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I think this is what we call iRony.
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Matias Duarte >> John Ive
+1 If you agree.
That old saying "he took his secrets to the grave" were never as true as they have been since Jobs died and Cook failed to follow in his footsteps. 
Wonderful! Seriously, I can't believe the near-universal praise that monstrosity is receiving. How hideous!
Lol to funny. Apple will never catch up with android.
To me that seams like an insult to him. His design has style... And Ive looks overrated after yesterday...
Thank goodness people convinced me to switch to Android couple years ago. 
Was it me or were most of the 'new' apple innovations introduced yesterday cribbed from Android? 
The colors look good on Matias, but not on the iPhone.
+Rob Watkins
I think it's questionable on the shirt as well!
It looks like a rainbow had dysentery!
that's why you don't eat a bunch of Skittles and then go on a rollercoaster.
I hate ios7 so much I'm leaving the walled garden I've been in for the last three years and going back to android!!
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