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J.M. Perkins
Stories. Monsters. Games. Etc.
Stories. Monsters. Games. Etc.


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The Salt in Wounds #dnd #pathfinder #rpg Campaign Setting: now available for Pre-Order. Supplements released (bi)Monthly! Learn more and buy here

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Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement Available for Sale Now
Now available for sale. In the Corruption of the Tarrasque: Mutation Supplement you’ll find a new aspect of the legendary monster to threaten or empower PCs: via the corrupting influence of its mutagenic blood! While designed specifically for the Salt in Wo...

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Live at 4PM: Talking Game Design, Writing & Salt in Wounds with Lead Artist Jeffrey Chen & Project Manager and Designer Neal Powell
As part of our participation in the upcoming Aethercon 6 online gaming convention, I'll be chatting as part of a roundtable with Lead Artist Jeffrey Chen and Designer & Project Manager Neal Powell. I figure this might be the sort of thing that's relevant to...

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House of the Third Meridian
Overview of the Third
Meridian House Current Binder Lord : Gerard DuFaine. Founding Binder Lord : Roman DuFaine. 3rd House Sergeant-at-Arms : Drummond Carter House Interests , Water, Import/Export of exotic foodstuffs;
particularly fresh produce, Spice Impo...

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House of the 10th Meridian
House of Whispers   By Jon. Pio   Every
aristocrat, from the lowest pickling house sub-scion to the Prime Meridian
House Stewards themselves, has at least one hazy memory from a House Impertabo
soiree. Those memories are painted from a wide palette: the...

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Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting Now Available for Pre-Order via Backerkit
Click here to pre-order your copies via backerkit today .

Test. This update is only a test. If it has been a real status update it would have been followed with an update to report to your nearest social media emergancy center.

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48 HOURS to go for my #RPG #DND #PATHFINDER KICKSTARTER Salt in Wounds Campaign Setting: 9 Stretch Goals Vanquished, only one remains - Now is your last chance to pledge or share!

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City Setting: Salt in Wounds - The bizarre, evil mega-city fed and powered by the perpetual butchery of the Tarrasque (Launched the Kickstarter on Tuesday and now we're over 350% funded and have smashed through six stretch goals!)
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