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JR Raphael
I write about the human side of technology. I'm the executive word-chef of Android Intelligence. I am not -- I repeat, NOT -- an amphibian.
I write about the human side of technology. I'm the executive word-chef of Android Intelligence. I am not -- I repeat, NOT -- an amphibian.

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Gotta look beyond the surface -- and beyond the basic numbers.

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So Google Cast is officially becoming "Chromecast built-in" on third-party devices. Yet Chromecast itself is moving away from Chrome branding.

The Chromecast app, meanwhile, was rebranded as "Google Cast" in March and then rebranded (again) as "Google Home" in October.

Inconsistent, confusing, and impossible for the average consumer to understand. The hallmarks of Google branding and product positioning.

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Something to play around with over the long holiday weekend...

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Snapchat Spectacles: The dorkiness of Google Glass, now with Millennial Appeal™!

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Google's new AI game gets some....interesting results on live TV.

In her defense, drawing can be, erm, rather hard.

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Some reflections on size and our most personal handheld gizmos.

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Hey +Huawei Device USA: There is absolutely no excuse for launching an Android device with an OS version that's 3+ YEARS out of date. None.

Starting people off with a 20-month-old or 13-month-old OS version (in the case of the other "new" tablets) isn't exactly honorable, either.

Budget devices may not warrant the same kind of support as high-end products, but they sure as hell should launch with current software.

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If you feel like your texting setup could stand to be better, this is well worth checking out.
Pulse (SMS/Tablet Messenger)

Texting done right, from any of your devices! Sleek/fluid design with awesome features.

Finally ready to take the BETA tag off of my latest creation: Pulse. Over the past few months, I have worked to bring it to the big leagues, adding feature after feature, and squashing bugs. The result? This is an app you won't want to go without.


Awesome Features:

Here is a small taste of what you get with Pulse:

- Texting, through your personal phone number, on your tablet, Android TV, Google Chrome app/extension, Firefox extension, or ANY device connected to the web!
- Night and black theme
- Conversation archiving
- Share photos, videos, audio, location, and contact vCards
- Attach GIFs from Giphy
- Tons of customizations on a per contact basis
- Blacklist phone numbers
- Scheduled messages
- Search messages and conversations
- Quick reply
- Snooze notifications
- Automatic message backup and restore
- Dual-SIM support
- and so much more!

On top of that, you get the latest and greatest security, so you can know that your information is safe with us. The app uses strong end-to-end encryption techniques so that not even I can see what your conversations are about or who they are with.


Always connected:

With Pulse, you have access to your messages from anywhere[1]. We have support for:

- Android phones and tablets
- A web app (
- Chrome and Firefox apps
- Android Wear
- and even Android TV!

With the web app, you can literally view and send messages from anywhere, on any of your devices. That is as powerful of a texting experience as you are going to get, and something that even the biggest player's haven't always gotten right!


What are you waiting for? Go download!

Pulse is now available for everyone, and it is something special. If SMS is your platform of choice, grab it on the Google Play Store NOW. You will instantly be hooked.

If SMS isn't your platform of choice, then download the app and we will see if we can change that.

Enjoy 'all. Has been an absolute blast turning this one from a neat concept into the amazing reality that you get to see today. The ceiling is the limit, I am beyond excited for this app, I have so many cool things planned for the future :)

[1] While using the app on your phone is, and ALWAYS WILL BE, completely free, messaging from your other devices is only accessible with a purchase. A single-time purchase of $10.99 will get you a lifetime subscription, or you can have a 7-day trial with one of our subscription prices ($5.99 / year, $1.99 / three months, or $0.99 / month). Obviously this trial or these subscriptions can be cancelled or upgraded at any time.

I, along with the current users, think that these prices are extremely reasonable when compared to the competition, and know that you will agree after trying the app.

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Not surprisingly, Samsung's dangerous washing machine recall is a total fiasco.

Scheduled a repair for our defective machine through Samsung. Got confirmation along with name/number of the local repair technician.

Called the tech a day before our appointment to confirm; he said his company hadn't received any scheduling info or other specifics from Samsung.

He's just taking names and numbers from people who call in and trying to figure it all out on his own. Said it's been a disorganized mess.

I mean, really: Of all companies, you'd think Samsung would have this whole "recalling dangerous products" thing figured out by now...
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