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JR Raphael
Writer. At large. Executive word chef of Android Intelligence. I am not -- I repeat, NOT -- an amphibian.
Writer. At large. Executive word chef of Android Intelligence. I am not -- I repeat, NOT -- an amphibian.

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Loads of interesting insights from the Android blogging pioneer known as Kellex.

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Okay, this is cool: a playable "home screen arcade" for Android. It uses a combination of widgets (for controllers), live wallpaper (for action), and heads-up notifications (for score and game status) to work.

More info + APK here:

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Based on my first week with Android O's first beta, I'm pretty excited about two specific things.

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Stop and think about this for a second: Google Home is about to become a whole new kind of appliance.

This. Is. Huge.

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"You start to recognize that every single path you see,
Leads to a tear in your eye.
So wave goodbye...
Wave goodbye."

Man, this one hurts.

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PSA: All that security stuff in Google Play Protect isn't actually new. It's been around on Android for years. It's just more visible now -- which is smart.

Google's been scanning Play Store apps for malware since 2012:

The on-device app monitoring system debuted in 2012 and then expanded to offer "continuous monitoring" in 2014:

The native "find my phone" function came about in 2013:

And Chrome's Safe Browsing for Android was introduced in 2015:

Those features were all easily overlooked, though, and most folks didn't know they existed. This rebranding and repositioning could definitely help fix that.

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Time for the all-important reality check -- Project Treble edition.

Remember, kids: Perspective is everything.

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Aaaaand, Allo's uninstalled again.

It's a pretty consistent pattern, really:

• Download Allo to check out something new
• Play with it for a few minutes
• Realize the app still has no practical role in my life
• Uninstall

Or as I put it before (and still find to be the case today):

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"They can make a bad phone tolerable and a great phone phenomenal."

Something every Android user should consider:

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Neat (though I'm not actually seeing the option yet): Allo will soon be able to create a custom emoji for your face.

Details here:
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