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20 tech sounds the next generation won't know

As technology evolves, so do the sounds that go with it -- and many of the dings, beeps, and hisses burned into our brains will hold no emotional connection to the teens of tomorrow.

Just think: The screeching music of an old-school modem, embedded below, means nothing to most kids today.

I assembled a collection of 20 iconic tech sounds that are bound for extinction. Click through, listen, and see how many of them you remember:
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I remember the sound. I even ran a bbs and fidonet hub back in the day.
I have a pavlovian reaction to that sound. I love the Internet :)
Ahhh the ole Siren song of being connected!
Hmmm... I am only 1*, and I know all these sounds..
I used to use netzero all the time. Does it still work? Can you still get online with dialup????
I bet lots of people still use this. You probably get 52k every time you connect.
I think dialup is still an option these days.. 
My first modem was a 1200 baud, I think... maybe even slower. I accessed Compuserve in 1987 with my first computer. $3,000 for a 286 - 10 mHz loaded up with 1 meg of RAM and a 10 Meg hard drive. Oh, and an Epson dot matrix printer. MS DOS 5.0.
Technology runs much faster than "sound".
i recognize and remember all of these. those were dark, very dark days
Sigh, is it bad I can tell that is a 56k modem? I don't know if I can still do it, but I used to be able to tell what speed a modem connected at up to 28.8k. And I'm still looking for a good 300 baud acoustic coupler modem (rs-232). They are really hard to find now adays..
I will never ever forget the sound of my modem trying to connect screech screech
Good luck mark, chances are slim. i dont see a practical use for it unless its just nostalgia.
I want it to connect to one of my 1984 Kaypro II's.. (z80 processor @ 2.2mhz and 64k of ram). I've already connected the Kaypros to the 'net via a null modem cable and used a text based browser. via Dial up the next fun challenge..
xD oh my god, kaypro! haha, i bought one to mess with when i 15 (about 3 years ago). so much fun, i managed to buy it fairly cheap too. but that sounds like a rough task, good luck with it.
I sure as hell won't miss those sounds. 2 days to download one file. lol. What a joke.
Lol....sounds of dial-up Internet that hurts my ears not missing that sound!!!
Lol, I'm so glad that my computer doesn't make that noise
Don't forget.. Before the Internet we used to dial into other computers and use Bulletin Board Systems (BBS). In today's terms it would be like a Message Board or forum.
Man, I loved that sound. It was like "The Fanfare of the Internet"!
I do kind of miss that sound lol. It was exciting to here it cause it was like the gateway to the internet. Like I was all of the sudden hooked into the vast potential. Now it is just always there, which is cool, but to have some sort of cue is memorable.
Keep those AOL cds, maybe they will be worth something someday...
what is this ??? actually IDK......
I think I'll make a 9600 baud connection sound as my Windows Startup sound..
still it's can't get!!!!! oh........
i really hate this sound. I often had to dial up few times in an hour because it kept disconnecting..
Its good that these sounds are getting barred, most of them are irritating and may disturb your working mind.
@ Michael - Were you running an RBBS back then or a Diverse Dial (sp?) chat style one? I ran an RBBS one (2 lines) for a couple years. Ran it on a kaypro with Quad Density floppy drives
Oh I must say I miss this tone!
is the name of this dubstep "up Internet" or the "The Sound of dial"
I just wish I didn't have to click through 10 pages
I remember that one. Oh yeah back when living at an Uncle's and going to the University of Kentucky I would check E-mail at home. That is the noise I heard each time I got on the web. I might miss being 21 as I was then but not that noise.
I heard all sounds. It was just like getting in back those days. great job done.
that sounding at 4am cuz i needed a web fix used to piss my mother off when i was a teenager
Ray Lee
my old laptop has a 56k modem inside and can use today
Most dial-up software modems were cheap and that sound you heard most likely was synthesized and used your sound card (unless you had a more expensive hardware modem).
Forgot the most important sound, get off the internet, i have to call aunt martha /mom
I so remember that sound. I remember connecting to FTP servers back in the day before peer to peer came around. I used to download warez way back when. And actually wasn't really all that long a ago.
Almost forgot the sound of a 5.25" floppy :-)
That sound is definitely a fast 56K modem. At least compared to a 300 Baud modem I started out on sometime around 1982 while running I believe a WildFire BBS from a laptop off of a 3-1/2" floppy. You always knew when you had a visitor as I always left the audio on for the modem. I'll never forget getting a 4X speed upgrade with a Hayes 1200 Baud modem. Those were the days!
all these sounds are pretty standard for a DJ soundbank...
Remember when you thought you could hear weather or not it was going to connect?
I have. I remember hearing the sounds of a MODEM dialing and getting its friends to answer...... Wow that takes me back.
lol, wow, really not that far back you know.
That was such a great sound. If you listened carefully,you could hear it negotiating to move from 300baud to 1200baud...

Also, remember "penny whistle" couplers? If you actually whistled into one, you could get the coupler on the other end to respond, or the terminal connected to your coupler to display ASCII characters...

...ah, analog fun you were.
Two of my computers still have their modems (WinModem) installed. I last used the one installed on one of them about ten years ago this time period. That was to order DSL from AT&T then. It was delivered by Covad and I still have the original CPE device.....
this is what i tried when i was trying to program me my phone to find the nearest radio station
Having friends over so you could take shifts to reconnect, all to steal songs off imesh. 
oh god my poor young ears!!! I just wanna forget that horrible sound that sometimes repeated itself over and over when the connection was unstable... sigh
Max Nk
Ahhhh..... How i miss this sound !!!
Thanks for bringing that nostalgic sound back, JR Raphael. It was a little annoying in those days when I can't wait to log on to the net but now it's sounds kinda therapeutic. Lol
Up since 5 am. Hand swollen. Need to spend less time on computer.
That was my ringtone on my last phone
I never heard those sounds. But they sound like they suck.
Ugh, I couldn't take the 7-page clickfest of death, but here's my list:

Old school telephone ring (even "ringtones" that emulate it aren't quite right... an old 1970s-era phone has a very distinct ring)

The "clunk" of a 1980s-era PC power toggle switch.

The almost guitar-like chord emitted by a CRT warming up or being shut off.

Feedback. Outside of musical contexts, feedback is fairly rare, these days, as a result of vastly improved DSP and background filtering.

The mechanical whine of a a dot-matrix printer at work.
The history of dial-up connection - a nice reminder
I remember those times as they were yesterday. We started with a 2400bps modem before we get the 14400 and then 19200bps modems...aaaa and the FIDO mail network :)
If anything the next generation will think it was 90's dubstep.
I recall those sounds on the Comodore64 I had as a child...well minus the music of course. The decade of Reaganomics was so full of things that never shall be again I imagine. The odd computer sounds and the music which I imagine spawned many things of today,
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