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i have a profile that increases the screen brightness when the camera app, ant photo editing app, and gallery open. and the brightess stays the same when i'm i also select a picture to view it but doesn't do it when i open a photosphere. does anyone know how you can use how opening a photosphere as a context?

so i have this profile i made when i first installed tasker.

Context: State - Display is on
(1) if %TIME (06.30 - 21.30) ~ 1
(2) if %WORKWIFI !~ 1
(3) if %BATTERY > 49
(4) Display Brightness 76
(5) else
(6) goto 12
(7) end if
(8) else
(9) goto 12
(10) end if
(11) else
(12) Display Brightness 12
(13) end if

to test it i use the slider in the notification to set the screen at 100% and play the task.
(issue 1) the slider goes down to 76 (about 30%) but the brightness is still at 100%.
(issue 2 i guess related to 1) i set the brightness to 100%, press power to turn the screen off, turn it back on, unlock same as issue 1, slider is correct but actual brightness is at 100%. but if i power off, then on, then off again, and then on again and unlock from there the slider and actual brightness match.
2 people here fixed it with a reset, but is there any other option? and any way to make the task more streamlined?

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swimming with manatees 3 years ago. always wanted to do it again but things keep popping up. maybe this year.

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it's not an F-15 or F-18 but it'll do
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