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JJ Currie

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Get Up and Don't Ever Give Up! #Inspiration   #Motivation  
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JJ Currie

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Disrupt or be Disrupted - Simply love this #quote 
Every sector is ripe for disruption, as long as you have an innovative idea to shake it up #virgindisruptors
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Very innovative:

As Branson saw his business debt swell to approximately $20,000 he devised an illicit pseudo-export scam that allowed him to evade the tax payments on his merchandise. For a time he eluded the authorities but was eventually brought to justice and to jail.

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JJ Currie

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Some interesting stats on the rise of #mobile  advertising...
Is Desktop Advertising on Its Way Out? Mobile Advertising is Projected to Still be Growing in 2017
To enlarge image:

With the slow diminish of desktop and expenses, mobile ad spending is on the rise, creating a new era of online advertising.

The below infographic created by our friends at +Vertical Measures  takes a closer look at the future of mobile advertising.

Some key stats are:

Google is the number 1 digital ad publisher in the world with 33 percent of all digital ad dollars in 2013.

Mobile advertising is projected to still be growing in 2017. From 2012 to 2017, mobile ad spending is expected to be increased 716 percent.
Search and display are the top formats in U.S. mobile ad spending and are projected to keep growing.

The U.S. net mobile ad revenues for corporations is on the rise. By 2015, Google is expected to increase their revenue to $9.29 Billion, followed by Facebook to $1.86 Billion, Pandora to $0.75 Billion, and Twitter to $0.63 Billion.

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H/t +B2C +Daniel Dannenberg


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2010 Called They Want Their SEO Back...

Finally some sound advice on how to approach SEO in 2014! If you are looking to enjoy your dance with Google then make sure you read this now...

Here is a quote from the article: "First off let me start by saying “Google hasn’t changed their mind on SEO. They have always been against people manipulating their rankings..."

Read more here:

#SEO   #seotips   #searchmarketing  
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JJ Currie

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This is INSANE whoa boy...
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Kill The Competition With Creativity

If you want to kill your competition with creativity then you need to follow these 5 simple rules...

1. Respect Your Opponent!
2. Play to win! Always!
3. Use all of your availible resources!
4. Keep your ego in your wallet!
5. Pursue the awesome experience!

Some sound advice on how you can make a real difference in your video marketing campaigns via +Inc. and +Kevin Daum make sure you watch this now!

Also, be sure to watch what they have done towards the end of the video with their annotations linking into the next video hosted on their site well played! Nice little trick to learn from...

#creativity   #videomarketing   #video   #marketing  
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+Inc. Hell yeah got to love them! Nice work keep it rocking right...
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Digital Darwinism & Digital Transformation

In an era where technology, society and business models rapidly evolve, customer experience is often elusive. We’re under attack! Social, mobile, real-time, cloud, big data…it’s coming at us all at once! Rather than miss out, many brands are jumping from trend to trend as a way of staying relevant in an increasingly digital market.

#Digital   #business   #socialbusiness   #trends  
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F*ck The Poor!

This is disruption marketing at it's best! Ping +David Amerland thought you might enjoy this article...

Now before you get all defensive this was all for charity and was a really clever campaign so well played Andy Bird who is executive creative director for  Publicis.

I bet this got some attention!

#DisruptionMarketing   #Marketing   #Attention  
A charity campaign uses an offensive stance to prove people care.
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+David Amerland Yes agreed and most have no agility to adapt to circumstances...
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4 Steps To Improve Your Content Creation

Content marketing talent is not some gift bestowed by God upon a select few golden children. It’s combining proven principles and psychology with a curious mind that’s not afraid of a little creativity.

This is a great post with some solid advice on how to ramp up the quality of the content you are putting out there...

#contentmarketing   #writingtips   #contentcreation  
The best way to create awesome content marketing pieces is not to outsource their creation. It’s to learn how to create them yourself. These three tips from literary giants, Stephen King and Joseph Sugarman, can help you take your content marketing program from good to great.
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+Lee Smallwood Yeah I agree and it's so true... Hope you are well?
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JJ Currie

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This dude has mad skills!
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