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JKS Collaboration Week #2!

JKS Collaboration Solutions – Cisco BYOD

What BYOD does
• Provide more work options
Give employees the flexibility to work where and when they want.
• Strengthen security
Reduce your employees' risk of introducing malware or losing sensitive data.
• Streamline operations
Decrease company expenditures, alleviate work delays, and lower operating costs.
• Help your staff get more done
Improve collaboration and productivity with greater speed and efficiency.

How you can use it
• Education
Allow students and teachers to complete their tasks on any device while protecting their data.
• Healthcare
Give doctors and administrators access to patient data and help them do their jobs efficiently.
• Retail
Keep stockrooms fully stocked, sales staff informed, and customers knowledgeable.
• Hospitality
Give guests the comfort of home. Allow them to use their devices on a highly secure connection.

What's inside
• Access points
Cisco is dedicated to delivering the world’s most versatile and reliable wireless network. We offer advanced indoor, outdoor and industrial wireless access points.
• Wireless LAN controllers
controllers support small and large network deployments with flexible models, including new virtualization options.
• Dynamic policy control
The Cisco Identity Services Engine enables you to control all access throughout the network from one place. You can see and share rich user and device details, and stop and contain threats.
• Highly secure mobility
Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client is a lightweight endpoint agent with extensive capabilities. It provides remote access while protecting your data.
• Cisco Catalyst Multi-gigabit Switching
• Wireless services

For more information, contact JKS at 860-436-4664

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Hacking attacks can be launched in a number of ways:
• Attacking computers that don't have firewalls installed.
• Installing keystroke loggers or other malicious code by hiding it in email attachments.
• Exploiting browser vulnerabilities that have not been properly patched.
• Exploiting weak or poorly protected passwords.
• Hiding malicious code in downloads or free software.
• Hiding malicious code in images on websites and waiting for unsuspecting users to click on them.
• Employees or other trusted users simply accessing an unprotected computer.
• Exploiting poorly installed networks, and especially wireless home networks.
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JKS Collaboration Solutions
JKS Collaboration Solutions
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JKS is a Payment Card Industry (PCI) Compliant Company!

What does PCI Compliance mean?

PCI (Payment Card Industry) Standards are security standards created to certify that every company which accepts, processes, stores, or transmits, credit card information maintains a safe and secure environment.

The PCI Security Council was introduced in 2006 to maintain and manage the current PCI security standards. The PCI Data Security Standard (DSS) applies to ANY association that accepts, transmits or stores any cardholder data.

From customers to merchants, the security of cardholder information affects everyone. Following guidelines in the PCI Data Security Standard keeps your digital defenses prepared against attacks at stealing cardholder data.

By JKS being PCI compliant, we protect both our clients and theirs.

Contact us to learn more at

860-436-4664 /

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JKS Systems One-Hour Complimentary Technology & Security Assessment

Our assessment allows you to give us an overview of your business requirements and discuss your needs and concerns with our professionals and allows us to make recommendations based on our assessment.

JKS’s complimentary technology assessment includes:
• Onsite meeting to discuss the technology needs of the organization
• Quick overview of the network infrastructure
• Cloud readiness assessment (if you are not currently storing your data in the cloud)
• Recommendations for the organization

JKS’s complimentary security assessment includes:
• Onsite meeting to discuss the security needs of the organization
• Quick overview of the security infrastructure
• Discussion of any specific requirements
• Determination of scope of potential work

For more information, contact us at
860-436-4664 /
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JKS Physical Security – Code Blue – Alerting the Masses

Code Blue’s aware winning mass notification systems can proficiently and adequately react when a circumstance happens, bringing about an element multilayered arrangement that rapidly illuminates and guides you amid a crisis. Code Blue emergency communication solutions offer incident deterrence and management which reduces security expenses and helps create a safer environment.

Choose the layers that are fitting for your business:
• Code Blue phones
• Desktop Alerts
• Digital Signs
• Email
• Text
• Social Media
• Public Address

Mass notification systems are also extremely useful in non-emergency situations. Organizations can send warnings to all employees simultaneously about new procedures, company meetings, notices about building construction, or simply helpful tips, for example. Schools can send warnings to all students and guardians in case of a bad weather closure. Mass travel frameworks, for example, transports or trams can send notices about changes in courses or terminations.
JKS is partnered with Code Blue and can provide and install mass notification systems for your business!

For more information, contact us at
860-436-4664 /

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JKS would like to say THANK YOU to all of the Veterans! #thankyouveterans Happy Veterans day!
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JKS Security – Back Up – Cisco USC S-Series Storage Servers

Active data demands agile infrastructure built from ongoing innovation and delivery. The Cisco UCS S-Series Storage Server conveys fast scalability and execution to initiate your information and bits of knowledge progressively. The modular architecture lets you right-size infrastructure for the workload and operate with the efficiency and predictable TCO you need.

• Gigantic capacity limit
Information is becoming exponentially. The need to scale your capacity rapidly and cost-adequately is imperative. Whether you utilize turning circle, SSD, NVMe, or a mix of each, the Cisco UCS S-Series has you secured to scale to Petabytes in minutes.
• Elite performance
Rising applications are pushing execution restrains as information draws nearer to register. A double server hub engineering strikes the right balance between compute and capacity.
• Architectural flexibility
Making the right investment in technology can have significant long-term benefits. The Cisco UCS S-Series gives greatest speculation insurance through multi-generational framework plan and the adaptability to fit to your exceptional prerequisites.
• Policy-driven unified storage management
Scaling rapidly to keep up with information development is feasible just with cutting edge computerization. Disentangle administration for essential and auxiliary stockpiling by joining all process and capacity works in a solitary administration system.
• I/O like you have never observed
Whether you are binding together stockpiling with Ethernet, Fiber Channel or FCoE, Or enabling application acceleration with flash memory for tiered caching. Bringing these capabilities together makes the Cisco UCS S-Series stand out from the crowd.

For more information, contact us at
860-436-4664 /
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