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Whew! Lots of info to digest about the new HTC One today. This giant FAQ should make it easy to get the answers you need.
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No Qi wireless charging at all? That's really helping the technology, eh? >=\
Milty C
Its got all bases covered. Great design, camera, audio, screen. My only concerns are the non replaceable battery and their poor update record. If in the next few months they make a zillion versions of this phone how can i trust them that it will be supported in 12 months. 
I'm mostly jealous of the dual front facing speakers. The rest of the phone looks good but it's those speakers that I wish my phone had.
It's about time someone put effort into design aesthetics.  I love my S3, but the plastic doesn't cut it...
Milty C
Yes but plastic phones tend be the the ones with replaceable  batteries. Until Android in general becomes less battery intensive, replaceable batteries are essential.
Love HTC, had 4 windows mobile version back in the days and this HTC One is lovely but i pick function over form all day. Why couldn't they squeeze a 3000mah battery if the decided to seal the case? This is why i prefer Samsung.
I don't trust them to keep the Android updates coming. 
My Q (for HTC) is:
Where is the software upgrade roadmap & commitment to keep the OS current/up to date.
You abandoned my HTC Flyer (3.2) & Sensation (4.0.3 - ICS ok but still not latest).
They lost my trust - writing this on my Nexus 4.
It's very tempting.

Get this or wait for xPhone?

What to do, what to do... 
Good lord, no one whining about 4 megapixels yet. This is amazing.
I can't wait to see some camera samples. Very pleased they have decided to quit this nonsense more-megapixels-is-better race. 
+Robert Caldecott Cannot agree with you more, I've been so sick of it for years. The last straw was Nokia's marketing department with the whole Pureview 41MP sensor BS.
+Esa Edvik I think most of us have experienced high MP Smartphone cameras and the lackluster images that come with them. I would happily trade a few MPs for better images.

Here's a question:
You are going to make a phone with a new, faster processor and a big pixel-dense screen, great!  However, with a 2300 mAh battery, it isn't going to provide a whole lot of actual use time.  Oh, you've made it non-replaceable too?  Bully for you!
I have to agree with +Beau Champion . I have a DNA and the battery life is very uneven. With light use I can get a 24 hour day out of it. Heavy use, checking emails, texting and emailing pics will drain it in less than 8 hours.  
Aluminum casing? That's bad for wireless signals!
+Steve Adams ha, I'm writing this from Android 4.2.2 on my Sensation, but that's no reason HTC shouldn't update more.
There was a time when HTC was IT!  And they are still a great company with great phones but, let's face it, the Samsung S3 (except for the dual core, which, in reality, is hardly missed) still has better specs, an upgradable battery, more features and it's almost a year older than the HTC One.  I loved my Evo 4G but my S3 is a phone I KNOW I can be happy with for a long time.  Dual speakers on a cell phone?  Who cares?  Until they find a way to pump out bass without using headphones all you get is a louder crappy sound. 
+JR Raphael ...  how about a comparison against the Xperia Z. That's a fair fight ain't it?
I wish that too. It's a pain on my DNA...
+andy mogilewski Instead of wishing for a removable battery buy yourself an external battery that will work with your current phone and your tablet and every phone you own for the next several years.  It is a much better use of your money. 
The camera is interesting... 
+Brian Barcus point taken but that's only if you have time to have your device charged. Carrying around an extra battery takes less than a minute to swap is very important when you're on the move. I have an extra battery for the Note 2 however this breast of a battery has gotten me more than 24hrs of use daily. I still carry the extra battery regardless :-)
+andy mogilewski I have a GNex and a Nexus 4.  I use the same external battery for both phones while those spare GNex batteries I bought a year ago are just wasting space in a drawer.  
+Rice Ryder It can be a little bit of a bother to have the phone cabled to the spare battery but if you get one that puts out 2.5amp it will drive whatever you are doing with your phone while fast charging the battery.  It is far less convenient to me to have to power off the phone to swap batteries than to plug in a cable without interrupting what I was doing. 
Does the micro SIM tray mean you can swap in your own SIM card?
+Kenneth Bell Yup. Of course, whether or not your SIM works is another can of worms (considering network compatibility, potential carrier locking, etc). 
Let us know if & when you find out. Thanks! :)
+Beau Champion I've never had any problems with batteries (I've always had flagship devices) so 2300 mAh is plenty. It's just another number like a gas tank capacity, you don't know how long it'll last unless you know what powers the device and what kinda power saving features it has (like VVT and cylinder shut-off systems in cars).
Galaxy Camera was a good example as it had loads of extra saver features (that SGS3 doesn't have) like when you turn off your screen, data connections are severed and a "deeper" power off function etc.
But then again, I've never had any storage issues either (no offline content excl. apps) as I stream everything since I have unlimited data.
I am reading my own thoughts from you guys. I have and love the 1X. Still waiting for jellybean (impatiently) and! Battery life is marginal to say the least. Can't make it thru a heavy day of use. Truth is, I'm tired of worrying about the battery and killing widgets just to get by. Updates and battery life are my biggest wants and HTC 1, as beautiful and enticing as it must definitely is, is not likely to get me to upgrade. 
The camera tech sounds good and the aluminium body gets my vote as well. I'm 50/50 Button reduction in favour of software buttons and the slight but clear iPhone 5 styling cues disappoint me.

HTC Sense seems less over the top which is good all that is needed is adverts. Big relentless TV adverts showing how this phone kicks ass and they will turn their fortune around. 
My Samsungs Galaxy Note has a replaceable battery. Ond year of usage and i don't even think about changing. So what? 
Looks like the iPhone 5 ;)
Just because it has a metal bezel on both sides of the display, it doesn't automatically become a iPhone clone! And those "design patents" that Apple holds are ridiculous to begin with. The more they take those to court, the higher the chances of those patents to be invalidated like a few other Apple "patents" that bit the dust recently.
I'm still going to wait out for the XZ. Can't wait to try out its ecosystem, which is purportedly UI (sugar coating) very thinly applied over Jelly Bean. Also, I love the design better over at Sony's.
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