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You probably shouldn't put much stock in an unsubstantiated report that claims a major electronics manufacturer is "alleged" to have stopped production of a new, heavily in demand phone.

This is particularly advisable when (a) the report doesn't even pretend to have a source for its information, (b) the entire story appears to be nothing more than wild conclusion-jumping based on vague remarks made during the manufacturer's own CES keynote, and (c) the writer of the story doesn't know the difference between "seized" and "ceased."

That is all.
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Yours is way nicer than mine. Maybe I should try being nicer...
Ouch. Journalism is out the window, it is now all about page clicks.  Want proof, ask Boy Genius.
I saw that report this morning and immediately uncircled that particular blog. Such a ridiculous claim, anyone possessed of an ounce of logic can see that.
The problem is that production is seized, not ceased!
+Colin Jones Yep, it's worse than ceased because "seized" implies "the production" was doing something nefarious and needed to be stopped. 
I wish Google would respond but they never will. If only Google would show some interest in promoting the Nexus brand. Sure there are the commercials, but advertising an unavailable product isn't impressive. Even Microsoft has product on hand when they make something.
Did the story also instruct everyone to forward it to everyone they know?

Next smart phone is in R&D stage, nexus4 is in production stage. Different type of human resources required. How can the analyst survive without understand basic operation!?! I'm impressed. 
I do suspect the story is mostly nonsense. However....

If LG were actually manufacturing these things, would we not be able to buy them? Are they just building them and stock piling them for some reason? 
Anyway, my nexus 4 is made in korea. I wonder whether that's 1 of the factors affecting supply.
+Paul Seawright People who ordered last from the US store just before it went "Out of Stock" (around the 14th-Dec) have just been getting their's shipped in the last day or two. Give them a few days to get a little bit of a stockpile and here's hoping they will open back up again. Otherwise the whinging cycle will continue when they sell out immediately again...
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