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The new Yahoo Weather app for Android sure is pretty, but man -- those guys might want to consider acquiring a proofreader.

(They also might want to consider learning about Android design guidelines -- hello, legacy menu icon -- but that's a whole other can o' worms.)
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The Yahoo! Weather developers sure are San Fans.
How on Earth did that get approval for release?
Especially ironic (though not surprising) considering Yahoo! honcho Marissa Mayer was one of the first Google staff members (employee #20) and oversaw engineering and product management/design during her 13 years at the Big G. Guess her vast knowledge hasn't trickled down from her ivory tower yet.
That pic showed up a whole lot better on G+ than it did the official twitter app. 
Looks pretty, but I think 1weather gives more information and is just as beautiful
+JR Raphael I concede. Because Yahoo was able to discover not only the mythical city of San Fancisco  but it's weather makes it a much better application. I stand corrected.
I think I drove through San Fansisco on my way home from Pennsylvania yesterday. 
To say nothing of the fact that the app is called "Weather" and the widgets are called "Yahoo! Weather"...
It took me about 30 seconds to get what was wrong with the spelling. True that human brain is not very good at error detection. It keeps doing error corrections in subconscious so you can recognize patterns better.
I take it the forecast is windy for San Fancisco 
It's really a nice widget but I wish they'd add some transparency.
R you kidding? What kind of company R they Running oveR theRe?
+John O'Connor hehe your comment is funny as San Francisco is actually Spanish. As most of the city names in California :) 
No mistake. Over at Yahoo! we don't pronounce our r's
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