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Chrome for Android gets a big upgrade

A new version of Google's Chrome for Android just hit the Play Store. Lots of new features, including the ability to request the desktop version of a site (score!).

Here's the full changelog:

* You can now request the desktop version of a website, in case you would rather not view the mobile version.

* You can now add bookmarks as shortcuts on your home screen, so you can get to your favorite sites faster.

* Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome.

* Have a proxy setup for Wi-Fi access? You can now use Chrome with the system proxy configured in Android settings.

* Allow for download of files to the device

* Complex Text Layout (CTL) and Right to Left (RTL) text support in rendered pages

* Enable old-style YouTube embed content to be played via native YouTube app

* Support for country-specific suggested search engines.

Google Play link below.
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Great! Now I'm just missing one thing: Handle webpages/browser tabs as opened apps and show them in the same place as all other opened screens (like the browser cards on WebOS)
+Dan Dubinsky +Saidul Chowdhury It still requires Android 4.0, unfortunately (due to the hardware acceleration introduced in ICS but not present in earlier Android versions).
The new version seems slightly faster than the previous one with nice additional features. I may try this one again in place of ICS Browser+, which is better than the stock browser already. :)
My mistake... you can get to chrome://history/ but I don't see anything on the menus.
I just found out I got this....was browsing around and needed desktop version.....mindlessly requested it (so used to using it on ICS browser) took me about 10 seconds to realise what I just done......nice surprise.
Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome

If you build websites, you may want to take note of a change in the User-Agent specification for Chrome for Android

I'm wondering if these two issues are related. Not all links are giving the option of opening an app, like Wikipedia.
+Tyson Quick Most likely they won't, Google is holding its best cards close (such as Nav, and now Chrome) in order to get people to switch.
Tried downloading it for my Evo View and was told its not compatible. I was a bit sad till I read that this does not support flash. Who cares for chrome on a phone if it doesn't support flash
+Tyson Quick But Apple don't allow apps that duplicate their core apps' functionality on iOS if I'm not mistaken. Opera got through because of it's unique design. Are there any other browsers available for iOS?
+Tyson Quick Not entirely true, it's been years and they still haven't released Maps Navigation on iOS. It also makes plenty of business sense to hold key features close to draw attention to your platform.
* Choose your favorite apps to handle links opened in Chrome. This was the reason I uninstalled the last version. I'll be back tonight!
Just upgraded Chrome on my Prime so I could test viewing the desktop version of G+ but no luck. As before it auto- switches back to mobile version. Frustrating!!
Didn't see that you could request the desktop version of a site! That will be really nice to have...
Hi JR, do you think Chrome for Android will ever support Flash? I tend to use Chrome for some of my favorite Sites but, find myself reverting to my Dolphin Browser for optimum Web viewing (you know?).
+Dino Rodriguez - I think that is really more up to Adobe who has stated that they are dropping support for mobile platforms.
Adobe's decision to stop developing its mobile platform isn't too smart of a move (for now), in my opinion. More than just a few of the Sites I visit are still running Flash. Oh well, I still love what Google is doing for their Chrome Browser for Android, anyway.
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