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Man, that was a jam-packed keynote, eh? Looking forward to trying out all the new stuff first-hand. I'll share my impressions with you as soon as I can.

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I agree they definitely spilled all of the beans with that keynote.  Thanks fin advance for letting us know how all of the new Android Devices work together for an awesome user experience.  The Nexus Q appears to open a whole new world for Google supplying media to consumers and gaining ground on their competitors.  Do you see any similarity to the 'Q" bypassing TV manufacturers for supplying Google content and Microsoft's "Surface" bypassing their OEM suppliers?  
Interested to see what the "new stuff" is!  I'll stay tuned.
hey please let us know how good is google docs/drive on nexus 7 :)
Are the Q and Google TV going to interact with each other? It seems there is overlap here to me.
No just jam-packed. There's was butter too ;)
+JR Raphael You go t it made. What an awesome job. You do it well and I look forward to seeing the new stuff!
+JR Raphael - I missed the beginning of the swag announcement - do you guys all get the Galaxy Nexus with Jellybean preview, the table, and the Q?
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