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"And now, thanks to Apple and Instagram, there are millions of those idiots walking the earth, inflicting their terrible pictures and uninformed opinions on the rest of us. So thanks, Apple. Thanks, Instagram. Thanks, smug dickwads who post rude tweets about Android users. Your opinions, like your embarrassingly awful artwork, provide hilarious entertainment. Keep up the great work!"

From +Dan Lyons. Full story below. I have a sneaking suspicion it's gonna be getting a lot of comments today...
Instagram was available only to iPhone owners, but now it’s on Android—and there goes the neighborhood, say snobby Apple users. Dan Lyons weighs in.
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Can't we all just get along!!! :)
At least now we can identify who these idiots are instead of having to guess.
Makes it easier to ignore the posts. ;-)
I think it is hilarious that these people believe we would all have iPhones if only we could afford it. I'm paying as much or more for my upcopming One S when it comes out than they paid for their damn iPhones, and nobody forced me to.
Where are all the stories of Android users on G+ hating on Apple users? ;)
According to iphone users Android is the Section 8s of the world.
+Jeff Smith I think it is hilarious that these people believe we would all have iPhones if only we could afford it.

+100 for logic and reason.

Personally, I am holding out for the HTC One X quad-core. I do not suppose that I actually need it ... but I most certainly want it.

Yes, I know that is not logical, but remember that I'm only half Vulcan.
One of the things that gets to me in the Apple vs Android comments, is when people say Android is more complex to use than iOS.... I just don't see it. My Wife is not a techie at all, she was given an iPod Touch and liked it but stopped using it completely once she upgraded her phone to a Samsung Infuse. She has no trouble operating the phone, installing Apps and even figured out how to customize the look once I showed her GoLauncher EX. Android isn't more complicated to use unless you choose to get into ROMs etc which is a choice, something iOS doesn't give you.
+Michael Fullerton Can't we all just get along?

No, probably not. When have you ever known religious zealots to get along with anyone?

+Glenn Dobson One of the things that gets to me in the Apple vs Android comments, is when people say Android is more complex to use than iOS.... I just don't see it.

That's because it isn't. My girlfriend is likewise not a technical person, but adapted to a nice Android handset in a matter of minutes. She was making calls, taking pictures, updating her address book, downloading a few games ... all with surprisingly few questions thrown in my direction. Granted, she's a pretty sharp cookie, but still.

The precise same effect can be seen in the Mac vs. Windows wars. For a long, long time (decades, in fact) the Macintosh was really the only choice for a computer user wanting a truly sophisticated, easy-to-use GUI. Be it noted that Mac users took high delight in pointing out that fact to anyone who would listen (and many who wouldn't and just wanted them to go away.)

Well, Windows has come a long way since then, and now the differences, for the bulk of users anyway ... are essentially non-existent. At least, they aren't significant enough for those people to drop their Windows 7 machines in favor of a Mac. Yes, the Mac is sleeker and more elegant in many ways, but that doesn't mean as much as it used to mean.

LIkewise, Android started out as the weak sister: no argument there, and I know this because I was an early adopter with the original G1. It worked, most of the time, but it wasn't exactly painless and it required some babysitting. But like Windows, Android has come a long way: unlike Windows, it has done so in a comparatively short time. It's also being continuously improved, by both Google and numerous active communities of Android modders (such as my personal favorite, Cyanogenmod.)

Generally, I find Android to be the more interesting of the two environments. Yes, that's just my perspective as an engineer, but you know what? The vaunted iPhone does "just work", it's true. But so does any halfway decent Android device.

I have noticed a tendency for Apple fans to compare low-end Android units to iPhones (which are, by definition, high-end.) That tells me that they're having to work to maintain their sense of innate superiority.
I might add that I would never have handed that old G1 to my girlfriend. She would have hated it. But it was sheer, unadulterated coolness to me.
Loaded the app, it asked me to upload my entire contact database, uninstalled the app. That was easy...
+Aaron Sherman That is precisely my attitude as well. Offering a free service in exchange for presenting some advertising is one thing ... requiring access to personal data is quite another. That crosses a line: it is surprising how many people cheerfully step right over it.

Thanks for the heads-up. I was tempted to try the Android version.
I noted with interest that iOS users had approximately twice as many sexual partners as Android users. I think that shows they are less discriminating. But then, so does using iOS.
+Kevin O'Brien I think that shows they are less discriminating. But then, so does using iOS.

Yes, although I am certain that the Apple faithful would reach the exact opposite conclusion.
Doe´snt matter the Os but the applications and the megapixel of the camera on smartphone to make with the Instagram the best photos
Only Apple user (or insane person) has too wait in line overnight in front of Apple store with thousands of dollars to hand over to a genius, as a necessity as part of the "Apple" experience. They aren't snobs, they're just really, really stupid people.
Wait, is the article blaming Apple and Instagram for the fact that people are idiots?
+Alok Meshram That raises an interesting question: does choosing Apple make you an idiot, or is it more like selection bias that gets idiots to choose Apple? The direction of causality is so unclear...
+Kevin O'Brien : I'll go with the Dilbert answer here: everybody is an idiot. Every day we do so many idiotic things, it's astounding. But truth be told, it's natural... a person cannot be an expert in everything. This is why the whole iPhone vs. Android debate makes no sense to me at all.

The Apple fans think that Android is "cheap, fragmented, unclassy", but they fail to realize that most people really don't care about how classy something is... they just want an affordable phone that works. Android makes that possible. It's simple capitalism: people get what they want. So what the Apple fan is saying that people shouldn't be given what they want. That's just stupid.

On the other hands, the Android fans don't seem to realize that Android is ahead in the race only because of the point I mentioned above: that it allows manufacturers to make cheap mediocre phones which allow them to segment the market and sell... this makes it difficult for app developers to support Android, and it's only getting worse. Whatever you say about Apple's "walled garden" approach, it makes things simpler for the consumers and the developers.
It's simple for me: Would I rather have an interface that someone else has decided is best for me (and in turn bland, boring, and impossible to customize), or an interface that I can adapt to my needs, preferences and aesthetic? No contest. I owned iPhones for two years, and still have a Touch somewhere. The most exciting recent developments in the iOS interface have been cribbed directly from Android. Blah. I'll stick with my Nexus.
Great article by +Dan Lyons. I'm a sucker for any well-written piece that includes the term, "smug dick-wads."
+David Thomas Yes, I got a chuckle from that too. Of course, the secret of the iPhone, and the reason it never had a replaceable battery, is this: it does not have a battery. It runs on smug.
And that explains why the smuggest among the iPhone-using population received the greatest "battery" life.
The other interesting aspect to Android that iOS fans often utterly fail to understand is that, to a much greater degree than their chosen mobile OS, Android is a general purpose computing platform.

For example, just try explaining to an iOS user that Android not only doesn't lock you into a single manufacturer defined GUI ... but that there a dozen or more of them from which to choose! They freeze for a while, vibrating quietly to themselves, generating a lot of waste heat, and then respond with a smug "sure but why would you want to do that?" and continue as if you hadn't said anything.

One can understand the difficulty this presents to the Apple faithful. Apple offers two things: elegant physical design and a polished (if limited and non-replaceable) user interface. Faced with the fact that Android gives the user the power to make his device over into what he wants (power which Apple dare not provide) and exists on devices that rival the iPhone in aesthetics, it appears that denial is the only recourse left to them.

In any event, Android betrays its Linux/Unix roots, where the operating system is there to serve the user, not a corporation, and the GUI is just another user-space app, not some glorified, cast-in-stone accessory to a quasi-religious cult. iOS is likewise founded upon Unix, but the freedoms traditionally afforded by that environment have been stripped away.
The way i see it, we let them ignorant fools remain in bliss, i actually tell people to go get an iPhone if they start along stupid questions and I don't intend to deal with them.
Currently my lists involve iPhone users who ask questions on how to do something, and the Android users who would probably doing whatever they need to
This is to all those Apple fans that state Android is so difficult to use. My 7 year old, though rather smart, figured out how to use it without any help. He was 6 at the time! He now uses my wife's original Droid via wifi and continually teaches my wife how to tweek her Galaxy Nexus on a daily basis. And she also learned without help though she isn't a techie either.
If I'm reading some of the comments correctly, there is a perception that Android devices are more complex and difficult to learn. If so wouldn't that make Android users smarter since they can figure out a more complex OS?
I have seen toddlers use the iPad to watch toy story.
Apple made for peoples with desire to spend money too much !! Android solution for few money !!! but itsn´t cheap just fair prize !!
+Kenneth Bell If so wouldn't that make Android users smarter since they can figure out a more complex OS?

Yes, but Apple fans will immediately claim that, because their device is easier to use, they are more sensible. And that's true: if you aren't all that bright, choosing a dumbed-down device is the sensible thing to do.
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