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Psst. Some important things to remember before reading any CES coverage:
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At presentations such as LG's, can the press ask questions like "do you have any plans to ramp up production of the Nexus 4?" or is it a one-way street?
+Brian G. Fay One-way street, generally speaking. You can sometimes chat with reps at demos after these sorts of events, but even in those cases, the reps are rarely willing or able to answer questions that aren't directly related to the product(s) at hand.
Thanks, +JR Raphael I figured it s like that. Bummer. I'd love to see someone (anyone) pushed on this issue. 
+Brian G. Fay i'd also imagine it depends on what department the rep works for. i mean, just because a rep works for, say, LG, he may work for the A/V division and know absolutely nothing about about what's going on in the mobile phone division. at least that's how it was when i worked for Guitar Center years ago: a Yamaha pro audio rep generally had no idea what was going on with their guitars and basses, because they were two separate manufacturing divisions. 
i have to say that, while i kinda look at the big picture with CES to get an idea of what the industry is working on, i generally don't care all that much when it comes to specific stuff. and the amount of CES announcements clogging up my social and news feeds this year is getting really annoying. 
Thanks for info. I do have to agree that reps can have basically no knowledge of product.
Mosy places are like that went to a store spoke to three different sales reps and only one was able to answer anything.
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