Back from a short break from the digital life -- no email, no tech news, and no social media for a full 12 days. I've been trying to do that sort of e-detox (d'e-tox?) whenever I take vacation time lately.

Much as I love technology -- it's my work, my hobby, and my passion -- I find that taking a few days to disconnect every now and then is good for the ol' noggin. Reminds me how "immersive" and "engaging" the real world can be without a device constantly competing for my attention and an electronic world blinking at the back of my mind. It also reminds me how much of a rarity full presence has become in our modern-day lives. 

I guess it's all about balance, right? If I were the resolution-making type, I'd resolve to get better at that in the coming year. 

Unfortunately, I've already resolved not to make any resolutions. (Wait a minute...) 

Happy New Year, everyone. 

[Cartoon via  +Rob Cottingham]
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