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Stop bringing common sense into this. We need something to complain about this weekend :)
+JR Raphael thanks for the common sense, one question do you think carriers like AT&T will still block access to NFC for stuff like Beam? I know they want to stop Wallet since they back ISIS but it would suck if their bloat and interference also stopped Beam.
Please oh please let Tmo get it soon! Never got Gingerbread on my original Vibrant and just upgraded to this phone last week. I don't know why I held back so long!
Nope. I had a G1 and got the Vibrant on launch day. Last update was FROYO. I have Honeycomb on my Tab 10.1 and Gingerbread on my SGII. Can't wait for ICS and Jelly Bean. =)
Does this include the skyrocket on at&t?
ive scrolled past this photo a couple times and it keeps making me hungry for a ice cream sandwich!
Extremely disheartening none the less for those of us Nexus S 4G owners. A non-Nexus phone (whether in the US or not) is getting this update prior us. Google launched the Nexus line swearing it would have access to direct, faster, and better updating than other Android phones. If they are not wanting to update this line due to issues say so. Do not go about business as if you are not neglecting a portion of your customer base.

It would suck to have a Nexus device without the updated version of the OS but if they were honest about the update status it would be bearable.
Story is now updated with some additional info -- Samsung's officially saying the whole thing was a mistake.
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