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The Xperia Z is an impressive-looking device, but I'm not convinced Sony has what it takes to make the phone matter.

Some detailed thoughts at the link below.
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What's Sony is missing to be the perfect manufacturer is software...

I have never seen such horrible and buggy software (battery life, slowness, bloatware, bugs) in such beautiful and great hardware.
In my opinion, Sony is the only company in the world that can actually wrestle Samsung and come out as winner, but they don't realize the big 2 assets they possess. Great Design and Huge Eco system. But alas what they do, focus on skinning Android and hence loosing their competitive edge. 
I think they should announce, Vanilla install phones and then unleash ONE SONY brand by innovating on Apps layer and their phone should just work in conjunction with their ECO System.
Carrier exclusivity is a dead end street.
One of my favorite phones was my Sony w810i.  Great build, a camera better than the one on the Nexus One.  If they could just get their crapware out of the way...
Instead of focusing on the phone, where it's becoming increasingly hard to stand out, as the differences in hardware matter less and less each year, Sony, or HTC for that matter, could focus on service. Not serviceS, but good old fashioned customer service.

There's an awful lot to be said about the service Apple backs up their products with being the MAIN (or even only :) ) reason to buy them. 
Sony's problem is simple: too many phones

Guess how many handsets they released in 2012? 15. So more than one a month. Ridiculous. How can they market and promote so many devices, let alone keep them all updated and supported? They can't. They need to take a leaf out of Samsung's book and release a handful (three perhaps) of world-class devices and promote them aggressively. What devices did Samsung release in 2012 that everyone knows about? The SIII and the Note. There you go.

Sony also has a massive entertainment arm - they have content - so why are they not marrying devices and content? And they also have two household brand names - Walkman and Cybershot.  They can use these brands to push their devices but they seem to be going about this in a half-arsed manner.  They should be kicking Samsung's backside.

And having used a Sony phone they do a pretty good job of adding a nice skin without completely rewriting Android like Samsung and HTC do.

So they could pull this off but I fear they will make the same mistakes and will release device after device after device in 2013 all of which will be also-rans.
Sony hardware is great, but I think the article outlines some of the key reasons Sony falls far behind Samsung in its share of the Android marketplace.

That said, I'd buy a Sony Nexus device in a heartbeat.
JoPa Mi
If they go skinless or at least easily removed skin I'll trade my sgs ii in for one. The ability to bring it into the shower, where I do the most thinking, would be awesome. 
+JoPa Mi I also do a lot of "thinking" in the shower where  waterproof access to certain Internet sites would be very useful. :D
The hardware looks fantastic, the software seems OK. The real problem will be marketing and the looming shadow of Samsung. It's really nice to see a waterproof phone that is not ugly
JoPa Mi
I think they would do really well if they had some simple gimmick. Like providing AOSP so updates would be as fast as a nexus, it would also get tech savvy people on board. 

For those who think tech savvy people arent enough of a market to sell a lot of devices (like the nexus was considered at one point) then think about all the people who ask you your advice before purchasing any type of technology. 

Get tech savvy people liking it, they will do reviews, talk to their friends about it, and everyone they know will also be a customer. Marketing to us geeks is the best way to sell tech, IMHO.
For me it's really clear what needs to happen to get market share.

Show your phones features that better the top phone/s at the time on as much media as possible. TV Ads, billboards, viral net video's and free newspapers. Make no mistake your phone has to live up to its claims and happy customers by word of mouth will sell your phones for you.
Next Simplify the line up (not unlike HTC claimed to do) to three phones a 4" a 4.5" and a 5". Give them all the same specifics from ram size to storage space. Then highlight the fact that you give people the choice to have a flagship phone in the size they prefer.

Watch everyone else copy your simplicity and count your cash!

Samsung made the S2 amazing and it still is a great phone today. The S3's success is mainly because of the S2 being a true contender to the iPhone at the time (if not better) plus their marketing tactics.
Even the court cases keep the name Samsung in the general mind share and prove to the world that Samsung plans to fight with Apple toe to toe.

Running stock would be great for geeks but the general public now know that buying a Samsung flagship phone is the next best thing or better than Apple where as the number of geeks out there are lost like tears in rain compared to the number and influence of the general consumers.

Can we see Sony doing what it takes? I doubt it but they are capable of grabbing the consumers attention especially through very, very beautiful TV Ads.

Sony Bravia Bouncy Balls Full HD 1080p 
+JR Raphael I believe the one issue that's been plaguing Sony and SE from the start is timeliness. Their first Android phone announcements were met with great enthusiasm, but then it took them over a year to produce the final product and its specs were out of date by the time the thing was released (Xperia 10 iirc). Probably due to the heavy skinning. Xperia S was the first Sony phone to be sort of on track with the competition.
About no. of phones: wasn't Samsung the one with the ridiculous amount of phones? And slowing down on new releases hasn't really helped HTC last year. 
This ones a no brainer, this device is as much an android game changer as it is an iPhone killer. I've been saying for years Sony is the only tech company that had the potential to directly take on apple and in the year since kaz hirai has been in charge and sony has ditched the ericson venture they have been toning up their portfolio. 
+Pieter Lamers Samsung definitely does make a ton of devices, but it focuses very closely on its core flagship products -- namely the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II -- and spends the vast majority of its energy developing and promoting those devices.

I do agree that Samsung goes a little overboard with its lineup -- and could probably serve its customers better if it were to scale things back a bit -- but regardless, it still manages to maintain a level of focus on its core products that Sony has yet to achieve.

(I actually wrote a column about the Samsung overload factor a while back, if you're interested:
Keeping phones on the latest version of droid or whatever they run is filtering down to those who don't care about tech. They know apple does it, they know it's best practice on their home computer but their Android computer phone is out of date. Keep the bloatware down that's what play is for.
Sony should use the Walkman and cyber shot brands to full effect.

Make a premium device with updates, with good after sales service.
The phone operators, retailers and customers should live the fact it's water proof think how claims will be reduced for spilling drinks on or dropping in the bathtub etc

Plenty of people with cash to burn or want a device which is quality aka Apple standard but want an android device.

Give them the BMW. Or lexus of the Android world the s3 is a nice device but doesn't feel or look that high quality, feels a bit flimsy and the o/s is out of date. It feels like a Ford or Toyota that has had a big engine put in it..

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