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JJ Lanza
Gamer dad trying to navigate the labyrinth of my life.
Gamer dad trying to navigate the labyrinth of my life.

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Counter productive weekend. Spent Saturday drinking beer and over-eating. Went for a 90 min walk on Sunday for a net weight change of 0 lbs.

Also, I've been tracking on and love to connect to others doing the same for support and encouragement. Message me your email and I'll reach out through the app.

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Streaming Caress of Steel play test

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Thought provoking...

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#ApocalypseWorld meets Morrow Project in Apocalypse Project. Hosted on +Roll20 

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Apocalypse World meets Morrow Project hosted on +Roll20 

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+Roll20 RPG session with Apocalypse World.

Are the 4-hour games only starting on the even hours? I ask because I may have put the wrong start time on my availabily survey.

I ran a planet in 3:16 last night for my sons and because there were only 2 PCs it was a very short session on the planet. I want to explore the planet more and really dive into the setting before moving on to another world. Do other folks ever run more than one mission on a planet? By mission I mean allotment of Threat Tokens.

So, for 2 players that is 10 tokens. Their mission was to find the squad that landed before them and setup an array to transmit through the electrical storms. The tokens ran out and they succeeded in their mission. They returned to the ship and leveled up (a post for another time). The players are ready to move on, but I'm left wanting to explore planet Kandinsky a little more; so much untapped potential.


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A fun night playing 3:16. Sgt. Ward and Cpl. Shields led a successful mission on the lightning-storm enshouded planet Kandinsky destroying plant creatures. The word for this mission was 'swath'.

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I was bemoaning to my son the fact that it had not yet arrived, to which he replied me, "Oh yeah, it came about a week ago and got buried under a bunch of mail in the dining room."


At last it is precious. 
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