And the award for most hype-filled, content-empty "news" of the month goes to....

Congratulations, BGR! You've won the coveted honor for your recent story entitled "MOTOROLA X PHONE WILL REPORTEDLY INCLUDE REVOLUTIONARY NEW FEATURES."

Hollow headline aside, the story goes on to share a number of impressively vague and meaningless statements, such as the fact that Motorola's next phone will be designed to "put pressure on Samsung and Apple" and may even offer "software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone."


Seriously -- swap out the names and that could just as easily be about any flagship phone from any manufacturer. In fact, flip-flop the companies and the whole thing sounds like something straight out of Apple PR. 

Come on, people: Can we at least limit our random speculation to, you know, stuff that actually says something?
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