually innovative stuff Android was showing.
Probably just re-release the iFail 3.
So they are going even further behind in the cell phone game. IPhone 5 want even that good compared to Android phones now they are getting worse! I guess its a good thing there are so many sheep! #isheep
Or maybe CES is so lackluster reporters started digging from a technology company that people want to hear from n
The lower priced iPhone is already on the market. Just needs an easier assembled package. It's the 16Gig 4S
If they wanted to "leak" a story that would relate to CES it would have been iTV information. A mini or cheaper iPhone is idiotic and I hope it's all bogus 
With Sony launching beautiful and advanced phones like xperia z. All apple is doing is move a step back.
Once again playing catch up with nexus. 
I would rather have any no-name Android for 149,99 thank you.

Although this is good news for the Apple fan boys who are getting tired of forking out premium cash for a product that becomes obsolete in 12 months.
Why is it they so many are feverishly Apple haters? I use iOS and OSX. I don't like the Android OS, and I also don't see many Apple fans slagging Android the same way. It's not about which ecosystem is better or not. 
+Don Grgic I guess there's a whole bunch of reasons, from Apple patenting everything to the bitch war with Samsung, the inflexibility of their iOS, the cost of their devices to deliver the same experience that we get on Android for so much less, the sheep-ism that most iDevice users show when Apple bleets out a new piece of crap, oh, the pieces of crap they release.

And this just gets us to the development side of things. Objective-C, XCode, the inability to code on anything other than Apple hardware, the App Store approval disaster process.

Mate, this is JUST the stuff off of the top of my head. This causes frustration to everyone else in the world because innovation is stifled because of Apple!
Someone at apple misread the market. Those of us on iPhones who are planning to switch (back) to Android, won't be swayed by a cheaper crappier version of the one we already have. Things are not looking good over at Apple; but this is just a rumor, an it costs nothing to float it.
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