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Thanks JR,I just downloaded the Swapps app..."Nice Shortcut!"
+JR Raphael also check out Floating Stickies and AirCalc (can't remember who recommended them to me, so apologies if it was you!)
+Ronald Ammann If you look in the app's settings, you can actually change where the "hot" zone is located -- might help to move it somewhere that's more out of the way for you.

A clock widget
A launcher with windows start menu
Just a Windows start button
A weaker google drive/dropbox
And a plain jane newsreader

These are not good essential apps to "add to an arsenal." 
Thank you, +Christopher Wyatt; I don't know how the Internet would survive without misguided Debbie Downer comments like yours. Keep up the fine work, my friend!

(P.S. No one ever said these apps were "essential" -- only that they're interesting and well done.) thanks downloaded swap... nice.. 
Got to agree about Action Launcher, being it for a while now, it's great. 
+Christopher Wyatt umm... No
It's not a clock widget, presumably you missed the main point, being it has an open api, personally I can think of a hundred things that I would like to interface with it asap. Not being able to see the value in this app is not a lack of capability of the app but a lack of imagination on your part.
Launcher - who cares? Not my thing but loads of people love them so lots of variety is indicated.
That app bears no functional similarity to drive or dropbox, so clearly you didn't bother reading the description let alone going to the app.
You say plain Jane, I say elegant, it's subjective and therefore is of relevance to many. You seem to be saying because you don't find it attractive/functional for your needs, that it shouldn't have been included - that's very self absorbed.
Perhaps if you had spent as much time reading the article and checking out the apps as you did writing this comment, everybody could have saved some time.
80% of those apps are merely repackaging basic android functionality... I wouldn't support such app developers.
Gren W
Loving Dashclock now that Falcon twitter application feeds into it
No, one is bridge, other is cave.
Swapps looks like an interesting app for Android. I'll give it a try. Thanks +JR Raphael .
like the look of press, but still am not a fan, mostly because there was no widget (last time I used it). Feedly is my favourite so far. Beautiful and has a widget.
I've been using Press multiple times a day for a few months now.  It's the first time I've actually enjoyed using a reader app on mobile (including Feedly, which is close to being great).  And I love how DashClock opened up pandoras box to allow other developers to jump on board.  Android is looking good.
Thank you! I need your help on tethering my galaxy nexus to my Samsung chrome book. Note I have t mobile $30 prepay. Help!
+Mark Lastiwka My bad,I'm already hooked on it (Flipboard)...I like how u can add ur G+ app account... :-) THANKS AGAIN!!!
+JR Raphael I just got the Swapp app. Pretty cool. Also, I've tried some of the popular custom launchers. Just the free versions though. I'm willing to buy the Action Launcher for the $4. Do you think it's the best launcher out there or do you recommend something else? I read your article on the ADW launcher a couple months ago too. What do you think?
+Jeffrey Frye Just depends on what you want, really. Action Launcher is a pretty different setup than the typical home screen environment. You could always download it and play around with it for 15 minutes to see what you think (the Play Store lets you "return" any paid app purchase within 15 mins for a full refund).
Thanks. DashClock helped fix that horribly ugly lockscreen clock of 4.2 while adding extra features too. 🍻
Swapps is amazing.  Had no idea how much I needed an app like this, now I can't imagine life without it. 
The swapps app was very cool thanks
I'm so over news aggregators. I had six at one point in time and they totally bogged my system down. Nothing beats Google News in the chrome browser. 
What clock wiglet are you talking about

Swamp sounds good on paper but just about every cell phone carrier offers free mobile to mobile calls. Does this app work on land lines because in theory that's the only way it would help me or someone else? 
Using both Action Launcher and DashClock! Both are great apps and maximize the customization part of Android.
I am in United States Mr. Elias and I am with Verizon. I have 2000 anytime minutes on my plan. I have free mobile to any mobile calling. In other words I am with Verizion and I call AT&T, T-Mobile, etc it doesn't take from my 2000 minutes. I would be than happy to e-mail you a copy of my billing statement as proof. So, let me ask you a question: "Who is your cell phone carrier because they are fucking you with no grease?" In Louisiana AT&T, Verizon Wireless, Sprint, and T-Mobile offer unlimited calling to and other cell carrier. 
+Jared Sauble, I'm on SingTel right now, if you must know. None of the carriers I've used has ever offered free mobile calls (there was some "friend" service Telia had back in the day, I think, where you could get discounted calls to specific numbers).

I've heard some real horror stories about Verizon. Like how they charge extra to use tethering, and charges you to receive calls and SMS'es. That's just insanity.
Even pre-paid phones offer free mobile to any mobile calling. They offer that because probable 90 percent of the world have cell phones. Business are the only ones to have land lines.
+Jared Sauble None of these apps has anything to do directly with calling, mobile to mobile or otherwise. 
Verizon: pay us a premium to screw you. It's not voice minutes that they screw you with its the data, bloatware, and the lack of updates to push you to a new phone and a new contract. 
Elias about the only thing I dislike about Verizon is they offer crappy phones versus when I was with AT&T but I usually purchase my phones out right anyway so that negative part on Verizon doesn't bother me. As for Tethering no cell carrier around here that I know of doesn't charge. I have unlimited DATA grand fathered in before Verizon stopped it and trust me I use up to 120GB in a billing cycle. At times I do call up Verizon and subscribe to the tethering but who ever is wi-fi off of me also gets unlimited DATA. As for the SMS/MMS texting I have unlimited and think I pay like $10.00 a month. I have some bad ass phones and they are mostly used to HDMI and/or mirror mode to my 72 inch screen tv in our living room. 
JR Raphael when I first come on Google tonight I saw your post so I went on Google Play Store and downloaded the app Swamp. I read everything it should me including the pros and cons and reviews. Basically when you call someone you press the swapping button and suppose to save your minutes. I realize they are people from all over the world in on this post you made but for me the app is useless because. I a have free mobile to mobile calling. The only time my 2000 any time minutes are used is when I call a land line
I mean 2 thumbs up to the people who develop these kinds of Apps. God knows me need more and more of them to show Apple it can be done and is being done.
+Jared Sauble Not sure what Swamp is, but the app mentioned in the story (and the one everyone here is talking about) is Swapps. 
Yes, I meant Swapps...not Swamps. Lol. I guess I was trying to type to fast. Above all else an intelligent man like you should foresee what I meant.
+Jared Sauble even after having your attention drawn to your mistake, you still didn't go back and check. Nobody but you mentioned an app called 'Swamp', nor any voice communications app! Perhaps you should go back and read the words under the headings, not just the headings themselves. And check your spelling when searching for apps
Stef P
Swap seems similar to relaunch.. Which I currently enjoy on my n7
Okay JR Raphael I give up. Since I can't get my spelling correct maybe my eye sight is just as fucked up. Once again, I just went back to Google Play Store and looked at the Swapp app. Don't take my word for read what it is saying before it is downloaded. That's all I did was speak on what the app is telling me.
+Jared Sauble Um… I just checked the app description and even the permissions and there's nothing about voice communications. Maybe you were looking at the wrong app?
Feedly is another great Google Reader app.  Makes use of gestures and has a great minimalist interface.  Also it loads webpages within the app so you can still swipe to exit.  Worth checking out if you like Press. 
I use springpad which syncs a load of different data between phone and web/desktop. I'll also try PushBullet.
It's all cool stuff..i got some off them guys should try it out...
thank you im finna check out the dashclock
Just installed dashclock, pretty cool, looks like a keeper.
Exercises In Reading Comprehension, Volume 2,362.
Swapps is same as ubuntu unity launcher for android 
Press got a lot of hype when it came out but it isn't without its flaws. Just Reader is better IMO.
I have everything here except PushBullet; never heard of that. I actually downloaded Swapps yesterday. Been using DashClock for almost a week and I like it. I have Action Launcher but I prefer to use Nova as my default launcher, for now. Press isn't that awesome; I still prefer Flipboard over anything else and occasionally Currents by Google 
I try swapps for better multitasking. very responsive but use big memory for my phone. Recent app actually not listing history but background running application because it is always showing my launcher and system keypad (can't remove and not an application)
Thanks installed swapps and pushbullet....
+Narayana Wijaya I don't know what phone you have, but be careful in how you interpret the statistics you are setting. It is extremely common for people to misunderstand what they mean. Firstly - the app is not constantly running in the background. It appears in your 'running' list because the app consists of 1 process and 1 service. The main part of the app is the process. On my phone the whole app (process +service) consumes 17MB but if you look closely you will see almost all of that is the app. The service is tiny - that is used to receive the trigger event when you swipe your finger. The process is doing nothing when you aren't using the app - so it consumes no CPU, and any memory it uses is immediately released if another app needs it. So stop worrying about the process and the (admittedly large) amount of RAM it uses. For all intents and purposes, that does not effect you at all. Android just lists it as 'running' because it owns the service that is 'running'. Read through the other running apps and you will see the same pattern. Apps that really shouldn't be doing anything but seem to be running are also the same apps that have at least one service associated with them. That is why. As for the service - generally they are waiting for call-backs from Android, so they aren't doing anything either. But in the case of this service it isn't consuming much RAM at all on my phone anyway. I've no idea what the problem is on your phone, but nothing I've seen so far suggests that even a budget android phone would have a problem with it. Perhaps it's a bug in the app for your phone?
I still think a Unity is the better app switching app. It's highly customizable. It's just better 
About to download swapps..I hope it doesn't interfere with my S3 multi window which also works on my left screen.
+Colin Jones yes it is only 17-20 mb but for switching between app there are some other use half of that. I don't mind that RAM use by this if the recent application really show the 5 latest history, but it is not. I experience app like facebook before which persistently running in background which lag my phone when foreground app need big ram, I don't know how but I assume because it is always fight to run again after being killed by application that I open. I'm not a developer so all I know to check is by install, uninstall and reinstall to check which app slow down my phone. 
Facebook is a perfect example of a badly behaved app. And you will see that in how much memory even the services use and how much CPU and battery it uses. It is easily the worst written app I've come across from a major player. There's no excuse for it. Even today's update added a new feature without addressing the critical connection bug they introduced in December 's update! Don't use it as a comparison.
Like swapps! Would of liked Dash Clock but I'm still on ICS with my Galaxy S2 HD. 
Cool apps...just downloaded swapps and floating stickies...thanks
Great list... all apps I hadn't heard of yet but I'm interested to try most of them.

Nice work.
Dash Clock and Swapps are pretty top notch. Good finds! 
Good article! if dash clock can comes with more extensions would be even better! 
+Jared Sauble I think you're referring to the "swapp offline" app where you press the orange button when taking calls. That app isn't what JR Raphael is talking about in his link. He's talking about "swapps". You need to carefully check what app you're looking at on the play store word for word. 
Yes, Mr. Raking...that's exactly what I was looking at. Swamps offline. I mean everyone was banging the shit out of me and I thought I was right every time. Well, I stand corrected.
Damn phone types what it wants....Swapp 
For what it's worth, +Jared Sauble , I think Swamps Offline sounds like it could be a really killer app. :-) 
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