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SwiftKey's new "Flow" typing system is officially out of beta and integrated into the main app. SwiftKey has long been one of the best Android keyboard apps available, and with this added functionality in place, it's really tough to beat.

The app is on sale for two bucks right now. If you don't have it yet, for the love of GOOG, go get it.

• Phone version:
• Tablet version:
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And it's still broken on my Infinity Tablet when docked in its keyboard......  

And it still doesn't work worth SPIT with Polaris Office  
+Colin Jones Like +Ivan Vargas, I find it to be much easier to use -- particularly when you factor in the outstanding word prediction and superior keyboard layout (much simpler access to numbers, punctuation, special characters, etc). 
I'm very surprised the moved flow into the main app. I assumed it would be a different keyboard you would have to pay for....
+JR Raphael i still prefer my Google Gestures on my Nexus 4. I like the way it calculates words as i am typing and hovers over. I think its better than swiftkey and swype.
+Brian Johnson Yeah...with the separate branding, it really did look like that was what they were gonna do. Glad they opted to make a single super-keyboard app instead.
+Ulimmeh-Hannibal Ezekiel Hey, whatever works for ya! Gotta love the fact that we actually have choices when it comes to this stuff (novel concept, eh?).
+JR Raphael <nod> I was pleasantly surprised -- I'd paid for the keyboard when there was a special some time ago and love it. I was glad to see I was able to just upgrade the app to get the new shiny :)
Surprisingly, the amazon app version was updated, too. 
Think the tablet app is worth the separate purchase?  I have a GNex and N7.  I already bought SwiftKey on my phone a while back.
+Justin Barrett I love the phone app but can't bring myself to pay the money for the tablet app (if there's another special on it, I would). GO keyboard is free and what I use for my tablets (though, I'll be honest, I've been using the JB stock keyboard since I got it on my phone and tablet and it's pretty awesome by itself)
I've been a loyal Swype user until now, I tried SwiftKey a while back but went back to Swype... should I try SwiftKey again? Has anyone used it in comparison to Swype?
It's just awesome. Using it right now. Never got such a good feeling when writing with my phone. 
+Mary E. Gibson as I've just started using the flow version of SwiftKey I can't really compare the two. Swype handles punctuation better, Imo, but SwiftKey beats it handily in the prediction department, once you have some time invested in using it. EDIT: Make that punctuation, double letters and ease of having random capital letters in the middle of a sentence. Of course, this may just stem from the fact that I'm still unfamiliar with SwiftKey flow. :-D 
+Mary E. Gibson I've used Swype only since coming to Android.  Nothing beat Swype on gesture typing until SwiftKey Flow.  I've been using Flow since it's first public release and can't go back to Swype.  The prediction and auto correct is light years ahead of Swype.  The only thing I miss from Swype is the gestures shortcuts for cut, copy and paste.  I think I'm going to buy SwiftKey and stick with it.  
+Mary E. Gibson yes.  it's hands down better.  you might still be able to find their swiftkey flow beta out there somewhere to try it out.  it expires at somepoint, but swiftkey is the swype killer. 
+Justin Barrett I'd say so -- the tablet version looks much better on the N7 in terms of size and fit, and it also gives you the option to use a split-screen keyboard in landscape mode. Especially for two bucks, I wouldn't hesitate to grab it.
I like SwiftKey and flow just made it even better. :-D 
Not gonna lie, I miss the swipe left to delete last word feature. 
+Mary E. Gibson Gotta agree with +Ed Wilson and +J.J. Valenzuela. It's a matter of personal preference, but I certainly find it to be noticeably better at this point, especially in terms of word prediction and going back and forth between swiping and tapping.

If you're interested, I made some comparisons in my initial review, back when SwiftKey Flow was still in beta (and FYI, most of the things I criticized about SwiftKey Flow at that point have since been fixed):
I preffer TouchPal Keyboard and its amazing predictive dictionary (also multi language fuction)
+Joe Rochinski Took me a while to get used to that feature being gone with Flow, too. I've pretty much trained myself to use a long-press of backspace in its place now, though. I also found that shortening the amount of time required for a long-press to be registered (in SwiftKey settings -> Advanced) helped make that method more palatable.
Adjustable long press time is the killer app for me.  I have mine set to 200ms and have never accidently triggered it.  It makes the whole input experience seem much more responsive.
the other HUGE benefit is that Swiftkey uses Google Voice Dictation for their voice input and Swype uses Dragon for theirs.  and Google's is WAY better because it's live, instead of recorded, and a ton faster.
I like it so far, I find the word suggestion has not been working too well for me yet but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt for a few days.
+Ian Thomas It learns from your language habits as you go, so it definitely gets better and more personalized over time.
you can also set it to learn from Gmail, facebook and sms
+J.J. Valenzuela For sure. Swype making that switch (without providing an option to override it) was a big part of what led me to stop using that keyboard.
+JR Raphael Out of curiosity, how do you think the latest Swiftkey release compares to the stock 4.2+ keyboard? 

edit: nevermind... g+ just didn't want to load the previous 30+ comments until I posted mine ;)
+John Bowdre Hi John!   I think it's twice as good as Swype and 4 times better than Stock 4.2.    You can't correct in 4.2, delete is slow, not good prediction. no customization, no learning.
+John Bowdre See my comment to +Colin Jones toward the top of this thread. Long story short, though, I prefer it over the stock setup; to me, it's one of those things where the stock option would be fine -- until you'd used this and had the comparison.
+JR Raphael +Brian Johnson +Daniel Cook Thanks for the input.  I'll give the tablet version a go as well.  Can't live without the phone app.  It's like going from standard definition to HDTV.  I had no idea what I was missing, but can't go back now.
For anyone who hasn't purchased swiftkey yet, just purchase the tablet one.  It works fine on phones.  I'm not even sure why they have 2 versions other than to make more money.
Updated earlier and was surprised to find they had included the flow, just in installed the beta I was using
Thanks +JR Raphael, I found that comment immediately after I posted mine and G+ suddenly decided to show me the previous 30 comments.  Thanks, Internets, for making me feel like a n00b.  

I've tested each of the beta releases of Flow, but always ended up returning to the stock Android 4.2 keyboard.  Sure, it may have fewer features, but to me it just feels smoother.  It seems like Swiftkey keeps having to stop and think for a moment before it continues to register my inputs.  With the advent of gesture-based input on the stock keyboard, I feel like Swiftkey's real strength (its prediction engine) was to some extent negated; to me, the entire point of gesture-based input is that you don't have to be staring at the screen the whole time, so I don't want to be watching to see if it figures out what I want to say next.  Of course I'll give this official release a couple of days to see if my experience improves, but so far my personal preference is still the 4.2 keyboard.  

+J.J. Valenzuela You can correct previously entered words with the 4.2 keyboard, by long-pressing the word - you may get a quick little "Replace..." pop-up similar to what Swype used to do.  It seems like that function usually works for words that are actually missed, but isn't always available when I'm just testing it out - I guess the 4.2 keyboard is just that smart ;)
The native swipe keyboard in JB works great on my GNex and N7 and is also free. Free is usually my preference  :-)
+Justin Barrett download SwiftKey Tablet Trial first and see what you think. It's free for 30 days. I'm typing with it now on my N7 and really like it. I know JR Raphael mentioned it earlier, but I second the motion :-) 
I've tried both SwiftKey and Swype in the past (they both seem to be memory hogs) and usually just go back to the native JB swipe keyboards. 
tried trial version, no Chinese support so me will stick with swype
Killer feature of SwiftKey for me is multiple language support. And by multiple I mean at the same time. I have a tendency to use English words within a Dutch sentence and do not have to alter a thing. Same with this post. 
Here's my first post using SwiftKey Flow. Been using it for years, but this is really cool. 
+Justin Barrett I also paid for the tablet version. Liked the phone version so much I gave it a try and really liked it. 
I can't for the life of me figure out how to swipe "our" on swiftkey, but otherwise it works well. Our always comes out as or.
tried flow alpha, then beta and always going back to swype...gonna give the official a try.
Doesn't it come by default on the Nexus 4
Swipe keyboard functionality comes by default with Android Jelly Bean, which is on Nexus 4. So in a way...yes. :)
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