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Funny 404 pages

Some good stuff here from +Steven Vaughan-Nichols.

Another one to add to the list: the 404 pages at +Android Police. They're fantastic (and there are quite a few of them, too -- keep reloading to see 'em all):
So usually I'm writing seriously about operating systems, networking, open-source software, intellectual property law, etc, etc. but every now and again I come up with something like this. Enjoy! 

Got any particular favorites of your own you'd like to share? Drop me a note in the comments and share it with the rest of us.
Running into a Web 404 page is a lot like reaching into a bag of pop-corn and pulling out un-popped seeds: Upsetting and mildly annoying. There you ar
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Thanks for the plug, JR. The 404 count is going to top 200 count for the day if people keep sharing these.
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