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So, apparently still exists as a 90s-style Web portal -- complete with news headlines powered by Netscape.

Who knew?!

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OMG, I'd forgotten about my Compuserve account! I think I had a trial one. My first Internet account was a VAX account in college in the early '90s. Good times. 
Suppose my old 10,000 digit user ID would still work?
Whoa! Blast from the past. Who needs a time machine when a piece of the 90s still exists online!!
I was an AOL man myself. 
Wow. Compuserve was my first Internet connection! Nostalgia!!
I can suddenly hear screeching and hissing sounds of my 14.4k modem.
I use to be able to tell how good a connection I was going to get by the sound the modem made while connecting.  Ah, the good ol' days.
Long handshake = bad.
Short handshake = bad.
Somewhere in the middle, the magic happened +Carlton Madden 
Do you think Google is really gonna to acquire T-mobile?  Makes sense, but have my doubts. 
Holy crap talk about a blast from the past!! :-) At 300 baud no less...
Is anyone still running it or is it just on autopilot now?
holy freshman year in high school, Batman!!

actually, i wasn't cool enough to have CompuServe... our house was using Prodigy at the time. and it was awful. 
Really? I thought it was a weird joke in Family Guy.
Woh, CompuServe, those Netscape days. But, indeed, some last century portals are still existing, and my accounts are still working! 
Compuserve, one of the best ISP's in the day.
wow, stuff you didn't think existed but does.

 hey +JR Raphael are you interested in doing a piece on stuff that looks like it exists but  actually does the Vaporware in Nexus devices?

What I am specifically referring to is this:

Settings/About Phone/System Updates/Check Now (button)

Obviously, thousands, if not millions of people know that this is vaporware. Hitting the Check Now button does nothing. 

Google has figured out how to deliver all sorts of other system updates in a very flawless way. I have a couple of Samsung Arm Chromebooks and the system update process for those is perfect. 

For the phones though (this button was Vaporware on the Nexus S just as much as it is on the Nexus 4) the process seems to be, well, it seems to be a mystery. Something beyond the capabilities of even the crowd at Project X. Which is a scary thought.

I am not, and I am guessing thousands if not millions of other people are not interested in adb sideloading or rooting or any of the other work around solutions to one might find spending hundreds of hours digging around in the developer forums to deal with the fact that the Check Now button is vaporware. 

I've put a couple of notes out there to +Hugo Barra and +Vic Gundotra expressing the same sort of idea. They seem like genuinely nice people and good listeners too so who knows. 

We know you want to change the world and we know you have significantly more clout than the rest of us 'users'. So please give it some consideration. 

If it looks like vaporware and it acts like vaporware, it must be vaporware and sooner or later it just needs to be identified as vaporware and either removed or made to work.

My vote is for made to work because other than this, the Nexus 4 is one really amazing piece of technology and something that I own because I want to have that always up to date, pure Google experience. And with the system updates, that is just not happening in a very amazing way. 
A little disappointed to see that tables and spacer gifs aren't being used for for the layout.
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