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This just in from Motorola: Custom engraving won't be available on the Moto X at launch. During beta testing, the company determined the quality of the printing wasn't meeting its standards and decided to pull the plug on it for now. 

Spokesperson tells me they hope to work out the kinks and start offering the option to consumers soon.
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Fine by me. I'd rather them do it right the first time!
Shocking. 1 week or so before launch?
+JR Raphael, has any more news on the developer edition of the Moto X made its way into the spotlight? I only ask because, as an unlimited data customer on Verizon, I'd rather buy a version of the device that's designed to be unlocked
That's hilarious. So one of the prime differentiating features of X is dead.
This is good but also very risky beta has the role to appeal how attractive is for the consumers,pull out from the market missing clients!!
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