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This Gene Munster guy is hilarious.

Every few months, he confidently announces that Apple is about to release its own TV:

• Early 2011:
• Or maybe sometime in 2012:
• Actually, make that "late" 2012:
• Just kidding -- I meant 2013:
• Ahem -- Q3 2013:
• Um, "late" 2013:
• Who said 2013? It's 2014:

...and yet, every time he puts out some new random prediction, we see a fresh wave of headlines proclaiming "APPLE TV IS COMING FOR REAL THIS TIME, ANALYST SAYS!!"

Maybe I should get on this bandwagon. You just take a product you know a company is at least broadly investigating and then say it's gonna come out in the near future, right? 

Let's see...Google is going to release a smartwatch sometime in 2013. You heard it here first, folks.

Man, I'm totally gonna look like a genius soon. GO ANALYSTS!

Note: This prediction will be updated and pushed back every three to six months while making it sound like I knew what was happening the entire time.
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Google Teleporter is coming out around beginning of 2014. Larry Page teleported right in my living room to tell me that :P.
Analyst says Google to release smartwatch in 2013! You heard it here folks! To the blogs!
I thought Google was making a console game system. Hmph.
Hilarious because it's true
It seems like there are a few people, who either own the stock or are being paid by apple, who tout this crap the loudest.
even a broken watch is right twice a day.
They've been preaching iTunes Radio for nearly four years now. So, I guess eventually…
Don't see what Apple is going to do with a TV anyway.
Personally I like my analysts just a little bit less fanboy.
Is it even legal for non-Apple TVs to exist? Didn't Apple patent the rectangle with curved corners?
+Tim Neumark As soon as apple releases a TV, all current TV manufacturers are going to have to find a new shape.
Not sure if Mr Munster is trolling or not. Lol. Anyway good find! Shows how much most "tech guru" know about real tech!
Every article on CNET that has "says analyst" in the title, and there are lots, I instantly scroll to the bottom and post:

"... says analyst."
Nothing to see here. Move along. 
Gene Munster is also the guy who writes pro-Apple articles on patent battles. Sadly, the media always quotes those articles. 
Shoot enough arrows eventually you'll hit something.
I call it the sawed off shotgun approach to reporting.  Eventually you'll hit the right target but you're gonna piss off a lot of people along the way.
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