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No question Limbaugh crossed the line. The evisceration seems a bit lopsided, however, given how some others appear to have gotten off (pun intended) scott-free.
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J, while the public commentary was nowhere near what happened with Limbaugh, Ed Schultz was taken off the air for a week and had to publicly apologize (which he did with no qualifiers -- unlike Limbaugh's apology.
J Metz
Ed Schultz was taken off the air for a week because nobody watches anyway and nobody would notice. :)

Can't speak to Limbaugh's apology, since I haven't actually seen/heard it. But I see these issues as orthogonal. There is no question in my mind that Limbaugh's rant was worth examining and criticizing. But the metacommunication disparity between what happened when compared with, say, Bill Maher's regular rants, is impossible to ignore.

And it's that level that I'm speaking at, not defending Limbaugh in any way. One of the downsides of Limbaugh's initial rant was that it gave Fluke a completely free pass for the bullshit she was spouting, because now she's practically untouchable and her idiotic ideas are considered political arsenic.
I am in complete agreement about Bill Maher's rants. They should be covered with the same intensity as Limbaugh's. I will partially disagree about Fluke, however. She was testifying about the other health problems birth control pills cover, and used her friend as an example. That point gets missed a lot. Now, the figure of $3000 for birth control pills is incredulous. The ironic thing is that if Darrell Issa had just let her testify before his committee, she would have be relegated to a 10-second sound bite in the evening news. His blocking her from testifying and then Limbaugh's 3-day rant about her, gave her side way more coverage that it ever would have. Plus, Sandra Fluke is a long-time activist, and knows how to play the media game if given the opportunity.
J Metz
Exactly. Limbaugh gave her far more attention (and notoreity) than she deserved, and should have known better than to bring legitimacy to her media-hungry motivations.
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