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Sometimes, you don't need a crystal ball to see into the future.
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Evan T
I agree with everything but the upgrade complaints. For some time smartphone tech and model differences have been leveling off. Up to 4.0 the main determinate was a phones specs (and compatibility with Google's mandates: The speed at which phones are being updated is getting really fast. For example SG3 and HOX were updated (in countries with agreeable carriers) as soon as 2 months after released ( I think the masses won't have much of a problem waiting a month or 2 an update, that is if carriers will get with the script. 
Forgot to mention this inevitable headline:  "HIDE YOUR CHILDREN, MALWARE ON ANDROID, WE ARE ALL DOOOOOOOMED!
+Evan T no it doesn't by a long stretch! This is a completely independent phenomena that deserves its own point. And I believe +JR Raphael would agree, I know this drives him nuts as much as it does me! Key difference: it is a deliberate and willful effect created by the 'researchers' (anti malware companies) the cynically relies on the stupidity and laziness of the targeted bloggers or IT journalist, and cleverly blurs the difference between genuine malware floating around the third party nether regions that NONE of their readers will ever even come across much less work out how to install. With their own arbitrarily deemed not-quite-malware dodge-ware, that has a couple of permissions that could potentially be misused, but nothing has ever been proven, but is on the Play store. Then they add these two numbers together, don't report them separately so the distinction is lost, and never mention that the key difference is Play. Its pernicious, dishonest snake oil sales technique. And 90% of the Android community believe at least to some extent there is an issue, when it simply isn't true. Grrr
Evan T
+Colin Jones  You have a point and I too have gone on numerous rants about these spammy "anit-virus" companies. But I took "Some random person says something that probably has little basis in reality. " To be a mention of Lookout, Avast and the like and the little basis in reality to be these ridiculous malware reports that seem to pop up every week or so (I suspect it's when installations of the apps slow down). 
Perhaps it was - in which case, JR it's time to update that point to make it more explicit!
Magical and revolutionary! Good article!
If the Motorola X materializes as the next Nexus phone I know what I'll be getting. 
Ah man, now my whole year is ruined....... Now there will be no surprises this year.
Hey JR, could you help me understand why manufacturers will come up with a phone and then, not make updates for it? This seems to be a favorite pass time of the motorola machine.
How is everyone missing the boat on Motorola? The entire company was bought (by Google) because it wasn't doing well. The new company can't keep all of the promises made by the old company because those promises would prevent the company from being run well. This new company is making prompt updates to the phones it has produced and is communicating very effectively about updates to previous phones. If you have a phone that won't receive the upgrade, you are quite possibly eligible for a voucher toward a new Motorola device. The RAZR HD phones and the M are all really good devices. 
@ +Beau Champion, i just got off of the moto live chat. They said that they are not going to update some of the phones. Even though my phone has the power to run the latest android updates, they said 'sorfy about your luck. You will have to purchase a new device.'
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