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Nothin' like some good chop-busting to start the day.

Preach on, Brother Phil.

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Its crazy that people do this just to get some traffic on their site........ 
Side note on the N4: I had to send my Nexus 4 back even though it was the best phone I had ever owned.  Then I got the Note II on EE's 4G (what an amazing network - really showed me how different it was from Three's H+ especially indoors), as I was offered 4G at a brilliant price point.  The Note II is the second best phone I have owned, but with battery life and screen real estate/vivid representation that's hard to beat.  Both great phones.
The blog article on phandroid by Chris Chavez is a joke. But far worse he is continuing to defend it in the contents section when it's clearly indefencible. Particularly against Michael McCrary's rebuttal. He just looks like a complete hack. His "sources" were self referential, circular and self contradicting. We need much LESS of this kind of commentary, just for the sake of commentary (or clicks!) ... It's undoubtedly the source of nonsense hype stories such as the malware "problem", click bait, poor journalism, don't care, it materially reduces the quality of the Android environment and must be called out as such whenever it is detected.
Phandroid are a bunch of idiots. I hate that kid lol
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