This Gene Munster guy is hilarious.

Every few months, he confidently announces that Apple is about to release its own TV:

• Early 2011:
• Or maybe sometime in 2012:
• Actually, make that "late" 2012:
• Just kidding -- I meant 2013:
• Ahem -- Q3 2013:
• Um, "late" 2013:
• Who said 2013? It's 2014:

...and yet, every time he puts out some new random prediction, we see a fresh wave of headlines proclaiming "APPLE TV IS COMING FOR REAL THIS TIME, ANALYST SAYS!!"

Maybe I should get on this bandwagon. You just take a product you know a company is at least broadly investigating and then say it's gonna come out in the near future, right? 

Let's see...Google is going to release a smartwatch sometime in 2013. You heard it here first, folks.

Man, I'm totally gonna look like a genius soon. GO ANALYSTS!

Note: This prediction will be updated and pushed back every three to six months while making it sound like I knew what was happening the entire time.
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