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Droid DNA camera quality

This is an image taken with the HTC Droid DNA, default settings and no adjustments.

For comparison, I took a similar image with the Nexus 4 a couple weeks ago: (As you can probably tell, it was much more overcast on the N4 photo day.)

My full DNA review should be finished and online soon. I think you'll be surprised by some of the things I've experienced with the phone; they're really the perfect example of why I like to rely on several days of real-world usage instead of benchmarks or lab tests when I evaluate a device.

[tease tease tease]
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It used to be better than the Nexus 4, but in fact, in my opinion it is not.
I like +Cedrik L's use of the word "better", because there's only one metric in comparing cameras, and that makes it easy to just line them up in rank of worst to best.
Just download it to Watch in full screen, that's damm amaizing !!
Thanks +Robert Anhalt .Most companys say "this and that" is better, so why am I forced to say that the sharpness on the Nexus 4 seems to be better, as example? ;) I just picked a quick glance at the picture and did no picture to picture comparison.

By saying better, I mean the overall quality.
Verizon is trying to tempt me..
Ok thinking I should buy the DNA haha.. and have it unlocked to Sprint.. since it has a SIM card slot too, I do not see why it would not work ?! Any objections...
+JR Raphael I read your review and i have had zero of the problems you have had. I am not an average user since I am a Network Admin and I have had more than my fair share of android phones on 4 lines over the past 3 years...including upgrading from the Gnex to the DNA. I do not believe you just bashed the phone for some unknown reason...what  I believe is HTC sent you a prototype device. Even in your review you mentioned they had to send a second unit because of a faulty headphone jack. What concerns me is that you have a pretty bad review out there on the DNA that no other users who actually bought the product are not experiencing and it is unfair, but that lies on HTC's shoulders for sending you an unfinished / buggy product.
+Jerry Mancini I wish this phone came out for Sprint.. I do not even know if Sprint is getting the HTC One X+ (branded EVO)
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