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This is the glitch I noticed on the Sony Z Ultra Google Play Edition. Not good.

(Full hands-on impressions here:
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Who needs to access the security settings?...oh wait...yeah, that's bad
+Michael Panzer I've even tried factory resetting and going in with no apps and no Google sign-in. Seems to be a true system-level bug.
+JR Raphael how can this possibly go through testing? 😂
Well shit happens and will surely get fixed soon.
It's really, really secure - so secure, you can't mess with the security.
The s4 GPe had issues too.
On that Sony, can you access/read/write/delete files on the sd card, use an app like es file explorer?
On the s4 you can't.
I saw this on my Nexus 4 with 4.4.2 today too.
+JR Raphael I guess this may happen if the phone clock is not right (clock sync settings are off). Highly likely in new phones. For example google services don't work, crash with similar message, if clock is wrong as observed in two of the androids I have.
I have the same bug on my Experia dual 4.0
Diego D
Funny enough, trying to watch this video on my N5 made YouTube crash :) 
+JR Raphael I am having the same problem with my Z Ultra GPE. Also, it reboots every time I try to uninstall an app, which means I can't uninstall apps at all. I did a factory reset and both problems persist.. I love the phone, but this is pretty annoying for such an expensive device.
My Samsung G2 does this, but only when it has a Bluetooth connection.  For me, disabling Bluetooth temporarily lets me in to settings. 
When I select our corporate wireless on the Ultra Z GPE.  Boom same error :-(  Have tried resetting, wiping, etc.  FYI, a shared hotspot off of a iphone lets it get on wifi.  Anyways,  Back to my tiny Note 3 until they get it resolved.
Jim Lee
Sony Z Ultra GPE arrived today; I;m having both the security crashing trouble and Uninstall "rebooting"/crashing problem.  I guess I paid extra for all this? NEXUS/GPE is loosing its appeal if we have all these hassles.  What is the last day we have to return it for a full refund?
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