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Dear LG,

Please catch up on your Nexus 4 manufacturing before launching any more new products.


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This is a pretty sad display.
Ryan B
Glad I have mine...
Does anyone have the salesnumbers on this device? I wonder what was the expectations from Google/LG on this..
Wish I had one... the Desire HD/Inspire 4G is getting (needlessly)annoyingly obsolete...
Way To few produced. But atleast mine should be Herr tomorrow :-)
Agreed, I sold an old phone and some old ski boots on craigslist and my 'Nexus fund' is pretty much complete...It's pretty ridiculous that so many Android enthusiasts are just stuck waiting and waiting for stock to arrive.
Am I the only one that thinks this page should never say "Sold Out"? Regardless of the fact that they should have enough on hand to cover sales, even if they don't, they should still allow you to put in your purchase but with a delayed delivery date. I'd much rather see a "Estimated Ship Date: June 16th" (exaggerated) than a flat out "You can't buy this now because we don't have them". 
+Mike Stone they went all the way to 10 weeks out, and that's when they cut it off. I don't blame them for that... the number of people who get tired of waiting and try to cancel their order probably increases dramatically after that (not that Google has any way to cancel an order). 
+Mike Stone Yup -- couldn't agree more. That's really what baffles me the most about this whole situation.
Why they do not take orders first, a dramatic launch .....
Yes.  The Nexus 4 is this far away from being dead to me.  No words can describe the ridiculousness of almost every device on the Play Store being "out of stock" with no pre-orders or indication of availability.
Al M.
Is this phone even worth getting??
Denys S
Google is very well respected company. I am sure there a solid reason why the initial phone supply was low and this "Sold out issue" is being addressed as I am writing this post. 
I wonder if the low price is too low? 
I think I saw only 400 000 nexus 4 had been sold I don't think the carriers or phone manufacturers were very happy and I got the feeling unless Google wants to rub the phone industry up the wrong way. supply is always going to be a trickle sadly sold via play :-(

Personally if i paid 100 pound more more as they were offered in the uk by a retailer I would not complain just there is no stock crazy.
Cant believe such a colossal mess up by Google! No wonder LG is lagging so far behind.
By the time they get stock, the new Motorola iPhone killer might be released...
+Ridwan Taslim because they most likely had the pick of phone manufacturers and should as its representing Google surely want to ensure that who ever they gave the task of making the nexus 4 were up to the job of meeting demand. 
But the hardware itself is a piece of art. Google gave them the task to deliver a good product and they did. Just that they can't keep up with the demand. Like i said before, blame the shareholders. Perhaps they don't have the resources needed to keep up. 
So Google said wow you can make a nice phone but don't worry if you can't keep up with stock it will be ok.
Sounds like Google did not carry out proper due diligence to me.

No point in making an amazing phone if months after launch buyers have no idea if and when they can buy. That's just the keener smartphone buyers those who just start looking when they need to buy a phone will just move on or not even know it exists as not in shops or out of stock with no way of pre ordering if they see on the Internet.

Samsung, Sony nokia and apple all seem to manage to allow pre ordering as do many big multi nationals in many fields. 
I think we know they are at fault but who gave them the task in the first place.

When a company fails to deliver whoever is at the top or managing the project even if the fault of those they choose for a role has to take responsibility at the end of the day... 
I feel really bad for people still waiting for the Nexus 4 to become available again.
Kathy G
After the launch and the sold out bit, I received an email from Google Play that it was available-- I think this was sometime after Thanksgiving but still in November... So I clicked the link and mindlessly pressed buy on the 16gb model.  Fast forward and I received my phone on Jan 3.  I was very busy so had to wait to open and charge, etc.  I finally got to play today and love love love this phone.  I am upgrading from an iPhone 3G.  Just sign up for updates and they will ping you when orders are open again.  Of course, in smartphone world, there will be a new model out by June.  
Feel bad for those operators who works tirelessly trying to keep up with the demand of our consumers today. Ta ta. 
more like:

Dear Google, please stop worrying about hurting OEMs' feelings and just make all future Nexus devices yourself.
Was thinking about it today. Nexus 4, that phone that wasn't.
I wanted one but now I'm more tempted to just wait until the next big thing. I wanted lte anyways. 
I gave up in mid-December and bought two 16 GB Nexus S's instead (for $40 more than one N4). I figure I can live with Android 4.1 a few months til Google releases Nexus 4-1/2 or whatever.
It is past the point of ridiculous and wallowing in embarrassing at this stage. Both for LG and Google. Disgusting is wading in on the far shore.
So why don´t you buy the N4 in Sweden instead? Is it because it costs $700 and we don´t have Google Play Store for devices? I understand...
Ryan B
+James Russell Because a company like T-Mobile has more clout to get a hold of phones first.
This is sad
- Sent from my Nexus 4
+Ryan Banks If T-Mobile is hogging them, it would thus make perfect sense why the Play store is out, as well as why it is going to be out for a LONG time.
Its played out now. Been waiting almost two months to ORDER my phone...almost army limit.
by the time I get around to getting my nexus 4 i' can just get a nexus 5 or whatever else is next. 
+Asbjørn Grandt I got the Desire HD second hand to replace my G1 (HTC Dream) that was finally no longer getting Cyanogen Mod Support when HTC said that the Desire would be seeing 4.0.x.  It was intended as a stop gap until a New Nexus phone was available because the Gal Nax. was seeming a touch long in the tooth.

Sadly the stop gap sorta failed as 1) the 4.0 update was canceled and 2) the Battery is now dying on the desire HD as well, so my Charge to charge time when the phone is only in stand by (no Wifi/BT only cellular) I have to charge it as soon as I return from work (less than 10 hours standby) Making calls on it I muck to see 2/3's that.

I know there are 4.0/4.1 Roms for the Desire HD but none of them have felt steady enough yet for me as a daily driver.
+Martin W Dubois I'm thinking the same thing, I'll just wait for the xphone to be released. I'm hoping xphone = best battery life + stock Android + optional Motorola launcher/skin we can turn off.
+Soumak Dutta Sorry, the next two generations of Nexus phones will also be out of stock, indefinitely.
How come the Nexus 7 never went out of stock? I guess that Asus rules and LG doesn't.
LG is probably not making enough money from the Nexus devices, so they have no insensitive to manufacture more than what Google originally order. They probably make more from the comparable LG Optimus G. 
Again, T-Mobile has said they will carry the phone in ALL of their stores. My guess is that new phones overwhelmingly are going to go to T-Mo until that happens.
Just got my nexus 4 today. Typing this on it now! 
+James Slifierz or stick with Samsung...if they did then they A) would have met the demad and B) have LTE :)
LG was the right choice for the Nexus 4. Galaxy Nexus had a below average camera and horrible battery life. The build quality wasn't that great either. I liked it but the Nexus 4 feels way better. 
Its just too bad that they miscalculated the demands. 
Hey +JR Raphael which has the better camera the HTC One S or the Nexus 4. I really enjoy snap burst and the ability to capture photo from video during and post recording. Is this a function the N4 has? 
I finally got my N4. It really is a great phone. 
So I bite the bullet and buy one from Amazon. Then find out that the card from my Samsung Transform(the worst phone ever sold) will not work on the Sprint network. They expect me to stick with a phone that doesn't work and keep payng them! Don't think so. Switching to T-Mobile and good luck with the spring bill!

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