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I'm not sure Wash's face looks quite right, but I do like that he comes with his own set of dinosaur toys. 
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Warning ! Choking hazard, may contain sharp parts.
*Stake not included..
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The gang's all here. Retro Gaming LEGO Mural by /u/soma_holiday:
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@ConanOBrien: Sure, those "Magic Mike" guys look impressive, but remember the camera adds 4 abs.
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Holy crisp that's awesome.
BACK TO THE FUTURE Live in Concert at the Hollywood Bowl
Last night, I attended a 30th anniversary screening of Back to the Future at the Hollywood Bowl. But this wasn't just a normal screening: co-writer Bob Gale was on hand to introduce the movie, and pointed out that, at just under 17,000 people, this was the largest crowd ever to see the film. He brought out a few members of the cast and crew (including Christopher Lloyd !), and I got his intro on video for you to watch below: Much like...
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WOW. Just wow.
I knew it.
It’s one of the longest-running shows on TV, but even if you’ve watched a lot of Jeopardy!, you’ve probably never noticed this before. According to avid Jeopardy! fan Greg Hensen, there’s a lot more to the 50-year-old game show than meets the eye, and he’s come up with a pretty compelling explana...
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What a fantastic poster!
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Yep. That's the banner that we have in our upstairs lobby. I love it. 
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I found this article very interesting.
From Steve Jobs down to the janitor: How America's most successful—and most secretive—big company really operates.
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Is it bad to be posting these updates in the Ghostbusters fan forum? Is there interest?
The #Ghostbusters​ costumes from Paul Feig​'s upcoming reboot have been revealed!

What do you think of the updated design?
The Ghostbusters costumes from the upcoming reboot are here! Look at what Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Melissa McCarthy and Leslie Jones will be wearing.
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At least they are to wear boots... almost wouldn't surprise me if #PaulFeig  used high heels!
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Your scientists were so concerned whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should.
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Dedicated to what you grew up on, but never outgrew.

: Mermaids: The Body Found

Did an Animal Planet documentary reveal the existence of mermaids?

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Crazy Dude Uses Backhoe to Play With Crazy People In Swimming Pool

I don't know who's crazier. The madman operating the backhoe, the dudes hanging off the backhoe, the insensate kids' parents, or the fearles

Someone Please Make Me This Back to the Future DeLorean Clock

To anyone who is good at making stuff with their hands: please make me this DeLorean center console clock from Back to the Future for me. Th

"I Want To Hold Your Hand" Beatles guitar instrumental

This is my acoustic guitar arrangement of "I Want To Hold Your Hand" by the Beatles, from 1963.

Halo 4's Changes To Competitive Multiplayer

The multiplayer lead designer talks about contextualizing the action, customizable loadouts, and the new and returning modes of Halo 4.

How to Enable Send To Google+ from Google Reader

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YouTube - 'Back to the Future' - Skateboard Scene with A Capella Multitr...

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10 cool things you can do with Wolfram Alpha and Siri

Steve Sande and I have been collaborating on \"Talking to Siri,\" an ebook that just recently hit the Kindle store. It's a how-to that will

HALO: Eye of the Storm

Synopsis: An alien alliance known as the Covenant has decimated the marines manning a strategically vital outpost. Now in control, they stan

My cat Floyd developed an issue with urinating around the house, and our previous vet was not taking the time to understand or treat the issue. On a Saturday we reached our limit and looked for a nearby vet who was open. Dr. Anil Gowda was not only open on a Saturday, he took the time to listen about our situation and he asked the right questions to find a treatment, all while trying to keep our costs low. My greatest compliment is that he clearly communicated about the issue, which has been my problem with other vets for over 10 years. In a rush-rush profit driven world, Dr. Gowda treated a new patient (our cat) with love and attention like he was his own cat. I would highly recommend him.
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I used to live on 2nd & Greenfield and have moved further and further away, but I miss their footlong BLT, it's the best. Friendly family-run business, I hope their success continues.
Quality: ExcellentAppeal: Very GoodService: Very Good
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