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And the award for most hype-filled, content-empty "news" of the month goes to....

Congratulations, BGR! You've won the coveted honor for your recent story entitled "MOTOROLA X PHONE WILL REPORTEDLY INCLUDE REVOLUTIONARY NEW FEATURES."

Hollow headline aside, the story goes on to share a number of impressively vague and meaningless statements, such as the fact that Motorola's next phone will be designed to "put pressure on Samsung and Apple" and may even offer "software features and capabilities that are not available on a Samsung Galaxy smartphone or Apple iPhone."


Seriously -- swap out the names and that could just as easily be about any flagship phone from any manufacturer. In fact, flip-flop the companies and the whole thing sounds like something straight out of Apple PR. 

Come on, people: Can we at least limit our random speculation to, you know, stuff that actually says something?
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It's the state of tech "journalism" right now. Get the headline out, worry about the content later. How many "reviews" end up being just a  regurgitation of the specs on the side of the box? 
I want a list of all the Android sites who've predicted anything before Google I/O in a chart that contains what they predicted and what was accurate compared to what was not. Then give us a percentage of the correctness back to 2006. The winner is the only site I will trust from now on.

Any takers?
If the majority of a site's stories are just speculation, I remove them from my feeds.  Currently I am only following the +Android Central  crew and +JR Raphael.  Everyone else seems to only be interested in the amount of pageviews they receive per day.
Well said. I am totally sick of this. The general level of tech reporting seems to be going down the toilet fast. This is what you get when people are paid by page views.
+JR Raphael most blog does this. The M7 thing is annoying. Why not wait till the phone is unveiled
+Daniel Cook Yup. And the fact that the site is rehashing someone else's non-news into sensational clickbait only makes it worse.
I'd prefer ignoring all speculation.  What's the point unless you're 6 years old wondering what Santa might bring?  Hardly journalism when the "news" is about something that hasn't happened, no matter who says it.  As for tech journalism going down hill that's a very old story ever since computers and blinky toys had transistors you could see and count on your fingers.
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I don't know.. They say it's from a trusted source, but this stuff is just too out there for me to believe.
Next article: "10 reasons why the Motorola X phone is better than the iPhone."
I hear it will have a higher pixel density screen and slightly faster quad-core processor than what is out now. Oh, and it will perform better in benchmark tests than the competition.
software that have never existed before ...what lol...wouldnt that be key lime pie
It's an ad in news clothing. There's a lot of that these days.
This is why I work for +Android Dissected. No news, just stuff to make your devices better, and getting to know the devs that make the stuff. I agree with you 100% +JR Raphael .
I unfollowed BGR a long time ago. I dropped them when they said Apple is innovative. Lol!
Breaking news: some company is developing something new to compete with other companies in its sector.
Eric S
I deleted BGR from my RSS feed ages ago. 
You've got a point +JR Raphael but they've actually done what they wanted...produce some sort of media people talk about. Be it good or bad content..
Blackberry's announcement is the exact polar opposite of what a Jobs-driven event would have accomplised.
Yeah, BGR has lost touch with reality some time ago - lately I mostly experience frustration when reading BGR, I guess I should just stop torturing myself...
BGR has always been a useless source of news. They throw a ton of vague stuff on the wall and hope it sticks. Rarely do they get ANYTHING right though.
Kenji S
Breaking news!!! Something today happened with the economy! Analysts say it could be good!! Or bad!! We're going with bad because it sells
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The thing is there's a lot of android fans who want to crush all competition so they are willing to believe that this phone will be "A Game Changer". Blogs splash headlines like this and the community losses it's mind in an instant.

What I would like to see is what the average user/android fan would actually deem to be "A Game Changing" phone.

I actually think this would be worth doing. Let's say you gone everyone a week to think up their "GC" phone as well as your good self +JR Raphael and we'll see how far away these hopes and dreams are away from what we actually expect to be the staple 2013 android phone.

I love my GS3 but at no point do I consider it to be a game changing device 
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