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J Michael Williams
Inspirational speaker, business man, educator, author
Inspirational speaker, business man, educator, author

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I keep hoping with every update to see the implementation of large emoji like seen in Textra.

+Luke Klinker do you foresee adding native support for larger screens like found on the Galaxy S8 series and the LG G6? I know you can tweak both devices to stretch the app to get rid of the black bars at the top and bottom but its not as nice as those apps that natively support it. 

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I am hoping to see Emoji enlargement like found in Textra. It only works if the message only contains Emoji but is a nice touch especially for the small emoji that contain a lot of detail.


Any know the manual settings for Verizon that actually work? The Port 80 isn't helping the app and I know it's no longer Port 20. 

Grrrrr my Pixel XL on Verizon just upgraded to 7.1.2 and I am still having trouble with messages sending via Pulse. I have put the APN information in manually that doesnt help. Toggling between manual and letting the system use the default settings releases some of the messages to a sent status but not all. 

Are there any plans to make the Office Suite of apps compatible with the Samsung Chromebook Plus? The only of the office apps I can install is Microsoft Word. With Google Play Store now on Chromebooks this is now a tool that individuals such as myself consider when we dont want to travel with large bulky laptops and when tablets are just not quiet enough.

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How do I do this in Photoshop? Place a person inside of a letter like this?

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I am so torn between Pulse and Textra. I got about 70% of my foot into Pulse and 30% still in Textra. Things that are in Textra that I wish would come over to Pulse to bring me 100% over include:
-Android Messages rounded Bubble Style (i know Pulse has come close but its not as round)
-Delivery Reports for MMS (I know it's carrier dependent)
-Ability to change the main app color scheme in the conversation screen
-Ability to turn off the grouping of conversations by timeframe in the overall conversation screen and just have a running list of conversations.
-Ability to only show "Mobile" contacts

Isn't it sad that such small things keep me from being 100% in? LOL

Bring support for Samsung Chromebook Plus!!!!!!! Please!
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