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So apparently Amazon is selling the Moto G for 70 bucks off-contract today. It's locked to Verizon prepaid service, but that's still a hell of a deal if you want a solid entry-level device for Wi-Fi-based Web surfing, music playing, video watching, or general tinkering.
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Checkout the first Question under the Customer Questions section hahaha
I don't know why Motorola doesn't make one without cellular for cheap and sell it to all the iPod buyers.  Games, music, camera, etc for kids.
I bought one of these a while ago at Best Buy and activated it on my VZW postpaid account by dialing *228 from it. 
+Shon G. I agree that this is even a better deal, but I was talking more from a marketing perspective.  A lot of teenagers like iPhones because they are used to iOS from getting an iPod.  Android could use this same strategy.  Not many people outside the tech world will know about this deal, or even realize they can use this phone without Verizon service.
+Christopher Wagner Ah, I see. I thought you meant for your own use. Didn't Samsung already try that? It was probably overpriced, though. 
+Nicholas Costa Yes I am using it now. Dialed *228 and the system asked for my cell number and last 4 of my ss#. It was working in a couple minutes. I never activated it on a prepaid plan so I don't know if there would be an issue migrating it from prepaid to postpaid but taken right out of the package it was no problem activating it on my VZW postpaid account.
I don't believe the Verizon Moto G is eligible for bootloader unlock, and that may be a deal breaker for some people looking to do some tinkering.
Where is the GSM version? VZW for the loss in my area
3G is more than sufficient for many users, especially if the majority of their time is spent near work or home WiFi.
Of course Version wants it locked to their prepaid. B@stards.
are we sure this version doesnt support GSM? the best buy specs list the network technology as GSM, CDMA, TDMA . Even HSPA would be sufficient
I just picked one up from K-mart, boost Moto G  at $69.99. A plan of  $50 unlimited everything with 2.5GB being the un-throttled 4G speed. Very satisfied. Next step its to tether to the nexus 7.
if you root this device, is it possible to unlock it?
Verizon has the power to destroy the internet as we know it. Don't sponsor your demise.
or you could get one from Republic wireless; yeah you spend more for the phone, but at $28 a month for unlimited talk, text & 5gb of data with no contract you'll make that money back quick.
BTW, my only affiliation with Republic is as a customer (I use their Moto X)
Tim KH
Also available instore at best buy.
+Arther Casillas Checked my local Kmart, completely out of stock :-( But the price was exactly as you said. The Boost Mobile version has an unlockable bootloader and is exactly the same as the Verizon model (falcon_cdma) but the downside is it's only 8GB when the gsm models can be had with 16GB, albeit at a much higher price.
This would sell a ton if Sprint would stop just selling the Moto G on Boost and offer it on say Ting where it would probably be a big hit. 
It is sorta semi-contract phone; not fully on-contract, not fully off-contract.
Talk about a deal with the devil
Thanks, I was considering picking up one of these for my daughter.  This makes the decision a bit easier.
Cheap. Very Cheap. Too bad it's locked to Verizon...
+Ryan Saldana I think your right...still beats verizon. I payed an early etf because thats how cornholed I felt!  This thing runs better than my Verizon nexus and battery life is absurd by comparison.
Good timing. My aunt just decided to finally get a smartphone. Sending this her way. Thank you sir. +JR Raphael
+David Cogen tell her to get a regular Moto G and stay away from Verizon and contracts
+Lionel D unless I'm mistaken this deal is off-contract... And she's sort of forced to have Verizon or one of their subsidiaries since she lives in the dessert in NM (literally no other carrier works there)
+David Cogen :) I've just had bad experiences with them. Sends a shudder up the spine. 
Using this phone....bought from flipkart...great phone for entry level android..
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