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From Google: Android 4.4.2 includes a patch for the recently discussed SMS denial-of-service vulnerability observed in Nexus devices. 
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Does anyone else have the glitch where hangouts displays phone numbers instead of contact names if you use it for SMS
+Zachary Kew-Denniss I haven't seen it do that for SMS. But Hangouts clearly does it for incoming phone calls on the computer and it is really annoying...
Would love it if hangouts would actually send and receive mms as claimed, yet to see success
I've got a problem where I have to switch to airplane mode and then out of it to get my Wi-Fi to connect to known connections. Anyone else have that problem?
Haven't even received 4.4.1 yet on my Nexus 5. Guess Google is skipping it and going straight to 4.4.2 ?

+George Fagan I have issues with my Wi-Fi connections too. At the office I regularly lose connection and have to make multiple attempts to reconnect.
+Zachary Kew-Denniss Yes. I've noticed that only happens when I save contacts via hangouts though. To fix it I'll erase the contact and save it via the dialer or I'll delete the conversation completely and start a new one in hangouts. Hope this helps!
+George Fagan you're not alone... my brother and a friend of ours have that issue with their gnex phones 
Has anyone out there also having problem with phone not ringing going to a Voicemail. I have the 32gb Nexus seems not getting answer through Google call provider got an OTA still having problem maybe you can save the day Thanks.
+Tim Bright I haven't witnessed any problems sending MMS messages. I've sent pictures both through Hangouts using contact email addresses (G+) and phone numbers.
Marc B
So Google will patch Galaxy Nexus also. OH NO ! Kit Kat will not be available for Galaxy Nexus; bravo Google ....
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