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Had one in my basket, ready to check out... Sadly, I'm not in the market for a new phone.
Eric S
I think I feel a sneeze coming.....
Not in the UK yet but hitting refresh
I suspect it'll last a while. It's been a long time since the release, and the feeding frenzy has probably passed as people have gotten tired of waiting and have moved on to something else.
+JR Raphael Still happy with it? I miss long term reviews of N4. Most are happy with their N4 in the beginning. But how about after a month? Two months?
Up here in Canada.
+Jonas Bodenäs I'm very happy with it -- no less impressed than I was after my first few weeks using the device (back when I reviewed it).
I concur with my fellow Canadians - nothing's available up here.
+JR Raphael Thanks for your opinion. I like your articles, they're balanced and have good tips about Android. :-)
Awesome - thanks for the heads up. Finally ordered.
could someone order for me? its not avail on my place! :(
says ships soon. if too many orders come in it will probably switch to ships in 8-12 weeks :p
Just ordered one (in Canada) for myself and my wife!

Gonna be a loooong 2 weeks!
Thanks for the heads up!  Hopefully this batch will ship soon.
Still says 1-2 weeks in Germany for both models. Maybe they finally managed to ramp up the production to correspond demand. Or maybe people lost interest and bought something else..
Want one but stuck with 9 more months of Verizon contract! 
Ordered mine in USA... now all I need to do is to figure out a way to bring it to India..
JoPa Mi
Would buy except no expansion slot.

Ordered 8gb. Shall be able to avoid paying 7% SGD GST. :p
Not in the UK, been out of stock since the day it launched....
but you can get them at a massive mark-up from mobile phone companies operators ... thanks for that Google!
+JR Raphael I managed to sneak in my order. I feel like a kid at Chrismas.  Also, sorry for tagging you in my announcement that it was available for ordering; I hadn't seen your post yet and wanted to be certain you knew. :)
+JR Raphael Have any idea on when Australia could be getting a restock? Of course google didn't make it avaliable to aus again for the second time.
Oh well, ill have to keep waiting. Thanks anyway
+David Masterson: Not quite true.  The N4 was also on sale once in the UK early December, I got two at that point (for use, not to resell).  Delivery estimates reached ~8 weeks before it went back to Sold Out.  Interestingly as of today it is suddenly listed as Temporarily Out Of Stock instead of Sold Out.  A sign that it will be on sale again soon?  Maybe.
+Pravin Kittappa Using an unlocked GSM phone in India is a piece of cake.  Are you worried about importing it or using it?
Trev H
Got mine in Canada at around 2pm EST 
+Mike Hadmack :-) .. Is regarding the importing bit.. delivery needs to coincide with somebody returning from there..
When I can't spend hopfefuly they stock
just saw your post and quickly checked because i need one, now its 'temporarily out of stock'. Blast!!! i was this close.
I want to buy one, But I don't friends in US to send to INDIA :(
Nexus....kreenn abiss...
Well, it lasted 9 minutes today in Spain... I think that gives a total of 49 minutes of stock in Spain since November, 13. Very sad, +Google ...
Now available in Australia. 2 - 3 week shipping time (hopefully). My order is away...
Haha! No need, I pick up mine from the last batch! I only had to wait 8 weeks for it to finally ship.... And still waiting on the bumper....
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