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Wondering when that elusive wood-back Moto X is finally going to arrive?

Me, too. According to Reuters mobile reporter Sinead Carew, Moto has now gone on the record as saying the option will show up in the "coming weeks" -- after Thanksgiving but "in time for some holiday shopping."

Thinking one of those bad boys may end up being my next personal phone.

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THAT is classy as heck.

The wood alone would make me order one.
I just want a different back (not wood) for the Dev Ed.  White softtouch is a bad thing.
I think that will be my next phone. 
I got tired of waiting.. My black X with a blue back & silver accents arrived yesterday.
I might have to move to the US just so this can be my next phone!
I may have to have my initials on the back on one of those!
Pretty nice! I'll still stick to my Nexus 5 though. :-) I'm curious how much cannibalization will be when the Moto G comes out next week. It won't have the Moto Maker feature, but there's color options and $179 for 8GB /$199 for 16GB unlocked.
I'm also curious how much more the wood backing will cost.
I am getting tired of waiting for this to happen. +Motorola Mobility, if you make it soon enough it will be my next phone. Otherwise, I'm getting an LG G2.
Man, that wood back is pretty sick.... 
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