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Back from a short break from the digital life -- no email, no tech news, and no social media for a full 12 days. I've been trying to do that sort of e-detox (d'e-tox?) whenever I take vacation time lately.

Much as I love technology -- it's my work, my hobby, and my passion -- I find that taking a few days to disconnect every now and then is good for the ol' noggin. Reminds me how "immersive" and "engaging" the real world can be without a device constantly competing for my attention and an electronic world blinking at the back of my mind. It also reminds me how much of a rarity full presence has become in our modern-day lives. 

I guess it's all about balance, right? If I were the resolution-making type, I'd resolve to get better at that in the coming year. 

Unfortunately, I've already resolved not to make any resolutions. (Wait a minute...) 

Happy New Year, everyone. 

[Cartoon via  +Rob Cottingham]
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Well said!

Glad you enjoyed your vaca! :-) 
God for you. So how hard was it? Really!
Aww if no electric for days good time for vacation. Yes everyone needs to take a break . Ha! Ha! Ha! Great cartoon, Ha! Ha! Ha! but so true to our human nature.
+Bryan Ruby Most definitely!  You would not believe what I have done, technologically speaking, over the last 10 years from a camper while relaxing MY way just because I could.  
I can understand you, but my 'credo' is, electronic gadgets are part of my life. I want a digital cam to take pictures, my smartphone to send maybe a special moment in my holidays to my sister back home or maybe i want to quickly search for the opening hours of madame tussauds... i guess the most important part of those gadgets is, as long as they do not interfere too much and often in social life in your holidays. You don't want your partner or friends saying all the time "man, can you stop looking at that stupid phone once in a while..."...
+Ryan Day The first couple days were the worst. After that, surprisingly enough, the urge to check in on things more or less went away.
+fab mini Hey, whatever works -- to each his own.

I actually didn't avoid mobile tech completely during my downtime; I still used my phone for looking up pertinent info, taking occasional pictures, and so forth. I just tried to stay away from email, tech news, and social media to give my brain a break from the things that often seem to consume my days.
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