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I write about Android, Chrome OS, and other titillating technology. You may have seen me in such places as PCWorld, Computerworld, and SeaWorld (hey, that Shamu is all right). I'm the guy behind Android Power and eSarcasm, voted 0.2 times as the best geek-humor website in the world. I also make one hell of a turkey sandwich.

In my spare time, I enjoy flossing, staring blankly, and writing about flossing and staring blankly.

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JR Raphael

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So, yeah -- this is why it's tough to recommend buying a Wear watch right now.
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This is a great review, I'm convinced more and more about the 360 being the watch to get.
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JR Raphael

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Nine burning questions. Nine detailed answers. 

Let's do this:
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+Ian Huey Have you gone watch shopping recently? This tech is relatively cheap. And so are smart phones for what they do.
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I started using 1Weather again recently because of its Android Wear integration, and I've gotta say: This app has really come a long way over the last couple of years.

Clean and simple UI and some great widget options, too -- including one with interactive tabs that allow you to switch between different forecast views right on your home screen. And the app and widgets all use "live" weather graphics as their backgrounds, so they rotate throughout the day to match the current conditions around you.

It's well worth checking out if you haven't already, or revisiting if you haven't used it in a while. 

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Some interesting Android Wear-related developments tonight:

(1) The Android Wear phone app got an update and became available publicly in the Play Store.

(2) At least a few third-party apps got updates that added new Wear-specific components (Delta, Trello, IFTTT...).

(3) The "Apps for Android Wear" page on the Play Store (which you can access from the official Wear app) was changed. It still doesn't have much of anything on it yet, but it no longer says "Coming Soon - 7/7" like it did up til now.


UPDATE: Sure enough, it was no coincidence: 
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There's a difference between geek and dork. I admit I'm an Android geek. But these watches and Google Glass is in the dork category. Just like when calculator watches when they were around.
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JR Raphael

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Samsung Gear Live + $10 Wal-Mart band = massive improvement

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+Julie Wills Fairly geeky, though only moderately so in the realm of tech. But it was specifically the size and style of these devices (LG and Samsung) that turned her off. 
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Android Wear observation: People look at you funny when you talk into your watch in an airport. 
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+Jose Torres Check out the header image on this link.  It's not smart devices making us impersonal...
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Have him in circles
916,837 people

JR Raphael

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My in-depth Android Wear review

What's Wear actually like to use in the real world -- and does it add enough value to your life to make it worth owning?

Those are the big questions I set out to answer while living with Wear for the past two weeks. I ended up reaching some pretty different conclusions than what I would have predicted after my first few days with the devices -- and that's precisely why I didn't want to rush this out.

My review is in two separate parts:

Part 1: The Android Wear experience

Part 2: LG G Watch vs. Samsung Gear Live

Happy reading!
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Sean G
+Pawel Leszczynski think 150 for what it does is fair... esp with phones & 7" tablets around $200.

It's just a digital watch. No moving parts & does notifications as well. Nothing special.

People want it to be a magical Do it All. Think its a simple accessory. That should look & function as watch first. Notifications are a bonus...
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JR Raphael

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Check it out, you guys -- I have a calculator watch!

Ah, nostalgia.
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Shame LG couldn't manage the super thin bezels from the G2/G3 on the G Watch. It'd look a lot nicer, and could either be smaller or have a bigger viewable area.

I also wonder why some of the logic and battery couldn't be moved into the band. It's always seemed like a traditional metal band would have plenty of room for batteries in the links. 
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Thinking out loud: I bet +HTC would make an awesome Android Wear watch.
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+JR Raphael +Tim Glaraton I think it unlikely, as well, but all this talk about a $99 Asus AW watch resonated with the Nexus way of kickstarting markets.
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JR Raphael

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A quick programming note...

Just FYI, since people have been asking: I'm going to be waiting a bit to do any formal review of Android Wear or the first Wear watches.

We're dealing with a completely new platform and category of product here, and what I'm most interested in is figuring out how valuable it's actually going to be in day-to-day life. My impressions are still evolving each day as I use the watches in different circumstances and learn more about Wear's potential and limitations. Plain and simple, the conclusion I want to reach just isn't something I can rush out.

(No disrespect intended to the folks who have published reviews early. Different publications have different priorities, and quick-turnaround coverage certainly has its place. If we all did the same exact thing, the Internet would be pretty dull, don't you think?)

So rest assured that I'll continue sharing thoughts and observations along the way, as I have been since the start -- but don't expect to see any sort of in-depth review from me for a little while longer.
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JR Raphael

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Kinda funny that Samsung has added its own Stopwatch app onto the Gear Live when there's already a native Stopwatch function in Wear itself.

Hmm. Why does this feel familiar?
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Rightly said
Concept of gear itself is funny
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JR Raphael

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let's hope the next iteration of these watches which use LCD, the manufacturers would be smart enough to use transreflective-LCD panel instead.
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