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Ladies and gentlemen: the once-mythical Nexus 4 Wireless Charger

Some detailed thoughts and impressions:
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nothing new....Palm use this charger.
I just ordered mine last night. I tried a cheaper one prior to this that just did not work, got pissed at it last night and spent $60. See what getting frustrated does to me? Makes me spend money...
If I hadn't have sold my n4 for poor battery performance I would certainly have placed an order! Good review. 
Not worried about future compatibility. It's only $60. That's replaceable. People drop almost that amount on cases designed to fit just one phone.
I'd be very interested to hear if you think that having this on your desk would make the day dream function useful. Without ever using one my first thought is that this would be a perfect fit as your phone basically becomes an information hub on your desk every time you drop it to the charger but without using it I can't be sure. I'd love to hear your experiences.
My Nexus 4 has great battery life. Still can't figure out these random complaint about the batteries.
my N4 battery sucked for the first few weeks (i wasnt even really using it, as i hadnt cut my sim card yet, so play time was minimal). And i was ready to sell the thing, however the battery life improved over time, odd but true.
How about the charging speed? Same as the OEM wall charger?
I use to love my Palm Touchstone. So I had to order this for my N4. 
+Juhani Lehtimäki Absolutely -- this would be a perfect use case for that function (which I previously hadn't found any good reason to enable). With the right Daydream-supporting app in place, that could make for a really nice desk setup. 
+JR Raphael Question for you:  Does it work as well with a "built in" USB electrical outlet or is the plug adapter neccessary?
+JR Raphael Can you place the phone in portrait mode on the charger - and does the home screen rotate then, too?

I like the horizontal docks for both my Galaxy Nexus and Nexus 7 – docked it portrait mode makes much more sense to me than a vertical screen.
+Mark Kuite I don't have a USB- enabled outlet here to test it, but I don't see any reason why that wouldn't work. It's just a standard USB cable and wall adapter like you'd have with any phone.
+JR Raphael I have read that some of the Qi chargers need the higher energy output supplied by the plug and won't work by plugging the USB into a computer or an enabled outlet. 
Kenny O
I feel like $60 is much to pricey for this especially since I only charge at night. Add that to fact that one doesn't know if it will work with the next Nexus phone I'm gonna pass for now. 
So that's what they did with all those Nexus Qs! Just cut them in half and put a charger in them! It's all clear now. :-) 
Too expensive. I don't bugging mine in. At least I can use it in any position with it plugged in.
+Norbert Rittel The phone fits and charges in the horizontal position, but the home screen doesn't support landscape orientation by default. Of course, you could always install a third-party launcher that'll change that.

(Apps, Daydreams, and other parts of the system do rotate into landscape orientation on their own, as you'd expect.)
+Mark Kuite Hmm...not sure offhand, then. I'll have to look into it further.
I posted on your other article that charging is a lot slower. That was using a standard wall adapter. Not the one that came in the box with the charger. I have plugged in the one that came with the charging orb and it seems to be charging normally/ fast again.
+John Yonkunas Interesting. I saw your other comment and was wondering why your results seemed so different from mine. That might explain it. 

[cc: +Mark Kuite] 
+JR Raphael what material is used in the contact area? Is there any chance that it might scratch the back of the phone over time and repeated 'do kings'/'undockings'.
+Colin Jones The material that actually touches the phone (the innermost circle on the charger's surface) has a soft, rubberized feel. It might leave a slight smudge on the glass, but unless you literally throw your phone at it -- which wouldn't be a very effective way to actually get it on the charger -- I can't see how it'd scratch it.
+JR Raphael It seems the output from the orb charger is 5v at 1.8 amps. The adapter I was using was 5v at 0.7amps. A huge difference.
+Mitch Gersbach who told you that battery is poor for N4 you need to put a +CyanogenMod and you are sorted as it improves battery performance and the N4 is one of the best phones currently on the market in my opinion is better then IPhone 5 or other phone out
+JR Raphael Thanks for the info.  I'm not sure what issue the other reviewer was having.
+Dan McMullan Hard to say. The innermost circle on the charger actually extends up slightly higher than the rest of the surface, though; it then touches the phone in the center area of its back, and the areas covered by the bumper never come into direct contact with the orb at all.

A bit tricky to explain, but it makes sense when you see it. :-)
+JR Raphael The other reviewer was using the Poetic Bumper, not the Play Store Bumper.  So that explains it.  Thanks!
+Dan McMullan Ah -- makes sense. Someone left a comment on the story to that same effect, too.
On your review you said it uses magnets but it doesn't it just uses gravity and the stickiness from the rubber
The back of the phone gets pretty warm and takes longer to charge. 
+JR Raphael I received mine today. I like it! It works just fine with the bumper. One huge omission that I haven't seen reported is the wireless charging does not trigger the dock mode. It doesn't even auto-launch daydream (despite setting when to daydream to while charging). I've graduated through every Nexus device, each equiped with it's proprietary desk and car dock, and have grown quite attached to their utility. It's disappointing that Google chose to sacrifice such a useful feature for the appeal of another.
There is no magnet. Put a piece of thin paper between the phone and charger. No stick at all. The charger uses the "grip" of the soft rubber ring. Try it...
Also of note, looks like the charger that came stock with my N4 is the same amperage as the one that comes with the orb.
+JR Raphael I'm particularly interested how silent it is. One of the biggest annoyances I have with most regular USB chargers is the high pitch noise they make. Particularly at night. Hoping the orb can be a solution.
I just got my two orb chargers (to compliment my two Nexus 4 phones).
However, I would like to keep my Sprint phones while I 'try' my new Nexus phones. Is there a magical way within Google to keep my existing number and have the number routed to both my Sprint and T-Mobile?
+Eric Stott You can route a number to multiple places with Google Voice, but in order to get the number to Google Voice in the first place, you'd have to port it there -- which would cause your old service to be cancelled.

Long story short, as long as the number is tied to a single carrier/device, there's no real way to do what you described. 
Thanks for the clarification!
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