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Google just launched a Chrome Beta channel for Android phones and tablets

Get it while it's hot.

(More info here: ...and here:
Welcome to Chrome Beta for Android!- Preview the latest features: Try out t...
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Eric O
Thanks for the tip.
Does Chrome Beta for Android now support syncing passwords with desktop Chrome?  Or am I going to have to re-enter all the passwords, again into the new app's local password storage?
Anyone else having trouble getting it to sync to their Google account? It won't accept my password 
Al Navas
Neither +Samsung USA nor +AT&T update the OS my Infuse 4G, so I cannot use this. But I would love to have it!

Samsung and AT&T, you need to revise your OS update policy, as people will move away from your products, including me. Yup!
+James Brackett Worked fine for me. What device are you using? The release notes mentioned some known performance issues for this build with the Galaxy Nexus, Nexus S, and "devices with specific versions of Qualcomm GPU driver."
HTC One X. I'm going to restart the phone and try again. I'll check it out for my Nexus 10 as well. 
I installed it but keeps crashing after opening the app.  Im running CM10 on my galaxy S2
I use 2-step verification but neither my usual password or an account specific one work for syncing. Very odd.
+James Brackett Sorry, did you mean Application Specific? You can make on in your account settings.

EDIT: You just use your normal account password, btw.
I made an application specific password but that didn't work either. Don't really know what's going on as no one else has mentioned this, seems weird that it's happening on both devices. 
Too bad for me, "This app is incompatible with all of your devices."
I wonder if it will support drop down menus.
+Petko Delchev There's just the "Official Version" (which use to be beta) and now the "Beta Version" which allows people to test out new untested features.
Kyle F
Yeah +Robert Jones. However the stable version also zooms with double tap? Or do you mean double tapping like in Maps? 
Awesome!! Running it on my nexus 7 and sgs3! sgs3 is rooted and over clocked and runs FAST!
Best browser yet.
Great news ! I've been finding Chrome pretty crash prone and laggy on both my tablet (dated) and phone (capable). So much so that I've actually been using Firefox on Android quite a lot - it's faster and more stable in my hands. Hopefully this will allow the Chrome team to be more conservative with the stable release and test better before 'proper' release. I'm going to try the beta, see if it's better ...
Running CM10 on my Galaxy S3, instantly crashes upon opening. So sad :(
chrome for android crashed on me repeatedly. bye, bye.
Using Opera now and very impressed with it.
I'm liking Firefox for Android. You have to install the "Phoney" extension so you can set the user agent to your liking. I have mine set to "Android Phone" so I can get the newest mobile sites from Google.
I knew I, just Knew it. My phones not compatible. I guess I'll have to wait until I replace it.
Now installed on my Optimus G and Nexus 10. Thanks Googs.
That's weird... I've had Chrome on my phone for ages!
If you can create a setting to make it open each new hyperlink in a new browser tab like the original android browser I will be happy.  This and the "other" chrome for android seem to keep replacing the currently open tab with each new link you click on.  Frustrating when I am reading a blog post and want to open multiple links from the blog to read later in my reading session, but it only lets me open one link at a time.  Unless someone can point out what I am missing or doing wrong here?. 
How is this different from the browser already used on Android?
I know that 4.0+ is awesome, but since over 47% of Android still runs 2.x and only ~11% runs 4.0+, I really wish Google would launch Chrome universally.  I made the mistake of not buying a Nexus device and now I'm at the sh**ty mercy of Samsung waiting for them to update my device.
Is there a list of features that beta supports? Have installed on Nexus4, Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 working fine on all
I am looking for the Alpha channel.
Woo sa
+Carlos robles have you actually used Chrome? do you even know what makes it so different from other browers? users and their infinite probably prefer safari.  
So far so good on N10. Haven't experienced any lockups so far. 
It crashed right out of the box for me... 
crashed my nexus 10 immediately 
This is the 4th version I have used, and like the other 3, it does not work. This one stays open for 5 or 6 seconds, then closes without warning. 
+Daniel Ransome , both are great devices. Nexus receives updates straight from Google while non-nexus have wait for the manufacturers to push out the updates. I rooted because Samsung is too slow for updates in my region, best move I have done so far. You are able to fully customize your devices to your needs.
Does not work on my gs2 Hercules cm10.
Jay s
Well see how well it works. I'm not doubting Google though they usually come thru in the clutch
I cannot download this ..I don't know what happened to my Google play

Why did you guys take away the PPAI for Linux?
Ryan Ng
"Get it while it's hot." It's not a condiment, but okay, I'll get it.
I don't know why I want it but when Google sends out anything in beta I am inclined to grab it asap!
A lot of phones aren't being supported according to this thread. But my ATRIX HD is. I feel so close to being a nexus...
Works better than Chrome. I don't know how or why, I just like this shit. 
Installed it. Seems to run a little snappier than the stable version. Might use it over Firefox now.
+Paul McDonagh - I am stuck at Froyo, 2.2, while this Chrome version requires at least 4, or ICS.

That is why I believe I will be moving away from +Samsung USA and from +AT&T in a few weeks. They have refused to update the OS on my Infuse 4G. I must have upset someone with my calls and persistence.
Ok sorry, last comment, but this beta is so snappy and smooth. I love it!
+Davante Wilson - I tried to root using once of the +CyanogenMod versions, but could not make it work under WinXP Pro.

I now have Win 7, so will have to set aside the time to do it.
+Al Navas please don't let one horrible phone make you move away from an entire carrier and company. The infuse has an update to be on android 2.3 but in all reality the infuse couldn't run 4.0 even if Samsung had interest in doing so. I had an infuse at one point. I simply kept att and got a different phone. If you are still under contract might I consider just finding an unlocked phone on places like amazon, eBay, or other such outlets. Att isn't all that bad and the Samsung GALAXY S3 is last years best phone really. I don't understand why people do this but don't let updates get to you. If your phone can still make calls and function then there is no reason people should whine and excommunicate carriers and OEMs just because there device has been dropped before its two year update lifetime. Like I said before ICS is vastly different from previous android versions. The infuse with such a small amount of ram could not have run ICS well.
Works good on note2. I don't see anything different about it yet. 
Hey folks.. plz suggest me wether to use it on my samsung s3 or not.. I even had some negative responses in concerned wit this phone..
Fast, fast, and fast. Renders pages quite well. This makes me smile.
This app is damn lag. What new in this beta. I only the app is running slow. 
Crashes on my evo lte running cm10 every time I open it
Wow! Is it me or is this thing noticeably faster than regular Chrome for Android?
I don't see any difference 
Report in found is lag on my nexus
I had chrome for a while what is the difference from that one and this beta? 
Not fair that it doesn't work on my Galaxy S Vibrant...
W Tai
Thanks and Installed on my S3.. Working well..
It have some issue with android CM10.1 when open to search chrome will FC when you typing
Works fine on my GS3 using CM10.1 ROM.
the difference between the alpha & beta is that the beta actually least on the One X...I had chrome when I 1st got this phone in June/July & after that stupid update it kept crashing when I opened tabs so I switched to Dolphin but I'm glad this beta works because apparently whoever was updating chrome alpha wasn't fixin the bug...glad 2 be back with chrome
i already have chrome on android for some time, so what's this?;)
a little buggy on my HTC Amaze but love to sync favs between my computers, phone and tablet. It will get better over time... Google always does.
Johny J
Google is always very use of every person
How is this any different than the chrome browser I already had on my phone?
What's the new thing in this chrome?
Does it run flash better than Firefox or dolphin?
I have the Samsung Galaxy Note II with Jellybean OS
Sunny e
No issues till now. On neXus4.
Johny J
I installed but not supporting in fully its having some internal problems..
sorry i got some stupid questions. what's the diff. between this and the chrome for android?
Seems as awesome as normal chrome for me. I get no bugs, its just faster :p HTC one x 
Zoran M
Will give it a wizz on my RAZR HD
Works great but no diff from the other chrome that I can tell
Zoran M
So far so good on RAZR HD, no difference to normal Chrome? 
All synced now. For some reason it wanted my old Google password. I changed to a new one earlier in the week. 
The beta is noticably faster on heavy websites like the Verge. Less stutter and smoother zooming/scrolling.
Beta? Havent i been using that for like a good 6 months already
+Rob Kaspar You've been using the current version of Chrome for Android. This app is for users to test new features before they are released to the general version. It won't be a stable product as they will use to iron out bugs that arise.
So far the beta seems far more stable than whatever version I had when I got the phone.
it will not even open so I uninstalled it
Too bad half of all Android users (those with Gingerbread and below) can't use it. Reminds me of Microsoft making IE9 incompatible with Windows XP.
Pls try to make it faster than the dolphin browser.

Works great on my Samsung galaxy s2 running cm10 nightly :D
Runs great on my RAZR with leaked JB
New features seem to be syncing up perfect on note 2
Doing well on galaxy s III~~~:)
ie9 incompatible with xp?? are u sure about that one
Cm10.1 S3 working, but I'm still using stock cos I can :P
I can't figure out how to submit feedback for Chrome beta. Anyone else having user agent issues? I'm getting a lot of desktop versions of sites instead of mobile. Also opening stuff in Chrome Beta seems to open in a background tab. 
verizon galaxy s3 running cyanogenmod 10-20121214-nightly-d2vzw, chrome for beta force closes half a second after start up, reboots and re installation does not fix the problem.
Play shows my samsung GT-S7500 is not compatible?????
Dolphin browser works just fine for me now.
Works perfectly fine without crash on my Nexus 7..
Does it still suck battery? Does it reflow text on zoom? Stock on i747 reflow upon first load but not on zoom.
I like it, so far faster than dolphin. Note2
Will not run on optimus G. Crashes after a few seconds.
The official release of chrome works great on my optimus G. Panning around pages, pinch to zoom and loading pages is all fast. Runs better than stock android browser in some aspects on this phone.strange.
This could be a problem with android 4.0. I upgraded my phone to cyanogenmod 10.1 and the browser is fine
Issues with Qualcomm drivers, eh? Might be why the official version goes all wonky on my Evo 3D. If that's the case, I'll take a pass on the beta.
+Woo sa What the hell do you know about what I prefer? Yes I have used chrome, it came stock on my nexus 7 and yes it fucking sucks. Its slow and lags like crazy. Also I do know that it syncs all my info across my devices, so yeah I get it. Zips...I tell ya. Smh. 
Been using it since last night and its rendering faster for me so far on my nexus 4
Rooted #note2 and it is nice. No problem so far. I am synced up with my desktop and see my bookmarks. Thanks for the hook up. 
Yeah so its still a laggy turd on my EVO LTE. 
+Jessica Parker Okay, I still don't care how or why Beta works better on my HTC One X, but I'm curious as to why they don't just do whatever they did to make beta not crash every time I open a new tab to Alpha? Not a rhetorical question, somebody enlighten me! 
Works great on my Asus Transformer. Plays everything I click on.
I just pd. 400,00 for this damn phone. I have informedt mobil from day one. this phone is junk. Sry but im yellin u i have had it 2mo.s an i cant stand it. been with t mobil 9yts. an faithfully. but im not gonna lie or b taken advantahe of
What's so beta about it I don't see any new features.. 
This is the worst phone out of 91/2 yrs. It shut down on me drops my calls an they also shuts off the up date all 
+murugesan kandavelan Google play can't and won't help you with your issue. However, I will say that you are not missing out on anything...this browser is pretty lousy. 
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