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In talking about Android's system-wide sharing function this week, a lot of people have asked me about the fact that you can't share data to Google Talk.

This is a limitation created by the GTalk app itself -- but there is a workaround:
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speaking off silly unneeded work arounds. why do I have to set up the regular email app just to be able to add a text file to an email. Why did they kill that off in gmail?
i want this function badly! thanks
It's definitely a silly work around but hey if it works, I'll use it!  Thanks +JR Raphael  :)
I'll wait for the new messenging system
Hopefully a new and better system becomes available this year. 
Gino B.
I use the +Google+ Messenger all the time, and I've been wondering the same thing for that app. I've emailed everyone in Google and posted it in every forum on this topic i could find, but no one has an answer and they still never updated it in any of the G+ updates. This is ridiculous. 
+Katanga Oromo Anything's possible -- but Android's sharing system has been around since long before G+, so that can't be the only explanation.
I'm more concerned about the lack of anything not USA in Google voice. 
Now how to fix the crappy way the notifications work? 
I doubt Google is to blame for the lack of G.Voice support in other countries. It would seem that they can't obtain phone numbers as easily in other countries to hand out, either because of the intended usage or other communication regulations.

Google makes money off of people using their ecosystem, so I'm sure if they are able, they'll make it happen.
+Ross Byrne doesn't your phone have a copy to clipboard already? Can't remember when it appeared... While back. What version of android?
Stuff that both G.Talk/Chat and G.Voice are missing is better media integration. Not being able to insert photos into any of those services short of uploading and copy/pasting a URL, you are left with using Google+ and G+'s Messenger. 

Google really needs to allow for all these services to merge and bring the best of both worlds together. Each obviously have their pros/cons and the overlap on sweet features could make one robust messaging solution for not only Android users, but everyone if Google decides to push a unified service across platforms. 

I understand the limitations of certain things such as the media via text has issues without carrier support (like what Sprint has provided to Google), but the rest of the stuff just seems like standard Google software engineering groups being separate from each other and not being given the freedom to integrate.

This is a dream/wish of the future of Google/Android/Chrome and I'm 100% on board with them attempting and failing a bunch till they get it right. You can't learn from mistakes if you are afraid of making them.
+Colin Jones yes but it's not the same idea. With the copy to clipboard it's a share intent meaning you can take the URL for something, for instance a play store item, via a share intent where you otherwise couldn't pull it.

I think it also uses Drive for an alternative buffer.
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